Sunday, April 29, 2012

Froot Flow Lemon Chew - A Sweet and Sour Treat

Lets start the Sunday morning with yet another taste of Froot Flow Chew. It is a product of JoJo foods. JoJo has variety of chews in its range. With regular launches of new products, JoJo has managed to attain a very credible position in the snack food industry at international level.

Lemon Chew belongs to the sub family of JoJo Froot Flow chew. I have previously reviewed the other two members of this group i.e Froot Flow black current and Strawberry Chew.

It comes in a rectangular box that contains 70 chews, each one is individually wrapped. It has a giant lemon image on the pack and on the individual chews as well. The box is as shown in the image, yellow in colour. Froot Flow is written on it in jumbo capital letters with red colour that is definitely adding spice to the complete packaging.

My Experience

It tastes like its sister chew strawberry, except with a slight difference of strawberry taste, that is replaced here by the sweet-o-sourish taste of lemon. Approximately, I feel that it has a ration of 75% sweetness and 25% sourness. It feels a bit hard to chew in first go, but after few minutes it becomes soft enough to chew comfortably.

It may be a super favorite chew for all the girls, since girls have more welcoming taste buds towards anything that is partially sour. Froot Flow lemon chew contains sugar, liquid glucose, vegetable oil, lactic acid, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid E330, gum arabic E414, vegetable protein, Soya lecithin E322, artificial flavour lemon and artificial colour E102 (tartrazine)

JoJo foods website is very interactive and colourful. The graphics, the sound effects and the texts- everything has played its role very well in making the website a success. You can contact them through their website here either by email, fax, phone or post.

In order to connect with them via FB. Click here

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Froot Flow Strawberry Chew- A Deep Dive in the Strawberry Smooty

Once again I am here with sweet-a-luscious reviews of JoJo Foods and Exporters. JoJo though needs no introduction, you can check my previous post on JoJo foods description to read all you may want to learn about them.

Today the treasure box of JoJo shuffled up and threw Froot Flow- Strawberry Chew out for me.Lets find out how good does it taste :).


As obvious by the name it is a chew, so a treat for the soft baby teeth who love chewing. The pack is composed of 70 individual chews. The pack comes in attractive red with a big sized strawberry image on it. The chews inside are wrapped in red also, however the chew itself is slightly pinkish. It is somewhat square in shape.

My Experience- Complete Indulgence
As soon as I unwrapped one, and put it in my mouth, I felt a rush of strawberry smoothy that gave my taste buds a feast of real strawberry. It tastes of course sweet but slightly sour. That is what made me addicted to this chew. Call it good or bad, but I have a habit of chewing something sweet after the lunch. These days, Froot Flow Strawberry Chew is my ultimate desire ;)

Froot Flow strawberry chew contains Sugar, liquid glucose, vegetable oil, lactic acid, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid E330, Gum Arabic E414, vegetable protein, Soya lecithin E322, Artificial flavor strawberry and artificial colour E129.

Froot Flow chew is also available in black current and lemon chew. Stay tuned for another swim in the ocean of sweet-0-luscious products!

You may reach JoJo at their website here and face book page here

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Accessorising Myself with Style Spring Accessories

Spring all the way! I thought of celebrating spring and got myself some accessories.I am sharing a necklace I bought from Style Accessories online. Online shopping is always fun and full of excitement. Unfortunately, in Pakistan only few stores are offering COD facility. However you still can buy online if you are ready to bear some pains of money transfer.

Below is the picture of what I bought from Style Accessories Facebook page.
Style Accessories is a home based business from Faisalabad. They stock different fashion accessories from rings to necklaces, hair accessories and beautiful Bengals.  Everything is very affordable. You will get your order the very next day all around Pakistan, since they ship through TCS- fastest delivery. Delivery charges to all Pakistan is Rs 100 only- no matter how big your order is.

This necklace is metallic and has pink spring flowers with several rhinestones on it.The chain is silver and long, easily adjustable. I am in love with the design that is very intricate.

Price: Rs 250

Open in new window to Enlarge
Pros and Cons
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design
  • Metallic
  • Rhinestones studded
  • Intricate cuts
  • Adjustable
  • Only single piece 
If you want to buy a similar necklace, then you may like these two. See here and here
End of the Line
A must buy!
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flormar Terracotta Blushon, Shade 46- The Good & the Bad

Every one gets fascinated with rosy pink and flushed cheeks with a soft glow. To avail this goal, women around the world are using blush-ons depending on their skin tone and choices. Choosing a blush on may be a bit difficult for few. To overcome this problem, simply follow the colour of your lips while making a choice for blush-on. Normally the corals or roses make the perfect blushers. If you are fair pinks will adorn you, but if you are Pakistani wheatish then you must look for corals!

Flormar has a variety of blush-on in their belt. My choice was from Terracotta blush category. The pick was shade 46. The best part I like in flormar products is that their web shows 99% accurate colours/shades unlike other cosmetic brands.

Below is the comparison of the shade present on the web with the one I bought. Check out yourself.

  • Terracota blushers from Flormar have a patented design, so yes you are not going to observe the same design in any other cosmetic brand.  I really love the packaging. It is very impressive with white casing. In center it has got a big depression that makes it easy to hold and protects risk of slippage from your hand even in hurry.
  •  The back side shows the complete list of ingredients and the date of production with expiry. 
  •  Shade 46 is something in between peachy pink and coral- perfect for someone having a complexion like me. I am neither very fair nor dark. 
  • The best part of these terracotta blushers is the light and fine glittery specks. On application it looks like a shimmer blusher, but still better than that. It doesn't make your face glow like a neon bulb. So cheese xD
  • Very very highly pigmented. Easy to apply. However, one must be cautious enough during application to avoid looking like a clown.
  • It has also got a clear good quality mirror.
Blushers require a good hand for perfect application, and yes a good soft and big blush brush. The more soft the bristles are, the more subtle the application will be. The purpose of blush is to get a healthy look for your face. I simply smile wide infront mirror and apply it with very soft brush strokes in circular motion from my hair line, temples to apple of cheeks, taking care not to go below or close to the nose area. This blush gives my cheeks a light peachy coral look. I am  100% satisfied with the glittery shimmer. It doesn't feel heavy. Therefore, it may be the first preference for those having oily skins. In order to get more definition, a good bronzer can be used along with the blushon. I am using MUA mosaic bronzer to create a dramatic look. I am though sad, it stays only 3 hours or so hardly on my face.

It is available for Rs 950 from Hyper star, Lahore

Pros and Cons
  • Highly pigmented
  • Lovely shade
  • Good for oily skin
  • Easy to carry
  • Makes face look glowing and fresh
  • 5 years expire duration
  • Does not make you clown
  • Substitutes an eye-shadow perfectly
  • A bit expensive for a single shaded blushon
  • Poor staying abilities
  • It does not bear proper shade names but numbers only :(
End of the Line
I will recommend it to those with oily skins, since it is a powder bluher it is good for oily skin. I am afraid it will make dry skins even go more dryer.If you have big pores, then be warned! First try to close your pores by a proper foundation. Otherwise you will look scary with these glittery specks residing in your pores forever.
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    Saturday, April 14, 2012

    Enchanting Colours of Spring

    Spring is here finally. The breathtaking beauty of Lahore really leaves me speechless. I have no words to describe that how beautiful Lahore city looks during Spring days. We moved to Lahore from Karachi last year, thatswhy spring at full bloom is something new and exciting for me. The colours, the greenery, the flowers bring the unmatchable joy, laughter and cheers. Once you are out, under the bright sky you find yourself lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the city. Here, I would also like to write a brief note of thanks for Shahbaz Shareef, who really has worked hard in making the city an inspiring beauty. I like that regular gardeners are hired to maintain green belts and round-abouts.  What more, there is a complete system- you see spring plants during spring season specially at Mall-Road. After spring is gone, the plants are replaced with the other seasonal plants. I am really loving the city about which I had no good thoughts earlier. As compared to Khi, it is peaceful, beautiful and greeeen! However I do pray for the establishment of peace in whole Pakistan.

    Below are the few pictures I would want to share here. I want to apologize that all the pics are taken by my cell phone camera, therefore they are not doing justice with the real beauty of Lahore. Still, they will make you take a loong deep breath :-)

    Aint it makes the best wall paper ever :)?
    Love this tree!
    An attractive rose in our home-MashAllah
    A rose plant at our service road! MA- There are hundereds of such plants at both the sides of road. Fragrance of roses walks with you :)
    A beautiful bus stop <3
    Bank of canal- Lovely sight with autumn leaves..
    Just few random but awesome bushes :)

     I hope you enjoyed these pretty clicks :) I will be adding few more pics very soon. stay connected.

    P.S: All the photography is done by me at Canal bank road.
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    Monday, April 9, 2012

    Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask- As an Acne Treatment

    I feel like declaring openly that I am a total Liz Earle convert with yet another review from Liz Earle treasure house :) I am a frequent user of cleanse & polish, along with liz gentle face exfoliator. Both of the products have controlled my acne problem amazingly. All of my friends feel curious about this glowing skin secret.
    Its true, that my acne/white heads problem has been reduced to 5% from 100%. I occasionally get pimples on face when there is some extra exposure to bright sunlight and sebum secretion as a result. To overcome it, I got my hands on Liz Earle Deep cleansing mask. Continue reading to find out about its efficacy.


    • It comes in a bone white squeeze tube. I got the starter kit that contains 2 sponges-100% cellulose, a beautiful zip-up kit bag and a 75ml clay mask tube.The mask is greyish-green with a strong pungent botanical smell.It feels a medicated product. It bears a thin and a fine consistency. I felt no difficulty in spreading it on my face.
    • Sponges are UK made. Since they are 100% cellulose, you will notice an obvious difference in its size after the first use. However, it will regain its size when you put it back in water to use it next time. Don't be worried to see it hard and shrunk after it gets dry. It will be OK as soon as you make it wet again. 
    • Zip up kit bag is beautiful and China made- Matches the tube in colour. It is slightly different than the cleanse and polish kit bag with a net fabric on one side.
    The active ingredient, probably the most important ingredient around which the whole formula of this mask revolves is "Green Kaolin Clay". Clay is considered to have some healing properties for stomach diseases. In old times people would eat a little amount of clay, whereas women would use it as a beauty treatment. There are different types of clays- Kaolin is however, a very special type of green clay that is found only in New Zealand. 

    Advantages of Kaolin Clay
    1. Oil balance abilities
    2. Disinfectant
    3. Deep cleansing abilities
     Kaolin is a mineral, and it has the abilities to remove excess oil. It is being used by women with oily skin to help getting an oil free face. Since it removes oil- it protects from acne formation and keeps the skin clean and glowing. It also is used as a disinfectant  by women with pimple problems. It has soothing effects to irritated skin as well.

    Find out below that how you can use it according to your own skin concerns.

    • As a Cleanser
    All skins no matter what your type is- needs deep cleansing. True, that your cleanser can do this job- but remember, cleanser only removes the surface dirt. In order to keep your face free from bacteria accumulation, you need deep cleansing. Liz Earle deep cleansing mask will fetch out impurities from below the skin without making it dry or a cracking feel. Just apply a generous layer over all your face avoiding eye area and hair line. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it off with the wet cellulose sponges available with the kit. Use it after cleanse & polish and gentle face exfoliator. Follow with Liz skin tonic and moisturizer.
    • As a Disinfectant
    Personally I use it as a disinfectant. I develop occasional pimples like 2 or 3 (small with no puss) in 2 to 3 weeks. Instead of  applying it on all face, I just apply a pea amount on individual spots and leave overnight. Normally, you need  to apply masks more than once or twice in a week(thrice in extreme oily skins). But, if you opt to use it as an acne treatment- you can apply it thrice in a row without any hesitation. Believe me, spots and pimples will go in maximum 4 days! Amazing ain't it? Previously I had been using cosmeceutique acne cream but it was a bit slow when i compared it with this clay mask.

    Other ingredients include Manuka honey,organic Aloevera and Propolis  to help soothe and purify your skin. It is suitable for combination, oily or problem skin. However, it is not suggested to people with sensitive skin type.

    75ml starter kit for  £14.00

    Pros and Cons
    1. Deep cleanses the skin
    2. Heals pimple and acne
    3. Removes excess oil
    4. Soothes irritated skin
    5. Keeps skin glowing and fresh
    6. Attractive packaging
    7. Everything needed, available in just one kit
    8. 100% cellulose sponges.
    9. Expensive
    10. Strong pungent smell
    End of Line:

    No matter what your skin issue is. Whether you want to control oil secretion or want to get rid of acne- Liz deep cleansing mask is your best friend. However people with really active acne must consult their dermatologist first.
      Liz delivers around the world. the best thing is you do not need to wait much. They provide the fastest delivery and you are subjected to get your package in 10 days!If you want to order one for yourself, click here

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      Monday, April 2, 2012

      Uniqso- Dolly Eye Rosy Rosa Green

      Few months back I did  a review for Uniqso. I was sent two pairs for review, but one of them had manufacturing faults so I was sent another within dew days. First of all I would like to apologize the company for the delayed review. I had some reasons, which had kept me busy for such a long time and I could not give my feedback in the form of quick review.

      Today I am going to share the review of Dolly Eye-Rosy Rosa Green. Find its specifications below:
      1.  Item: LNDE044GN
      2.  Brand: ( Dolly Eye (EOS) )
      3.  Weight: 0.1000
      4.  Unit of Measure: kg
      5.  Diameter: 14mm
      6.  Base Curve: 8.6mm
      7.  Water Content: 42%
      8.  Replacement period:1 year
      9. Price :USD 17
      Why Should you choose Uniqso for purchasing your circle lenses? Read my previous review to find out.

      Lets come to the review of the product.


      They are fungi green. The darkest shade of green. I have dark brown eyes that are closer to black. Therefore the rosyrosa almost looks black on me. I will suggest all of the dark eye bearers to choose light colour lenses for themselves. Because if your eye colour is dark, and you are choosing a dark coloured lense too, then it will not make a much visible difference to your eyes. For a magical and a different look, try lighter colours, thats my experience.

      The lenses are soft, easy to handle (yes the do not pop inside out) and irritation free. Once you stick them in your eyes, they will remain on your eye ball without any unwanted movements that may annoy many of us. You can easily remove them by simple pinching method. It takes a second only to hold it by pinching method. (Some lenses are too thin to be held by pinch method)
      I think there is a room to increase packaging a bit. I suggest the store to add some lens care card, how-to-wear step by step guide, and a cute pouch to improve the packaging. Since this is a competitive market, one must try to maintain its own USP- Unique selling point. Frequent discounts or gist vouchers are not enough to win the game. Packaging plays an important role. Uniqso sell their lens pairs in a small box with bubble mats to keep the vials safe. (All Pakistani readers can easily associate this box with the local box in which we get french fries worth rs 10 :D)

      Pros and Cons:
      1. Affordable
      2. Soft
      3. Easy to handle
      4. No irritation or itching
      5. Makes eye look bright and wide
      6. Not suitable for dark eyed people
      7. Packaging isnot so impressive
      Uniqso delivers around the world. It takes some 14 days to reach you.



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