Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lux Magical Beauty Body Wash Review- Worth Buying or Not?

Do you want a lush bath enriched with heavenly fragrance? Do you enjoy pampering yourself? If your answer for both the questions is "YES" then you are a fan of luxurious body washes. I am such a die-hard fan of LUX body washes. I have tried strawberry and peach body washes. Both are extra ordinary I must say( will do a review after a while)

For this month i wanted a slight change,therefore, I got myself a new fragrance from LUX range of body washes.While shopping at Makro, my eyes were at LUX Magical Beauty bodywash. LUX declares it a "Magical Spell" and claims that it makes you enchanting without you uttering a single word! It contains juniper oil that doesnot only make your skin soft and smooth to feel but the fragrance of black orchid infused,also makes you feel lost within yourself.

Loofah- Easily available everywhere.
If you want to dive into a very special bath, then just get your hands on a loofah and pour a petal size amount of lux magical spell to do the rest of the work. Rub the loofah a bit in your palms to make creamy lather. Donot forget to pre-wet the loofah. Add some more water drops on your loofah to help it preparing a generous lather for you.

My Experience: The major element that helps deciding you in making a choice is "fragrance" when it comes to the selection of products that are concerned with your body. Other factors do play an important role, but this fact cant be ruled out that fragrance is the top most preference. Unfortunately, its fragrance couldnot catch my heart. Its a bit of pungent and smells like rotten vinegar. Though its creamy softness is something to fall in love with, I will definitely not get it again due to its unwanted smell.

Have you tried LUX range of body washes? I picked LUX Heavenly Milk body wash for cold winters. Expect a review soon.


Shang J. said...

I didn't know that even lux could smell off. :/

smarty said...

love the bottle but it was really a mood off product.

Peeno said...

Cool. glad that aap ne bata dia. werna me to kahreedne wali thi this month. whts the price?

ReeBz said...

Shang J:
Thats what i used to expect and picked this bodywash without wasting any time in thinking but then i had to regret later on.

ReeBz said...


haha yes i too loved the bottle and bought it due to attractive packaging

ReeBz said...


it cots Rs 175/= but prices may vary from shop to shop

Brower said...

seems cool stuff.

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