Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flormar Terracotta Blushon, Shade 46- The Good & the Bad

Every one gets fascinated with rosy pink and flushed cheeks with a soft glow. To avail this goal, women around the world are using blush-ons depending on their skin tone and choices. Choosing a blush on may be a bit difficult for few. To overcome this problem, simply follow the colour of your lips while making a choice for blush-on. Normally the corals or roses make the perfect blushers. If you are fair pinks will adorn you, but if you are Pakistani wheatish then you must look for corals!

Flormar has a variety of blush-on in their belt. My choice was from Terracotta blush category. The pick was shade 46. The best part I like in flormar products is that their web shows 99% accurate colours/shades unlike other cosmetic brands.

Below is the comparison of the shade present on the web with the one I bought. Check out yourself.

  • Terracota blushers from Flormar have a patented design, so yes you are not going to observe the same design in any other cosmetic brand.  I really love the packaging. It is very impressive with white casing. In center it has got a big depression that makes it easy to hold and protects risk of slippage from your hand even in hurry.
  •  The back side shows the complete list of ingredients and the date of production with expiry. 
  •  Shade 46 is something in between peachy pink and coral- perfect for someone having a complexion like me. I am neither very fair nor dark. 
  • The best part of these terracotta blushers is the light and fine glittery specks. On application it looks like a shimmer blusher, but still better than that. It doesn't make your face glow like a neon bulb. So cheese xD
  • Very very highly pigmented. Easy to apply. However, one must be cautious enough during application to avoid looking like a clown.
  • It has also got a clear good quality mirror.
Blushers require a good hand for perfect application, and yes a good soft and big blush brush. The more soft the bristles are, the more subtle the application will be. The purpose of blush is to get a healthy look for your face. I simply smile wide infront mirror and apply it with very soft brush strokes in circular motion from my hair line, temples to apple of cheeks, taking care not to go below or close to the nose area. This blush gives my cheeks a light peachy coral look. I am  100% satisfied with the glittery shimmer. It doesn't feel heavy. Therefore, it may be the first preference for those having oily skins. In order to get more definition, a good bronzer can be used along with the blushon. I am using MUA mosaic bronzer to create a dramatic look. I am though sad, it stays only 3 hours or so hardly on my face.

It is available for Rs 950 from Hyper star, Lahore

Pros and Cons
  • Highly pigmented
  • Lovely shade
  • Good for oily skin
  • Easy to carry
  • Makes face look glowing and fresh
  • 5 years expire duration
  • Does not make you clown
  • Substitutes an eye-shadow perfectly
  • A bit expensive for a single shaded blushon
  • Poor staying abilities
  • It does not bear proper shade names but numbers only :(
End of the Line
I will recommend it to those with oily skins, since it is a powder bluher it is good for oily skin. I am afraid it will make dry skins even go more dryer.If you have big pores, then be warned! First try to close your pores by a proper foundation. Otherwise you will look scary with these glittery specks residing in your pores forever.


    Fakiha said...

    I have this blushon in 45 and honestly I am in love with it :-)

    shahtaj said...

    Looks nice:) Thanx for the review <3

    Anonymous said...

    AAeey! hold on?950 :-0? I think i got it for some 500 Rupees last year :@ :-0

    humera said...

    OH this blushon looks cute and different. Superb but expensive..

    Jabeen said...

    Is it easily available everyhwhere :)?

    ReeBz said...

    Dun tell me.. :-/?

    ReeBz said...

    Yes, get it from some big mall!

    filpaki said...

    hmm; seems nice.

    hina said...

    The design is different and unique. Seems like a pastry :P
    Nice review and helpful. thank yew *muwah*

    Zareen said...

    Fine. Nice review. Thanks for sharing. Well to be honest I am not a blush girl, but i still love to window shop blushes :P

    ReeBz said...

    Thanks hina. so sweet oh you :)

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