Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saeed Ghani Skin Polish- A Secret to Glowing Skin?

Skin in our body is most vulnerable to the daily pollution, smoke and harmful sun rays. Therefore,many find it challenging to produce glow in the skin. Markets are bombarded with too many products claiming to give your skin a natural glow. I decided to give Saeed Ghani's Face Polish a try. Whats my experience regarding it? Keep reading to learn more.

I have been using it for two weeks. Honestly speaking i have observed no difference at all. Yet, claiming that it brings an instant glow is highly exaggerated by the company. It comes in 100 ml spray bottle. It is a very runny liquid, more looks like a yellow dyed water. All types of skin can have its safe application. I have a sensitive problem prone skin, but it didn't cause any problem apparently. It has been formulated for a naturally fairer and more even skin tones. Honestly speaking, it doesn't seem to affect my skin, hence neither bringing any positive change nor negative. However one should keep in mind that it is a herbal product, and may require a long period to show any obvious results.

How to Use:
Just moisten your face, and spray the skin polish on all your face. The back of the Bottle reads that apply with finger tips and massage gently. Massaging sounds most silly thing with this skin polish. Its all liquid, so runs down your cheeks- leaving you nothing to massage your face with. I simply like to spray it on my face when i scrub or exfoliate my skin. It gives a soothing effect after excessive massaging. It may also reveal from sunburn in summers, I reckon.

Saeed Ghani's Skin Polish contains all natural ingredients like rose water, zaffran, multi vitamins and husne yousaf extract. I used to wonder that what really is husne yousaf extract. When I made a search about this term i realized that it has been proved for its soothing effects, concerning skin issues historically. It is collected from the delta of the Nile and revitalizes the skin by removing its dullness. Its been well known for the medication of pimples etc.

Price: PKR 150/-

Pros and Cons:

1. Affordable
2. Herbal
3. Free from side effects
4. Easy to use.
  • Um, since it doesnot show any difference on my face i don't think that its any special product. If you really want to have a glowing skin there are many other things which could show you immediate results. However, if you prefer herbal products and bear a problem prone skin then you should give it a try and wait for a period of 3 months to see the results.
Reference Husn-e-Yousaf : FaizeAaam Dawakhana


Pandora`s Box said...

Great honest review. i have yet to find a Saeed Ghani product that made a difference to my skin or hair.

John said...

Arent you girls so crazy :D?

Fakiha said...

Dear bet it, it will not show any result in summers as well :P If you want a soothing effect then go rub ice and sprinkle fridge cold water to feel relaxation from sunburn. Why to spend Rs 150:D?

ReeBz said...

Pandoras box:

I have exactly the same feelings :S

ReeBz said...

Shhh :P

ReeBz said...

Haha! comeon, donot be this much negative =D

Doll said...

me nt into it v much lekin me wanna try it because its cheap :P

smarty said...

hmm, i was planning to get it but now reconsidering.

Kenneth said...

I have no idea about this product but I salute your qualities of head and heart. Your articles are informative and you are a very versatile blogger, having your grip in all fields!

ReeBz said...

sure give it a try then share your views:)

ReeBz said...

Thanks for your kind words

Jim Thomson said...

Really good post!!

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Anonymous said...

best thing to do is make a face mask with besan curd and honey .masssage and leave on face.instant glow TOTALLY WORKS i do it once a week.if you want to lighten your skin rub lemon every night before going to bed TOTALLy works but takes time!be persistent and patient.

Anonymous said...

i have tried saeed ghani's dark circles cream. its been 2 weeks since i started its application, and whoa it did wonders, worked on my dark circles for which i was so worried since ages

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