Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boycott facebook "Every body draw Muhammad day"

 Now the time has come for all the Muslims of the world to unite and take appropriate actions against "Pagans " and all the non-Muslims who are continuously trying to hurt the emotions of the Muslims by targeting their most beloved personality "Prophet Muhammad S.A.W" and Islam.
A filthy group led by cartoonist "Mollie Norris" (May Allah's curse upon her) has declared 20th-may-2010 as the "Draw Muhammad day" and has also started a page at face book which has got 36,262 fans uptill now.All these people will take part in a drawing competition which will held on 20th may at facebook.Despite thousands of complaints, Facebook administration is not banning the page; unlike they usually do even for very minor violation of Facebook Terms of Services.
At the same time another page in response to the anti-Muslim page was created.click here to see.This page has even more fans, which proves that there are only fists full of elements which are against Islam and the Muslims.Now its our duty to form a policy by which we the Muslims can avenge terror loving folks.

To what they call is freedom of speech is nothing but proof of their coward and childish natures.Freedom of speech in no way means that you start jumping on others neck with no reasons and start abusing them.If you do so, you should be ready for the same, but No, Islam is the religion of peace, and teaches brotherhood and love to all.These terror loving elements are the real curse, responsible for creating  racism in the world .If One is matured and considered himself cultured/educated,he must prove it by  paying same level of respect to other religions as well.History of Muslims is full of several accounts where they ruled over Hindus,Christians etc but never hurt anyone's religious feelings. Muhammad Bin Qasim, tipu sultan etc were few most famous kind rulers.

These campaigns are clearly more like a tease than of “Freedom of Speech”, and an obvious demo of mocking a religion, which for sure is not allowed by any religion of the world.
An SMS campaign in Pakistan is on the rise to boycott Facebook, at least on May 20th, 2010 to protest against this act of Facebook for not banning the page till now.

I request government of Pakistan and the media of  Pakistan both private and public sector to take immediate actions against this group.We need to get united as nothing can be done on the individual basis.This page is existing on face book with the approval of face book authorities, which we all should condemn as much as we can.

I request everyone that please maintain peace in the world.This world is yours and mine, donot create hatred and racism in it.
“Why destroy when we could create, Keep the peace, erase the hate.”

update 1:Good news:The specific page promoting "draw Muhammad day "will be banned soon in Pakistan.State level orders have been received.Now, we are waiting for its implementation.
Reference :Maher Bukhari's talk show SAMAA TV.

Update 2: The page has been banned in Pakistan now, a good step by Pakistan's government, but we need to form a rather big and more effective policy to fight against such heinous activities by non-Muslim extremists.


filpaki said...

If v r true muslims we must condemn it!i cannot understand that why the media is silenT? media took part extra ordiarily in sania-shoaib's wedding which was nothing extra ordinary and now when media should play its role it is silenT?

hina said...

OHhh I C~ i got to read about it at face book but i could not understand what the hell it is! May all the peoples involved in this activity be cursed.boycotting facebook is not enough, we should ban all types of relation ships including trade etc with all those countries whose citizens are taking part in this competition.

Muhammad Hamza said...

I agree wiTh hina,that we shOuld boycott this event sponsors outside Facebook,as this event isn't just restricted to Facebook.This event is going to be held in hotels in various cites of Europe,including Denmark,Holland, Netherlands,Finland and some states of North America too.
And I also agree,that the media's role is been very fishy indeed.Not even the so cal;led Islamic Channels are giving scope to this news..
Well what else we can do than boycotting Facebook,is we can send e-mails to Facebook authorities.Out side Facebook,I heard that Jamiat,a student organisation of Jamat-e-Islami.is gonna have a rally on 20th May in Karachi,I don't know about other cities.
May Allah burn all the cartoonist before 20th may.
But remember whenever someone spits on the moon it falls on his/her own face.No one can ever disgrace our beloved prophet,Hazrat Muhammad Pbuh.

awesomesamra said...

Well all the the muslims dhuld condemn such practices...people have plan to bycott...we shuld all support the bycot. Many of us are arguing that bycott wont do any thing..yes it would...they are going to loose billions which they get from our clicks, games we paly etc. There should be a social community website owned by MUSLIMS...where true freedom of speech is given remember hurting someone is no freedom of sppech as someone has truly said "boundaries of ur freedom ends where someone else nose has started".
Speak to EXPRESS not to HURT!!
will end with
"ki MUHAMMAD say wafa to hum tery hyien
yeh jahan cheez hye kia loh o qalam tery hyien"
beautifully written by HAKKEM UL UMMAT...think and act!

arooba maqsood said...

firstly very well written reebz
and indeed we have to do somethng for this, i have hesrd that the govt i s going to ban thi page in PAKISTAN but i dont think its right, beceuse if they ban it than only we wudnt see this but any where in the world it wud be drawing.
so i appeal to the govt to not only ban this page here they should delete this page and also ban the admin of this page.

Hasaan Rafique said...

Nice post!

May Allah curse upon those who are insulting our beloved prophet and compelling others to do so...

Freedom of Speech is no explanation for such behaviour. This is nothing but insult - direct insult. We could also start drawing caricatures and disgraceful, nude and insulting pictures of their holy people, but we respect everyone's religion and will not fall down to their shameful gutter-hole level... Shame on them, their parents, their education, their teachers, their culture and their religion, which did not teach them to respect humanity and to not insult others' feelings...!
The Facebook team is very quick in blocking stuff that violates their rules but they're doing nothing about this. That's shameful and I believe that they're as much responsible for this mess as the creators themselves. Shame on them....


Anonymous said...

I'd just say that West has taken another step ahead towards their Split Personality Culture.

i wonder how they define the term 'Terrorism' now.

Muhammad Hamza said...

I happy at least our government has done something nice,although on orders of Lahore court.I think Facebook should be blocked forever if it doesn't delete the page tonight,that is before 20th of may.I'm already back on twitter,and orkut.:)

smarty said...

M also v happy. I didnot know that Pakistan government will really take appropriate steps against it.

ReeBz said...

Thanks all who commented here.
Hamza i agree with you that of the FB authorities are not going to make appropriate measures against the page then this site should be banned in Pakistan forever. As it is already banned in U.A.E since i guess 2008 and in other Muslim countries.
This will definitely throw them in a big financial loss and they will come to their knees.
I'm happy that how beautifully all the citizens of Pakistan showed unity.

hina said...

Yes if we show unity like this in every affair then we can beat our every enemy. Doesnt matter how much powerful the enemy is.

Anonymous said...

I have found another site that is doing this


They want the picture for a t-shirt


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