Monday, February 27, 2012

Nature's Brilliance by Sue - Intro, Swatches & Review

Nature's brilliance by sue prepare and sell mineral cosmetics, covering a wide range of organic makeup products from soaps to full-fledged haircare!Some of the the categories in which they deal are:
  1. Natural and Organic hair care
  2. Blushers
  3. Soaps
  4. Eye colours
  5. Foundations
  6. Perfumes
  7. Lip products.
Sue as obvious is the sole proprietor of Nature's Brilliance. Sue holds a diploma in both Holistic beauty therapy and holistic herbal therapy. With her continuous efforts and researches, she has now managed to create several beauty and body care products that even soothe the people with multiple skin allergies.The specialty of the brand is that the owner does not sell any product which she hadn't first tried on herself!

From left to right:green apple,strawberry shortcake,gold royalty and mystique pink
I was sent few samples for review consideration. Honestly speaking i do not find it ethical for a blogger to review samples. However, I am reviewing Sue's samples, because they are not intended to change skin tone, heal pimples or any such skin related problems that need a longer duration to form an opinion about. The samples I received were:
  1. Lotion Sample in Mint Scent (Pure Peppermint+spearmint essential oils)
  2. Mineral eye colour samples in "Pink mystique","Gold royalty","Strawberry shortcake","Green apples"
whereas, A full size
  1. Mineral eye colour in "perfect Pansies"
  2. Crawberry butter lipstick in "Hot Pink".
Now a question that raises in our mind is ,"What are mineral cosmetics and why should one go for it when there are several other options available"?Let us find it out together.

Mineral Cosmetics are actually the very organic products that are aimed to beautify you, even if you are allergic to cosmetics without harming your skin or damaging your tissues.They do not clog pores, so you can even sleep with your mineral makeup on!They make you look natural without any unwanted fragrance.Highly pigmented but are light weight, capable of staying all day long. You can even experiment with your mineral makeup, play around with colours and get your own customized shade.

1. Mint Lotion

 I love this lotion. It is best to use during cold winter days. Even with first use, you will feel a soft and supple touch on your hands' skin. The mint smell is a bit strong, but it makes me love it even more. It has slightly a thick consistency, that blends easily. Does not look gooey.

2.Crawberry Butter Lipstick

I am not a fan of lipsticks- I always love lip glosses instead.The colour is really hot pink as its name predicts. It is suitable for very fair to slightly fair skin tones. I bear a medium skin tone, therefore I did not like it much on myself but the shade is too lovely to die for!! While using it first time, It made application difficult for me. It is matte in nature and had developed hard crust on its top. With several continuous rapid swipes, I was able to see its lightest application on my lips. However, after that hard crust's removal it became totally fine and easy to apply!

Eye Shadows:
Oops i forgot it earlier-Swatch perfect pansies!
Eye shadows are all shimmery, highly pigmented that makes it difficult to control for the beginners. Dabbing loose eye shadows is better than swiping since it encourages fall outs, spoiling all your face. Also, it is suggested to tap the eye shadow brush, to avoid the excess powder, your brush might have picked up. The thing I love about Sue's mineral eye shadow is that they do not make me look unnatural or over. All they eye shadows stick on the eyes, once they are applied and do not keep on falling. The shimmer is light and natural, hence casts a glowing healthy look.

Mineral eye shadows can be used as an eye liner too. Simply wet your brush and mix some water in your favorite pick. Enjoy your mineral eye shadows as an eye liner. What more?Unlike eye shadows, application as an eye liner is easy enough to be applied daily even when you are in a hurry!

Sue ships worldwide! yoYoyo:)

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For prices and other details click here


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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gifts from Holy Land of Makkah!

In 2010, there was a big roar about blasphemy and its aftermath. Like me, there were many people, who wanted to know the real truth behind that set-drama of saving the criminal, who was the main agent of that time's deteriorated circumstances. Since all people belong to their own school of thought, they have therefore, their own ways to satisfy their intriguing nature. I, followed my own way and tried to seek the truth by interviewing, comparing and researching internet,different articles, and religions about the blasphemy issues. I in the end came up with these two articles. Read here and here. These two articles, gained a lot of criticism, which I had expected beforehand. However, at the same time, there were many people who appreciated me and are still encouraging.

It was a surprise for me when after 2 years, i received a mail from a brother by Islam- Ibn Hanif (Saudia Arabia) reminding me of those two articles i wrote earlier. He was coming to Pakistan for meeting his family and for some awesome photography of spring-o-Lahore. I was delighted to realize, that he is also bringing some ZamZam and ajwa khajoor for me from the holy land of Makkah as an appreciation to those articles and my efforts that were put in. What else any one could wish for? Living so far from Makkah, but lucky enough to be bestowed with the holy gifts?

After waiting for some two days, I received a big bag full of gifts-I had not expected.He is really a brother. without breaking the boundaries of Hijab, he dropped gifts at my Dad's office. Not to mention that the meeting was arranged by me. It is such a comforting thought that with no worldly intentions, free from any type of repay, there is a person somewhere far-somewhere in the holy land, praying for you. It was equally a pleasant surprise for my father to meet him. After returning from office, I was handed over my gifts by my father. They were: Ajwa Khajoor- Most delicious one I have ever eaten in life, ZamZam bottle (1.5 Litre), a praying mat, a beautiful wall hanging, a professional sound recorder and another tray of khajoor.

I have no words to say thanks to my online brother, who devised such a sweet way to encourage his sister. Above all, without breaking the boundaries of hijab. Is anything more required to prove the level of sincerity? World still possess kind people, sincere and free from worldly thoughts.

In the end I would like to say thanks to brother Ibn Hanif. I find myself lost in the words, to choose a best word that could describe how grateful I am. Dear brother, me and my all family will always remember you in our prayers for your holy gifts and sincere feelings!
Thank you =)
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Raw Gaia Chocolate Face Pack : Combats Ageing

Ever heard that chocolate has made its way to beauty saloons and spas? Since chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, beauty specialist have found out that it may help reducing wrinkles and defense ageing mechanism. The consumption of chocolate was attributed to pimples and acne since long time but it is mere a myth that has been scientifically proved now.

No worries, if you are  a chocolate lover! You do not need to head over to a Spa for those wonderful chocolate face massaging, when raw gaia is here.I have been using their chocolate face pack for more than three weeks now, and I am really a raw gaia convert for the face packs. It has very few ingredients that are all organic, free from harmful chemicals. The main ingredient is raw chocolate powder that has 367% more anti-oxidants than the cooked chocolate. Anti oxidants protect skin from harmful effects of free-radicals that destroy tissues and cells. Whereas sun-dried red clay, organic turmeric and organic amla fruit are known for their nourishing, toning and glowing qualities to the skin respectively.

How to Prepare Chocolate Face Pack

It is as easy as anything. Simply mix 1tsp of raw gaia chocolate face pack powder with water and form a thick creamy paste. It depends on personal preferences that how thick a paste you prefer. I mix 1teasppon of it with 4 tsp of water.

How to Get Maximum Benefits from Your raw gaia Chocolate Face Pack:
  1. First of all wash your face with your choice of face wash.
  2. Cleanse your skin properly to remove the surface grime and dirt.
  3. Exfoliate your skin. This helps to remove dead cells and fetch out the dirt from under the skin and helps penetrate face pack more deeply. 
  4. Apply chocolate face pack. Let it fry for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Wash it off with warm water.
  6. Tone & moisturize to enjoy the radiant skin.
My Experience:

It makes a creamy paste which i apply using my fingers. You may also use a brush but I really love applying it with fingers.  It has a grainy consistency and a yummilicious chocolate aroma. I find it difficult to resist eating it. The PR agent from raw gaia informed me that it may harm nothing even if you slurp a bit of it by licking ;) However, it is best when used only for application on face. Yes, that makes sense ;). It dries in 10 minutes since i like making a thick paste of it. It comes in a 50 ml glass jar with an attractive packaging. Yes, it will last you a long time since you need to use only a teaspoon in one time :). It is advised to use twice a week. I wanted it to try it several times to notice whether or not it breaksout. I am glad it doesn't break me out. It leaves my skin smooth, glowing and fresh without any traces of excess oil.

  1. Powerful antioxidant
  2. Makes skin soft and smooth
  3. Reduces wrinkles and prevent ageing
  4. Keeps skin hydrated
  5. Removes dead skin cells.
  6. Removes excess oil (so it is best for oily skins)
  7. Good packaging
  8. Affordable
  1.  It leaves traces behind on my skin. Therefore i need a serious toning whenever I apply it on face. IT will not go in first wash and you will get a brown face. I was seriously horrified in the first attempt. However, it vanishes completely after toning.
  2. I wish it had come in a carton. That makes glass jars packaging more classy and sophisticated.
Price: 50g jar for  £14.99

For more details about raw gaia and ordering method click here.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Babar Iqbal- Cyber Kid leaves the World Flabbergasted

Making world records is not a big deal for the bright stars of Pakistan. The soil of Pakistan has unmatchable qualities to nurture young talent with great love despite of all social and political instabilities. Though Arfa has left us, Babar Iqbal now shines like a new hope, who had already achieved several world records at a very young age.  

Babar Iqbal is now 14, who sets another world record by publishing his first digital forensic research paper that deals with the Apple's idevice forensics.The moment of pride and success arrived when the research was accepted by 8th IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology  IIT..Digital Forensic Science deals with the development of evidences related to digital files that are meant to be used by legal bodies during court processions.It may be a computer document, text, email, digital photograph or any other digital document.

Babar's new proposed method will aid law enforcement bodies to track valuable digital forensic evidences including contacts, call logs,texts, emails, multimedia and even the GPS information that can help tracing location of the device at a certain time.

Babar is a child from an unprivileged remote area of Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan. However he has proved that if one has devotion and determination with sincerity to his work, making world records will no longer be a big deal. Irrespective of all the hurdles and obstacles that might have come in his way, he once again has made us all proud. This is not the first time he is in the public eye. He has been bewildering the world since the age of 5. Having four world records under his belt already, he is here with yet another world record.  

Lets see what else he has for us in future to reveal.

Official Page of Babar Iqbal: Click here

Read about him in my article "Incredible Pakistan" that was published in MORE IT magazine"
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic & Skin Repair Moisturiser- An Ultimate Love!

No matter what your skin type is. Liz Earle's complete skin care range is here to deal with every problem related to your skin. Not only you will be cared for,but you will feel heavenly pampered! I have been using Liz three daily essentials for quite some time and seriously my skin has shown a dramatic beautiful change. (It does not involve exaggeration even a bit).

I was sent the next two steps of Liz Earle Daily essential after Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser. As soon as I opened it, I was delightfully pleased by noticing two cylindrical elegant bottles of Instant boost skin tonic & Skin Repair Moisturizer- Light.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic
It comes in the form of spritzer and bottle that are available in various sizes. According to your need you can either get 200 ml bottle/spritzer or 50 ml bottle/30 ml spritzer. You can check the details and prices here. I received 200 ml spritzer bottle, since i requested for it. I really like spraying a fine mist of it on my face daily every time -anytime.

Instant boost skin tonic has HEAVENLY floral fragrance. With the very first spray you will feel lost certainly. Just spritz on your face after deep cleansing with Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. It has all natural ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, glycerine, castor oil, fruit & flower extracts etc. These natural ingredients are the secret of this skin tonic's amazing fragrance. I am in so much love with how it smells that I even have stopped using body sprays. Just spray this alcohol-free tonic on your face, neck and body for instant refreshment. It is also packed up with vitamin E to naturally soothe and refresh the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.Dehydrated dull and oily skin bearers can pick it up without any risk fears. I like using it after hot winter showers since it really seems to rejuvenate my skin with love & care.

Price: Once again a very affordable product from Liz range. 200ml bottle is for £12.25. A must buy for everyone- equally significant for both the genders.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer- Light
Skin Repair Moisturizer- Light is made for combination/oily or problem prone skins. It seems like a lotion that has a thin consistency. Moisturizers or cream with thick consistency may look oily skin gooey or oil factory. It gets absorbed easily in the skin without casting any shiny impact on your face. It includes avocado and borage to naturally balance the skin moisture . Vitamin E helps in replacing the lost moisture & leaves your skin healthy and glowing. It has baby-ish fragrance that really smells cute after application of instant skin boost tonic. Choose skin repair moisturizer according to your skin type here.

Price:  50ml pump: £18.25

Since my teenage I have been having a hard time dealing with pimples, white heads and acne. I have been using the three daily essentials for some 3 weeks and guess what? All my problems are resolved just by using Liz Earle!! My skin is now glowing, fresh and properly hydrated. No whiteheads, as  the cleanser cleanse well whereas the rest of work is done by my most precious skin tonic and moisturizer. Yes, I am in love with these three products. Impressed? You are never to late, order yours now and you will be greeted by a very humble lady.
I love displaying the range on my table top. Do you? 


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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ponds White Beauty Pinkish White Glow:Expectations & Results

Do you believe in myths that fairness cream can lighten your skin? I personally have a strong faith that no skin lightening cream has ever been created yet. There are much claims and promises from the manufacturer's side, but if skin lightening was so easy, there was no need to go through tedious processes. One must be contented with his/fer natural skin tone as it is the best. I happened to buy Ponds White beauty, not for making my complexion fair but I wanted to try it for reducing acne marks and spots I keep developing on my face time to time.

Ponds claim to provide pinkish white fair tone for people with darker complexions unlike other fairness creams that tend to make skin paler. However, if you are going to make a purchase of ponds white beauty by reading their web content for the same purpose, then you are going to do another mistake. As i said, there is no such cream that can change your skin tone, ponds white beauty will also disappoint you. Now find out below whether or not it stand up to its scar removing expectations.

Ponds white beauty is a cream that has thin consistency and is very light. It is good to use on oily skin because it somewhats dries out the skin. I have been using it for more than three weeks and have found out that the claims of reducing pimple marls, acne and freckles are just rubbish. It also creates a very very thin white layer on face after application. It is suggested to use it twice a day however i use it only once a day because of its drying effects. I have horribly oily skin so its good for me- but only once a day. If you have dry skin then definitely this product is not for you. People with combination or normal skins can use it though.

Until you have it on your face your skin will really glow with a pinkish radiance. BUT it does not CHANGE your skin tone. I like using it before putting on my makeup since it forms a good base, however it fails to compel me to leave my foundation. It also makes your acne marks light only till the time you have it on your face. As soon as you wash it off, all marks will be back again.

Ponds white beauty fairness claim = Rubbish
Ponds white beauty spotless skin claim = Partially Achieved. (only when you have it on)

There are two versions of white beauties available. One is "white beauty-spotless white" & the other is "white beauty-Pinkish white glow" I bought glass jar of pinkish white glow for Rs 435 (Indian Version) from Makka Tower Lahore. (Thailand version was available for Rs 400 at Makka tower) Whereas spotless beauty is available for Rs 180 with discount and the original price is Rs 220.

Pros and Cons
  1. Beautiful packaging
  2. Attractive glass jar
  3. Good for oily skin 
  4. Too expensive if it is for Rs 435
  5. Claim of lightening is wrong.
I will still buy it again not for my skin care regime but for daily wear since it gives a good feel on my oily skin. If you are using it, I would love to know your experience.
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