Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hindko Translation of the Holy Quran Launched.

The launching ceremony of the versified Hindko translation of the holy Quran held yesterday in Peshawar, as was promised by NWFP governor last year. It was organized by the literary, cultural and social welfare organization Gandhara Hindko Board, which has published the rare work. PHC Chief Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan was the chief guest. Noted spiritual figure of Peshawar and Sajjada Nasheen of Shah Qabool shrine, Syed Liaqat Ali Shah Gilani, presided over the function.
The translation has been rendered by a noted writer Abdul Ghafoor Malik (late) of Abbottabad who has also translated sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) under the title of ‘Nitrian Hadeesan’. Abdul Ghafoor Malik was born in Silhed area of Abbottabad, Hazara Division, in 1923 and died in 2004. He started working on versified translation of Holy Quran some 20 years back and handed over the manuscript to Gandhara Hindko Board in 2004.
The versified translation of Quran was printed by a reputed publishing house of Peshawar, last year. The paper used is in two colors and of a very fine quality; it is available in a colorful and attractive box.


1. The versified Hindko Translation of Holy Quran has a total number of 1,234 pages.
2. Hindku translation appears on the left side whereas on the right side Arabic text of Holy Quran is given.
3. It also contains a glossary of 142 frequently used Hindko words which have been translated into Urdu and are placed in the beginning for the convenience of the readers.
Funds and finances for the entire project were provided by Cultural Department of NWFP, Haji Haleem Jan Sethi and by Khwaja Khalid Sultan – the two leading businessmen from Peshawar.

The Holy Quran is the Most-Read book in the entire world and has been translated into 115 languages of the world. First ever complete translation of Holy Quran was by famous scholar Shah Waliullah in Persian. Whereas his sons Shah Rafiuddin and Shah Abdul Qadir translated Quran into Urdu.
It is a good approach that Holy Quran is now present in the international as well as local languages which is no doubt making the understanding of people easy towards Islam. Many different bodies are working on spreading the words of Quran around the world by translating the holy book into several languages and Gandhara Hindko board is one of them, for which the board and the team involved in the entire project is worthy of great applause.

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Connie L. Nash said...

Wow, when I first saw this achievement announced, I was so amazed and impressed. And then now, I find you have written about the same! And written so professionally. Beautiful writing, timing and a gorgeous photo.

I want to keep following and learning more about this project...and the history you point out related to earlier scholars.

Yours for Beauty, Truth, Peace and a bit of illuminating history at the right time.

All hats off to you dear writer and media whiz!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Superbly written, researched and documented. This is again a beautiful piece and as always with full confidence and control.

Connie L. Nash said...

"Confidence and Control" Dar Sahib has said this so well!!! And all the other is in place too.

ReeBz said...

Connie and Sir, thanks for your appreciation and not to mention i look forward for it after making every post at my blog.

This post's topic was a bit different from my own style of writing as i was assigned to write on it by "Pakiology". I was a bit nervous that if i can manage to do it perfectly or not, and so yes, i researched about it with all my efforts and heart.As a result i was extremely happy to find out that this post needed to "Editing" and got published exactly the way i wrote it =)

Once again Thanks to both of you.

filpaki said...

MashAAllah! its very good to know about.You have covered all the news with such a beauty.
Keep it up!

hina said...

You have a very wonderful eye which u keep on all the news around.
Thank you for letting us all know about this new achievement.

smarty said...

what else i can say except MashaAllah..... =)

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