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Nature's Brilliance by Sue - Intro, Swatches & Review

Nature's brilliance by sue prepare and sell mineral cosmetics, covering a wide range of organic makeup products from soaps to full-fledged haircare!Some of the the categories in which they deal are:
  1. Natural and Organic hair care
  2. Blushers
  3. Soaps
  4. Eye colours
  5. Foundations
  6. Perfumes
  7. Lip products.
Sue as obvious is the sole proprietor of Nature's Brilliance. Sue holds a diploma in both Holistic beauty therapy and holistic herbal therapy. With her continuous efforts and researches, she has now managed to create several beauty and body care products that even soothe the people with multiple skin allergies.The specialty of the brand is that the owner does not sell any product which she hadn't first tried on herself!

From left to right:green apple,strawberry shortcake,gold royalty and mystique pink
I was sent few samples for review consideration. Honestly speaking i do not find it ethical for a blogger to review samples. However, I am reviewing Sue's samples, because they are not intended to change skin tone, heal pimples or any such skin related problems that need a longer duration to form an opinion about. The samples I received were:
  1. Lotion Sample in Mint Scent (Pure Peppermint+spearmint essential oils)
  2. Mineral eye colour samples in "Pink mystique","Gold royalty","Strawberry shortcake","Green apples"
whereas, A full size
  1. Mineral eye colour in "perfect Pansies"
  2. Crawberry butter lipstick in "Hot Pink".
Now a question that raises in our mind is ,"What are mineral cosmetics and why should one go for it when there are several other options available"?Let us find it out together.

Mineral Cosmetics are actually the very organic products that are aimed to beautify you, even if you are allergic to cosmetics without harming your skin or damaging your tissues.They do not clog pores, so you can even sleep with your mineral makeup on!They make you look natural without any unwanted fragrance.Highly pigmented but are light weight, capable of staying all day long. You can even experiment with your mineral makeup, play around with colours and get your own customized shade.

1. Mint Lotion

 I love this lotion. It is best to use during cold winter days. Even with first use, you will feel a soft and supple touch on your hands' skin. The mint smell is a bit strong, but it makes me love it even more. It has slightly a thick consistency, that blends easily. Does not look gooey.

2.Crawberry Butter Lipstick

I am not a fan of lipsticks- I always love lip glosses instead.The colour is really hot pink as its name predicts. It is suitable for very fair to slightly fair skin tones. I bear a medium skin tone, therefore I did not like it much on myself but the shade is too lovely to die for!! While using it first time, It made application difficult for me. It is matte in nature and had developed hard crust on its top. With several continuous rapid swipes, I was able to see its lightest application on my lips. However, after that hard crust's removal it became totally fine and easy to apply!

Eye Shadows:
Oops i forgot it earlier-Swatch perfect pansies!
Eye shadows are all shimmery, highly pigmented that makes it difficult to control for the beginners. Dabbing loose eye shadows is better than swiping since it encourages fall outs, spoiling all your face. Also, it is suggested to tap the eye shadow brush, to avoid the excess powder, your brush might have picked up. The thing I love about Sue's mineral eye shadow is that they do not make me look unnatural or over. All they eye shadows stick on the eyes, once they are applied and do not keep on falling. The shimmer is light and natural, hence casts a glowing healthy look.

Mineral eye shadows can be used as an eye liner too. Simply wet your brush and mix some water in your favorite pick. Enjoy your mineral eye shadows as an eye liner. What more?Unlike eye shadows, application as an eye liner is easy enough to be applied daily even when you are in a hurry!

Sue ships worldwide! yoYoyo:)

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Jeff Hardy said...

interesting post. Now you can use this india business directory to promote cosmetics products import & export business.

filpaki said...

Amazing review. And swatches!
Thanks for sharing

Fareena said...

Aeyi! the lip shade is really looking fantabulous on your lips! it is HOT <3

hina said...

Lovely swatches. I have never experienced mineral makeup but the world is raving about these products!

Jabeen said...

Very informative review.. i love using my mineral eye shadows as eye liner. I have those from luscious..

hina said...

Lippie is really sweet <3

Fakiha said...

Mineral makeups! love them.. i am really liking this hot pinky shade.
thanks for the coupon code btw :)

humera said...

Nice review. I seriously need a promising natural hand lotion.. My hand turns so flaking dry after working in water :(

ReeBz said...

aww thank you :)

ReeBz said...

Jabeen would you like sharing your experience of luscious :)?

ReeBz said...

aww try to get this lotion. they ship worldwide. Otherwise, have you tried simply moisturizing your hands with Vaseline? It works pretty fine for me :)

Zareen said...

Very detailed review. I read sues review somewhere else too. she had done beautiful makeup using sue's mineral eye shadows!

smarty said...

woww..good review plus swatches

Sara white said...

Sue is doing such a good job.
btw nice review thanks for sharing. I am beginning to like your website honey.

ReeBz said...

you are exactly right. Though its a bit difficult to handle mineral makeup

ReeBz said...

Thats is suchhhaa sweet compliment. Please keep coming back :)

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