Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Babar Iqbal- Cyber Kid leaves the World Flabbergasted

Making world records is not a big deal for the bright stars of Pakistan. The soil of Pakistan has unmatchable qualities to nurture young talent with great love despite of all social and political instabilities. Though Arfa has left us, Babar Iqbal now shines like a new hope, who had already achieved several world records at a very young age.  

Babar Iqbal is now 14, who sets another world record by publishing his first digital forensic research paper that deals with the Apple's idevice forensics.The moment of pride and success arrived when the research was accepted by 8th IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology  IIT..Digital Forensic Science deals with the development of evidences related to digital files that are meant to be used by legal bodies during court processions.It may be a computer document, text, email, digital photograph or any other digital document.

Babar's new proposed method will aid law enforcement bodies to track valuable digital forensic evidences including contacts, call logs,texts, emails, multimedia and even the GPS information that can help tracing location of the device at a certain time.

Babar is a child from an unprivileged remote area of Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan. However he has proved that if one has devotion and determination with sincerity to his work, making world records will no longer be a big deal. Irrespective of all the hurdles and obstacles that might have come in his way, he once again has made us all proud. This is not the first time he is in the public eye. He has been bewildering the world since the age of 5. Having four world records under his belt already, he is here with yet another world record.  

Lets see what else he has for us in future to reveal.

Official Page of Babar Iqbal: Click here

Read about him in my article "Incredible Pakistan" that was published in MORE IT magazine"


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Pakistan need a young generation like Arfa and Babar . Arfa and Babar are the pride of Pakistan. Love to read it . Thanks for sharing <3

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