Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zam Zam Plant in Holy Kaaba- A Pictorial View

Since the holy month of Islam has started I was thinking to make a post relevant to the month. Muhharmul Haram has equal importance for both the sects of Muslims whether Shiites or Sunnis. Luckily I have got some very rare pics of Zam Zam plant in holy Kaaba. I would love to share these snaps here.

I requested a fellow blogger Ibn Hanif to collect these pictures before Haj season. We all have seen the pictures of Kaaba, Mosque Nabwi and other religious places. But very less importance is given to the Zam Zam plant. I just wanted to see that how it is controlled. To my surprise, it was totally different than what I had in my mind.

I pray that May Allah gives all of us a chance to visit Holy Kaaba and perform Haj atleast once in our lives. Amen


Ibn Hanif said...

Sister, JazakAllah khair for sharing the photos. I hope in this way they can viewed by more visitors, insha-Allah

Although, I wanted to capture the photos of the zam zam well or plant but the plant is not open for general publics so I could only capture the photos of its distribution in Masjid Al Haram.

May Allah soon fulfill your dreams of visiting the holy places, ameen.

ReeBz said...

Ibn Hanif

This only became possible due to your true and sincere efforts. I also wanted to see well, but thats truly fine:)May Allah rewards you!

Ph_ said...

MAsha'Allah <3
And Ameen to your Dua!

Rakhshan said...

this is the best post ive seen in a long time, thanks for sharing! JazakAllah!

R. Ramesh said...

good post friend:)

CN said...

I've been so interested in the story surrounding the Zam Zam and to see this post with rare photos and such care being taken increases my interest.

Thank You for your unexpected post and your professional abilities with a variety of topics.

I am disappointed not yet to send you photos from my "neck of the woods" due to my favorite photographer having left area. But if you tell me what items particularly interest you, I will try to gather the photos another way.

Best now to write me at

rIZ said...

Liked the pictures (and effort too)

ReeBz said...

ThAnks all for appreciating! thanks Ramesh :)
and lots of thanks to CN :)

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