Sunday, May 30, 2010

Taking a break

Excitement is on the peak these days inside me.The day for which i was waiting since many days has finally arrived.

We are going lahore once again to meet with my sweetest,little and lovely cousins and all the uncles and aunts who love us equally.Sometimes loneliness kills you, but sometimes it acts like a blessing.When you meet your loved ones after a long time,then it is proved as a double excitement which is beyond explanation :) If you have relatives abroad,then you can understand my feelings very well.

I'm surely gonna miss all of my blogosphere friends and their writings.Philosophical posts of Urooj which are opening new doors of thinking,Komal's stray reflections from Iqbal's diary, daily sweet incidents of HR's life wrapped in the riddles and sir Akhter's versatile blog.I wish i manage to get a quick internet connection there, otherwise i will try to stay in touch via my mobile internet connection.

Just one thing is making me a bit depressed,Lahore's hot weather.Scorching rays of sun are enough to tan you and hell of powercuts simply turn you mad, atleast me :D

See ya all!
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Friday, May 28, 2010

NED students make fuel-efficient car

The students of NED University of Engineering and technology have created a fuel-efficient car at a cost of 0.5 million, named UZBAA to participate in Shell-Eco marathon 2010.All the students belong to a group Winmark.
According to Haris Rehman leader of Winmark , “The car is fully locally created and can cover 80 kilometers per litre, It has cold back engine. The body is prepared from fiber glass, whereas its total weight is 125 kg.”
Team members have spent almost PKR 3 lac in the making of this car. It is stated that more expenditures will come yet, as car needs front and back screen as well as side glasses. Moreover around 3335 US dollars are needed in order to represent Pakistan in the global competition being arranged in Malaysia which they have not managed to collect yet. Students are hoping for the sponsors to provide them efficient funds.
According to Talha Asad , another member of the WinMark group, says that their teachers have appreciated them and only because of their appreciation they have managed to achieve this goal successfully, but unfortunately they could not support them economically.
The car was prepared as per the standards of shell-eco marathon race. According to the shell pamphlet the length of the car should be in between 220 and 35cm whereas weight shouldn’t be more than 160kg.
WinMark team has showcased their car at Karachi which is complete and is ready to race in the marathon. They will be competing with world’s top notch cars in urban category. This year the event is to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Sepang International Circuit. The expected audience is more than 6000 people and the event will be covered by media from over 20 countries.
The team comprises on students of Electrical and Mechanical Departments of NED University. They are:
M Tabrez Siddiqui, M Shahab Siddiqui, Ahsun Jawed, M Waqar Ahmed, Osama Rehman, Saeed Ahmad (Team Advisor), Haris Rehman (Team Manager), M Bilal Sohail, Taha Rasul Sheikh, M Hassan Abbasi, M Ahsan, Talha Asad and Usman Mehmood.
Pakistan is full of talent and history proves it. However it is sad to realize that Pakistan government has no funds to help its bright stars. According to Pakistan official stats, an average player from the national Pakistani cricket team earns more than 7 to 8 million per year. Moreover they are awarded with millions of Rupees depending on their performance, the number of sixes and fours they hit in the match. When the government has funds for Sports then why are we so poor when it comes to education? Government of Pakistan should form new policies and alter their preferences. I request President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to please increase the budgets for education and appreciate the real talent of Pakistan.

Read at Pakiology here
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Youm-e-Takbeer --- A powerful Pakistan.

2 8th May 1998 is a very historical and a memorable day for Pakistan.We successfully conducted nuclear explosion.Every year on 28th may i get lost in memories and my thoughts take me back in the year 1998.Clips of atomic explosion and the echoes of "Nara-e-Takbeer" fastens the blood flow and encourage us to do something worth memorable once again for Pakistan.

"Today, we have settled a score and have carried out five successful nuclear tests"  
Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, 28 May 1998"

We know that Israel and South Africa have full nuclear capability -- a Christian, Jewish and Hindu civilization have this capability ... the Islamic civilization is without it, but the situation (is) about to change.
Deposed Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, from his jail cell, 1978

I remember that how owners of confectioneries started distributing lots of sweet among the people free of cost. People were doing bhangra everywhere,and everyone was busy in exchange of wishes with each other.No doubt, it was a great success for every citizen of Pakistan.Pakistan always wanted to see the world free of arms but to protect her own solidarity she had to go for the creation of atomic bomb,which is still a thorn of an eye for many anti- pakistan powers'.India's successful explosion give a new momentum and speed to Pakistan's atomic project and the very first time India  was proved a blessing for us.

Now we are the proud citizens of an Atomic power state but question is still the same. Does it make any difference?Though its enough to threaten our enemies, but  are we really doing so? Purpose of doing an atomic explosion was to protect solidarity of Pakistan, but we really have failed in it. Apparently we are successful, but i reckon we are a double-failed nation. Even after all the resources,and all the powers ,we are mentally a slave nation.We feel shame in following our own cultures and traditions.We are often begging for aid from foreign powers.

We have power, we can talk our enemy eye-to-eye, but what is preventing us from it?Why we don't speak when our innocent brothers,sisters and little sweet kids lose their lives in our tribal areas due to American drones?why we are always ready to do operations in our own country after taking dictation from the so-called super powers?When we are blamed for terrorism in the whole world why cant we point out boldly that who the real terrorist is?According to Sebstian-a writer U.S is world's No.1 terrorist.She had attacked Iraq, Afghanistan and is a danger and a threat for Pakistan's survival and safety.

It is also not a hidden fact that how terribly we treated our national hero Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan.We didnot miss even a single chance in disgracing and insulting his honor.We even blamed him that he stole formula from some foreign country for pakistan?We didn't stop even here, we moved  one more step forward and blamed him that he is involved in wide-spread of nuclei material?We imprisoned him?Shame on us!We should learn from India.They are the real people who know how to respect talent.

Now, where we are standing? There is a great need  to judge it and to take appropriate steps.This is the right time when we should recognize our enemies.This is the time when we should take steps for the development of Pakistan. Lets make a resolution that on this "Takbeer Day" we will stop blaming the government of Pakistan.Its a common attitude,we think that our work is done by blaming the authorities as we have no power.
NOO this is downright wrong concept. We the people of Pakistan, the youth of Pakistan has lot of power, we can change the things if we try, if we think about it, we can BE the change! we can make the difference!!
Lets come,join hands and take initiatives!We shall take Pakistan AHEAD!We shall make Pakistan the leader of the whole world.InshaAllah!


P.S Congratulations everyone.I'm adding up some fire works here as a celebration for a day:)

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Quit Facebook Day:May 31

"F acebook page that led to Pakistani ban removed,” said the latest from Associated Press (read it at Yahoo! News) this morning. If through some hurriedly viewed news on TV you got the impression that Facebook took down the page, apologized or retracted, then please be corrected: “Facebook said Friday it has not taken any action on the page,” the Associated Press tells us. "So it was possible the creator took it down Friday because the page had served its purpose.”

This may not be the end of troubles for Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. May 31 has already been declared "Quit Facebook Day". No, not by Jamaat-i-Islami (nor by Imran Khan neither). Quite unrelated to the recent controversy over the hate festival, a website has been set up to explain why Facebook may be risky not only for you personally but also for the future of humanity:
"For us it comes down to two things: fair choices and best intentions. In our view, Facebook doesn't do a good job in either department... For a lot of people, quitting Facebook revolves around privacy... but we also think the privacy issue is just the symptom of a larger set of issues. The cumulative effects of what Facebook does now will not play out well in the future, and we care deeply about the future of the web as an open, safe and human place. We just can't see Facebook's current direction being aligned with any positive future for the web, so we're leaving.”
12,677 people have joined the Quit Facebook Day Campaign by "committing" to quit it on May 31 on the website (there were 12,666 when I started writing this post about 15 minutes ago, so the number is increasing by the minute).

This is not even among the bigger troubles that have started surrounding the CEO of Facebook during the recent weeks. Here are some randomly selected headlines to give you an idea (embedded links take you to details):
  1. Facebook CEO’s latest woe: accusations of securities fraud
  2. The Social Network Depicts Facebook CEO As 'Sex Maniac'
  3. Facebook Could Predict When Your Relationship Will End
  4. Facebook Privacy Issues Spark Internal Disagreement, Challenges To CEO
  5. Facebook Alternatives: Other Secure Social Networks You Could Switch To
  6. As Facebook Takes a Beating, a Brutal Movie Is Set to Make Things Much Worse”
  7. 'Social Network' script: A meaner take on Facebook
Some of these things are tough. Nick Summers on the blog of Newsweek (listed as #6 here) describes a recent Q&A session between a Facebook VP and readers at as "insincere at best and Orwellian at worst" and foresees even worse consequences when the movie gets released on October 1, portraying Zuckerberg as "a borderline autistic, entirely ruthless conniver." Other problems faced by him since April 21 and listed in this article include “a letter of concern from four U.S. senators, a filing with the Federal Trade Commission by 15 privacy groups, grave op-eds from the influential people at TechPresident, Wired, Thomas Baekdal, GigaOM, and elsewhere, helpful information to make sense of Facebook's evolution, including a timeline from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a clever infographic from an IBM researcher, and the launch of an idealistic NYU startup, Diaspora.”

Arguably, the role of Facebook in the recent controversial cartoon campaign was also different from YouTube and Wikipedia — and hence the general resentment among Muslims is mainly directed against Facebook and not so much against the other two websites that got banned in Pakistan in this context. 

If the conclusion on which Muslim users of Facebook have arrived is similar to what the webmasters of Quit Facebook Day are stating on their website (“We also don't think Facebook has much respect for you...”), one wonders how it would seem if millions of these Muslims also join the campaign and unanimously quit Facebook on May 31 — especially if they seal their lips about the offensive cartoons, blasphemy and all other matters at least until then and unanimously start chanting, “Just like the webmasters of Quite Facebook Day, we just can't see Facebook's current direction being aligned with any positive future for the web, so we're leaving. Nothing more to say (at least till May 31)!”

Such a thing would require extraordinary self-control, discipline and goodwill. Faith has produced such qualities on certain occasions but even if Muslims miss the opportunity, other problems surrounding Mr. Mark Zuckerberg are not pointing towards a very bright future either. Remember what James Bond says to the bad guy in The Living Daylights? “If the Russians don't get you, the Americans will!”
Courtesy:Khurram Ali Shafique
Web URL:  Khurrams Desk
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pakistan bans facebook.

I'm extremely happy on the step taken by Pakistan government to ban the biggest social networking site "Face book".Pakistan is a country having 2.3 million users of facebook .The site was involved in encouraging people to draw blasphemous caricatures of Holy Prophet S.A.W.It is said that "draw Muhammad day" is being organized as a revenge of  the threats given by Islamic extremists to the responsibles of  TV show "South park".(south Park also depicted the blasphemous images)Therefore to set the example of "Freedom of Speech" the idea of arranging such a blasphemous event was given by cartoonist Molly Norris(may Allah's curse be upon her)who later backed out.The idea quickly caught the attention of non-Muslims and pagans.

However,It is very necessary to understand that what "Freedom of speech" actually means.According to the dictionary of "Oxford University Press"- "Oxford guide to British and American culture", Freedom of speech is :"The right to express any opinions in public.This right became part of American law under the "First Amendment".If the opinions expressed are false or damage a person's reputation,however that person can take legal action under US law.In Britain people are free to express most opinions,but it is against the law to express some ideas,e.g ideas that aim to cause RACIAL hatred."
This shows that all the people who are supporting the event ,the one way or the other are not only trying to play with the religious feelings of the Muslims but are also breaking the rules of their own countries.We demand the most terrible punishments for the cartoonist Molly Norris and for the person who started the page over facebook.

Several protests and processions compelled the government of Pakistan to take immediate actions against the social networking site.An SMS campaign was at rise demanding boycott of the site, moreover the rallies were taken out in the different parts of the country.Alot of hatred and anger can be observed particularly among the youth.Though banning of face book in Pakistan is not the solution, but this will cause huge financial loss to face book authorities.

Face book earning: $ 11000000000
Face book users 4609,221,00
per users $2.39
pakistani usres 2359620
total revenue from pak $5,631,281,29

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boycott facebook "Every body draw Muhammad day"

 Now the time has come for all the Muslims of the world to unite and take appropriate actions against "Pagans " and all the non-Muslims who are continuously trying to hurt the emotions of the Muslims by targeting their most beloved personality "Prophet Muhammad S.A.W" and Islam.
A filthy group led by cartoonist "Mollie Norris" (May Allah's curse upon her) has declared 20th-may-2010 as the "Draw Muhammad day" and has also started a page at face book which has got 36,262 fans uptill now.All these people will take part in a drawing competition which will held on 20th may at facebook.Despite thousands of complaints, Facebook administration is not banning the page; unlike they usually do even for very minor violation of Facebook Terms of Services.
At the same time another page in response to the anti-Muslim page was here to see.This page has even more fans, which proves that there are only fists full of elements which are against Islam and the Muslims.Now its our duty to form a policy by which we the Muslims can avenge terror loving folks.

To what they call is freedom of speech is nothing but proof of their coward and childish natures.Freedom of speech in no way means that you start jumping on others neck with no reasons and start abusing them.If you do so, you should be ready for the same, but No, Islam is the religion of peace, and teaches brotherhood and love to all.These terror loving elements are the real curse, responsible for creating  racism in the world .If One is matured and considered himself cultured/educated,he must prove it by  paying same level of respect to other religions as well.History of Muslims is full of several accounts where they ruled over Hindus,Christians etc but never hurt anyone's religious feelings. Muhammad Bin Qasim, tipu sultan etc were few most famous kind rulers.

These campaigns are clearly more like a tease than of “Freedom of Speech”, and an obvious demo of mocking a religion, which for sure is not allowed by any religion of the world.
An SMS campaign in Pakistan is on the rise to boycott Facebook, at least on May 20th, 2010 to protest against this act of Facebook for not banning the page till now.

I request government of Pakistan and the media of  Pakistan both private and public sector to take immediate actions against this group.We need to get united as nothing can be done on the individual basis.This page is existing on face book with the approval of face book authorities, which we all should condemn as much as we can.

I request everyone that please maintain peace in the world.This world is yours and mine, donot create hatred and racism in it.
“Why destroy when we could create, Keep the peace, erase the hate.”

update 1:Good news:The specific page promoting "draw Muhammad day "will be banned soon in Pakistan.State level orders have been received.Now, we are waiting for its implementation.
Reference :Maher Bukhari's talk show SAMAA TV.

Update 2: The page has been banned in Pakistan now, a good step by Pakistan's government, but we need to form a rather big and more effective policy to fight against such heinous activities by non-Muslim extremists.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Karwane Ilm Foundation: A change in society

Karwane Ilm foundation is a project of encouragement for deserving talent and propagation of national integrity. It is a charitable non-commercial organization founded by the prestigious monthly magazine “Urdu Digest”.

KIF is playing an efficient role in bringing a better and long lasting change in Pakistan. It has been helping the deserving talented students of the Pakistan since ages. People get to read about the achievements of KIF in “Urdu Digest” almost every month. Every single story of KIF is an achievement itself. Several deserving rubies of Pakistan have been benefited by the services of KIF up till now, who are now playing their role in professional lives successfully to bring a remarkable change in the country. KIF helps students by bearing all of their educational expenses, mess charges, conveyance, books and instruments. It produces doctors, scientists, engineers, accountants etc almost every year.
KIF is the welfare organization which not only helps the students but even helps widow mothers and old ailing parents to cope up with the medical and other maintenance expenses. It is a source of “HOPE” and a beam of light for the students who cannot afford the expenses of their higher educations.
KIF is also at the top of the list when it comes to the appreciation of students.
Since 2002 KIF has been organizing a “ Matric Award ceremony ” for the 25 different secondary education boards of Pakistan at national level.

Success stories by Karwane Ilm Foundation can be read here.
To contact Karwane Ilm Foundation click here. Their official website can be found here.

Original post can be read at Pakiology here
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hindko Translation of the Holy Quran Launched.

The launching ceremony of the versified Hindko translation of the holy Quran held yesterday in Peshawar, as was promised by NWFP governor last year. It was organized by the literary, cultural and social welfare organization Gandhara Hindko Board, which has published the rare work. PHC Chief Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan was the chief guest. Noted spiritual figure of Peshawar and Sajjada Nasheen of Shah Qabool shrine, Syed Liaqat Ali Shah Gilani, presided over the function.
The translation has been rendered by a noted writer Abdul Ghafoor Malik (late) of Abbottabad who has also translated sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) under the title of ‘Nitrian Hadeesan’. Abdul Ghafoor Malik was born in Silhed area of Abbottabad, Hazara Division, in 1923 and died in 2004. He started working on versified translation of Holy Quran some 20 years back and handed over the manuscript to Gandhara Hindko Board in 2004.
The versified translation of Quran was printed by a reputed publishing house of Peshawar, last year. The paper used is in two colors and of a very fine quality; it is available in a colorful and attractive box.


1. The versified Hindko Translation of Holy Quran has a total number of 1,234 pages.
2. Hindku translation appears on the left side whereas on the right side Arabic text of Holy Quran is given.
3. It also contains a glossary of 142 frequently used Hindko words which have been translated into Urdu and are placed in the beginning for the convenience of the readers.
Funds and finances for the entire project were provided by Cultural Department of NWFP, Haji Haleem Jan Sethi and by Khwaja Khalid Sultan – the two leading businessmen from Peshawar.

The Holy Quran is the Most-Read book in the entire world and has been translated into 115 languages of the world. First ever complete translation of Holy Quran was by famous scholar Shah Waliullah in Persian. Whereas his sons Shah Rafiuddin and Shah Abdul Qadir translated Quran into Urdu.
It is a good approach that Holy Quran is now present in the international as well as local languages which is no doubt making the understanding of people easy towards Islam. Many different bodies are working on spreading the words of Quran around the world by translating the holy book into several languages and Gandhara Hindko board is one of them, for which the board and the team involved in the entire project is worthy of great applause.

P.S can be read at Pakiology here

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