Friday, April 27, 2012

Froot Flow Strawberry Chew- A Deep Dive in the Strawberry Smooty

Once again I am here with sweet-a-luscious reviews of JoJo Foods and Exporters. JoJo though needs no introduction, you can check my previous post on JoJo foods description to read all you may want to learn about them.

Today the treasure box of JoJo shuffled up and threw Froot Flow- Strawberry Chew out for me.Lets find out how good does it taste :).


As obvious by the name it is a chew, so a treat for the soft baby teeth who love chewing. The pack is composed of 70 individual chews. The pack comes in attractive red with a big sized strawberry image on it. The chews inside are wrapped in red also, however the chew itself is slightly pinkish. It is somewhat square in shape.

My Experience- Complete Indulgence
As soon as I unwrapped one, and put it in my mouth, I felt a rush of strawberry smoothy that gave my taste buds a feast of real strawberry. It tastes of course sweet but slightly sour. That is what made me addicted to this chew. Call it good or bad, but I have a habit of chewing something sweet after the lunch. These days, Froot Flow Strawberry Chew is my ultimate desire ;)

Froot Flow strawberry chew contains Sugar, liquid glucose, vegetable oil, lactic acid, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid E330, Gum Arabic E414, vegetable protein, Soya lecithin E322, Artificial flavor strawberry and artificial colour E129.

Froot Flow chew is also available in black current and lemon chew. Stay tuned for another swim in the ocean of sweet-0-luscious products!

You may reach JoJo at their website here and face book page here


Anonymous said...

Oh you were sent jojo products for revuew? Sounds cool :D

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