Friday, May 28, 2010

NED students make fuel-efficient car

The students of NED University of Engineering and technology have created a fuel-efficient car at a cost of 0.5 million, named UZBAA to participate in Shell-Eco marathon 2010.All the students belong to a group Winmark.
According to Haris Rehman leader of Winmark , “The car is fully locally created and can cover 80 kilometers per litre, It has cold back engine. The body is prepared from fiber glass, whereas its total weight is 125 kg.”
Team members have spent almost PKR 3 lac in the making of this car. It is stated that more expenditures will come yet, as car needs front and back screen as well as side glasses. Moreover around 3335 US dollars are needed in order to represent Pakistan in the global competition being arranged in Malaysia which they have not managed to collect yet. Students are hoping for the sponsors to provide them efficient funds.
According to Talha Asad , another member of the WinMark group, says that their teachers have appreciated them and only because of their appreciation they have managed to achieve this goal successfully, but unfortunately they could not support them economically.
The car was prepared as per the standards of shell-eco marathon race. According to the shell pamphlet the length of the car should be in between 220 and 35cm whereas weight shouldn’t be more than 160kg.
WinMark team has showcased their car at Karachi which is complete and is ready to race in the marathon. They will be competing with world’s top notch cars in urban category. This year the event is to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Sepang International Circuit. The expected audience is more than 6000 people and the event will be covered by media from over 20 countries.
The team comprises on students of Electrical and Mechanical Departments of NED University. They are:
M Tabrez Siddiqui, M Shahab Siddiqui, Ahsun Jawed, M Waqar Ahmed, Osama Rehman, Saeed Ahmad (Team Advisor), Haris Rehman (Team Manager), M Bilal Sohail, Taha Rasul Sheikh, M Hassan Abbasi, M Ahsan, Talha Asad and Usman Mehmood.
Pakistan is full of talent and history proves it. However it is sad to realize that Pakistan government has no funds to help its bright stars. According to Pakistan official stats, an average player from the national Pakistani cricket team earns more than 7 to 8 million per year. Moreover they are awarded with millions of Rupees depending on their performance, the number of sixes and fours they hit in the match. When the government has funds for Sports then why are we so poor when it comes to education? Government of Pakistan should form new policies and alter their preferences. I request President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to please increase the budgets for education and appreciate the real talent of Pakistan.

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filpaki said...

woww.. this car is so eye catchy and beautiful.Pakistan has lots of talent i must say. But as you pointed out in your previous post that we don't know how to respect our talent.
We are hopeless people!!
If we have to prove ourselves before the world, we must give MOST attention to education.

smarty said...

Hats off to you.

ReeBz said...

Thank you filpaki and smarty:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, V've gOt amazing talEnt jUs need to encOurage nd prOmote em..
nd thnx Reebz fOr sharing it, a really nyc pOst :)


ReeBz said...

Thanks Rabeeta.No doubt we have got talent but I donot expect anyhting from our govt.Right now i'm so much angry on Zardari.I just hate pakistans all leaders. Each and Every one.I donot know that jahannum k kon se tabqe me dale ga allah inhe! i mean had hey! I'm very much worried about "Value added tax" and yaar we will get only 65 rupees on every 100 PKR reload in our mobs:(

Hasaan Rafique said...

Wow!!! That's great!

Awesome car indeed, i hope they manage to collect the necessary funds..
Pakistanis really have a lot of talent, the PsiFi competition hosted at LUMS a few months ago showed some of it! Excellent Robotics and Technology.

But sad to admit that indeed the government is doing nothing to support it's shining and talented people... :(

Ahmed said...

Here is more talent from Pakistan on Hydrogen Energy/Fuel Cells

Anonymous said...


Hats off for Pakistani Students....

We are a thriving nation...even in these worst situation, we are making unmatched mile stones.
People like these make us to say proudly...'We are Pakistanis'.

Please join me to offer a big SALUTE to these Pakistani students.

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