Friday, December 23, 2011

Its Candy Time- JoJo Khatta Saib & Froot Flow Review

Are you a kid, student or an office employee? Do you have tough mental works like writing articles/stories or any other strenuous mental activities? If you answer yes to even one of the question, then I have a solution to your problem presented by jojo foods. By following it, you will love doing your work without any anxieties.

Everyone-No matter in what age group he/she falls in, love chewing toffees. JoJo is most loved by children due to its many different tastes in candies.I was sent packs of Froot Flow black currant Chew & JoJo Khatta Saib Candy. Both the packs contain 70 pieces

The colour of the packaging is in relation to its flavour, puprple & green respectively. Froot Flow is a chew with 80% sour and 20% sweetness in it. It contains Sugar,liquid glucose,vegetable oil,lactic acid,gelatin,dextrose,citric acid E330, gum arabic E4141, vegetable protein, Soya Lecithin E322,artificial flavour black currant and artificial colour E129 & E133. Whereas, Khatta Saib is a green candy, with full sour taste. It tastes like a raw green apple as obvious by its name & packaging. It contains sugar, liquid glucose,citric acid E330, artificial flavour apple& artificial colour E102 (tatrazine ) E133.

If you are an owner of school or store and trying to reach JoJo for registering bulk orders, then you may reach them at their Facebook page Here


Pandora`s Box said...

sounds yummy :)

SGWrites said...

Following you back girl :) xx

smarty said...

I loked khataa saib candy.. its simly sssSsssssstttaaaa..

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