Sunday, April 29, 2012

Froot Flow Lemon Chew - A Sweet and Sour Treat

Lets start the Sunday morning with yet another taste of Froot Flow Chew. It is a product of JoJo foods. JoJo has variety of chews in its range. With regular launches of new products, JoJo has managed to attain a very credible position in the snack food industry at international level.

Lemon Chew belongs to the sub family of JoJo Froot Flow chew. I have previously reviewed the other two members of this group i.e Froot Flow black current and Strawberry Chew.

It comes in a rectangular box that contains 70 chews, each one is individually wrapped. It has a giant lemon image on the pack and on the individual chews as well. The box is as shown in the image, yellow in colour. Froot Flow is written on it in jumbo capital letters with red colour that is definitely adding spice to the complete packaging.

My Experience

It tastes like its sister chew strawberry, except with a slight difference of strawberry taste, that is replaced here by the sweet-o-sourish taste of lemon. Approximately, I feel that it has a ration of 75% sweetness and 25% sourness. It feels a bit hard to chew in first go, but after few minutes it becomes soft enough to chew comfortably.

It may be a super favorite chew for all the girls, since girls have more welcoming taste buds towards anything that is partially sour. Froot Flow lemon chew contains sugar, liquid glucose, vegetable oil, lactic acid, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid E330, gum arabic E414, vegetable protein, Soya lecithin E322, artificial flavour lemon and artificial colour E102 (tartrazine)

JoJo foods website is very interactive and colourful. The graphics, the sound effects and the texts- everything has played its role very well in making the website a success. You can contact them through their website here either by email, fax, phone or post.

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