Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrate Christmas Holidays with JoJo- Sour Grumpy Dips,Spaghetti & Trippy Wafers Review

Christmas is here. Like other parts of the world, christian community in Pakistan is observing the day with religious zeal and zest. Around the world,occasions are considered the fun days for young children. They like spending money on things they love and also insist elders to buy them their favorite cookies or candies. I am going to share few of the jojo products below. Since Christmas is all about spreading sweetness, you will crave to make your day special with JoJo products :)Prepare a pack of the following products and make every child happy.

JoJo Spaghetti Bubble Gum

Spaghetti bubble gum is one another way of introducing unique trends in bubble gums. Other than JoJo colour bubble pencils, spaghetti bubble gum is not only one of its kind but also possess marvelous luscious taste. Being pink and mauve in packaging its a piece of attraction for girls. As its name reflects, the bubbles inside the pack are in the form of thin small sized spaghetti. They are a bit hard on first chew, but with constant chewing it will get easy to chew. For some 5 to 7 minutes it gives a fresh taste full of sweetness. The family pack contains 24 pieces in total. Other than artificial flavors it contains sugar gum base, liquid glucose, coconut oil & natural colour E171.

JoJo Sour Grumpy Dips 

WoWW. Thats the best expression i could describe this product with. Here too, keeping its identity retain JoJo has introduced a unique style of Lolly pops. Growing old and don't want to miss your childhood memory of lollypops? Don't worry, now with sour grumpy dips, you will not feel a kid with mere ordinary lolly pop in your hand. It has a flavor green edible powder which has been provided by the company for dipping in your lolly. The powder melts on your tongue as soon as you enter the powder coated lolly in your mouth. Lolly is formed in a beautiful heart shape , bearing red colour. Whereas the powder that comes along with it, is quite sour in taste. Just dip and lick! However, if you enjoy licking your lolly in your own traditional ways, then too you can surely enjoy yourself!

The pack contains 36 pieces.

Trippy Wafers

Here comes the review of my most favorite item i had received from JoJo this month. Its a chocolate coated wafer. Thin chocolate and a light crisp wafer makes the best combination. Having two in one in taste, it has captured my heart. It contains interesting ingredients like sugar, skimmed milk powder, egg powder, wheat flour, rice flour, potato powder, cocoa mass, hydrogenated palm kernel oil,coconut milk powder etc. Try it, I am sure you will keep craving for it.

JoJo GFI is all about making the world so sweet :) Dont you want to try these shades of lusciousness?


smarty said...

Excellent reviews! and how relevant as well. hats off!

John said...

uhhh.oh, yummylicuous

Fakiha said...

new 2 your blog. very versatile :D and a lovely review, sadly Christmas has gone, arent u abit late?

ReeBz said...

Smarty Thank you dear :)

ReeBz said...

guess what you will be enjoying more when you give them a try ;)

ReeBz said...

Fakiha welcome at my space

christmas is not just one day :) and if you see clearly its about christmas holidays :)

Brower said...

Cool photos. xoxo

Anna said...

Interesting reviews :)

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