Wednesday, December 21, 2011

University of Karachi- A Step Mother to B.S Students

Karachi University is one of the biggest University of Pakistan. According to HEC Ranking University of Karachi stands third with a total rank of 42.01, followed by Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad and University of Punjab bearing total score rank of 58.16 and 45.92 respectively  in the category of "General Universities". Whereas, According to Times Higher Education-Quacquarelli Symonds, the University of Karachi holds 138th position among the top 425 universities of Asia, said Proff. Siddiqui while speaking to the annual convocation,2011

Even with the high ranking scale, UoK puts its students in the dilemma of considering themselves lucky or unlucky.The students of UoK pursue their degrees under the shadow of guns and in an aura of fear. Regular inside strikes, riots and bomb blasts have become routine visitors of KU for every two-three months. These instabilities affect student's mental health negatively and may harm their personalities. Even in such unfavorable circumstances teachers and students together work hard to achieve good results with combined efforts. However, I don't know that whether being a student of KU is a blessing for me or curse. KU lacks proper management and appropriate planning. Imposing new educational policies without foreseeing the future and its effects is not less than a crime.KU abolished its M.A program few years back. Therefore, graduated students of colleges were forcefully given admission to UoK B.S programe. Students had no other option but to follow the newly imposed policies. You should keep in mind that B.S is a semester program whereas Masters program is annual. B.S being the international mode of studying is not only difficult than Masters but also bears high standards. Students having B.S degrees should be welcomed for jobs, but the attitude of Madre Ilmi is like that of a step mother to B.S students.

I got second position in Mass Communication,2011- but no appreciation for me!
It was a sad moment for me when I acknowledged that due to lack of sponsorships no gold medals will be awarded to deserving students. While browsing on net, I realized that even University of Sindh, Jamshoro that has a total ranking score of 29.00 awards not only gold medal but silver medals too to its graduates. Collecting sponsors and funds is something which should be done by the University itself. When smaller universities are meeting such challenges then why not UoK?

The convocation arranged was the most mismanaged event i ever attended. Students were not called one by one, not even the position holders on stage. UoK didnot even bother to award degrees in the convocation.Degrees are still awaiting to be dispatched via registry.

I on the behalf of B.S students plea  to the Vice Chancellor PirZada Qasim and Peer Mazharul Haq-Provincial minister of Education to award B.S students real recognition. They are in no way inferior than Masters students. Look into the matter and provide funds to compensate the emotional suffering of students by conferring them atleast gold and silver medals. My sincere suggestion, that stop corruption and learn something from Punjab government Free Laptop Scheme.Otherwise, we reject this convocation and consider it a mere DRAMA, that was only arranged to fulfil your own hidden agenda!


CN said...

Dear ReeBz:

I perked up with two items:

One this sad one which unfortunately so many students have to go through these days around the world: "The students of UoK pursue their degrees under the shadow of guns and in an aura of fear." You say this in such a gripping way from experience and from your beautiful grasp of writing well. And yes, tragic indeed.

The 2nd point I notice is quite uplifting and to me demonstrates what makes many a difficult road to a career work out even greater for students than the seemingly more rewarding "as you go" type of education:

"...Even in such unfavorable circumstances teachers and students together work hard to achieve good results with combined efforts. "

So I want to hear that you will be able to let go of some of the anger and resentment and to concentrate on this little or large miracle you and the other students and at least some of the staff -- your truest teachers--are experiencing together...deep and admirable learning despite all these handicaps...

You are being thus strengthened even invisibly as you keep your eyes on your current experience of "ah" as you, the adventurer, continue to polish and SEE your progress...use all your energy for this wherever possible, dear one.

ReeBz said...

Dearest Connie

Thankyou so much for your true understandings towards students of the world and education. I hope one day everything will become as good as we want..

Thanks for your soothing and comforting words, these always help me to move forward towards my destination with even a more faster pace, by pushing all the fears back..

smarty said...

hmm i got to know about it dear one. it is heart saddening. Dere shb the uniform system of education in all pakistan.........

John said...

I feel that education of Pakistan is most complex but is equal to zero.

Brower said...

LoLZ agree with john,Pakistan is a riddle

Anonymous said...

WOW I can understand the trauma under which the students of this University study but then it only makes you guys/girls stronger.I remember how much I craved for an imitation small silver cup when I won some small athletics event and it was always in our study. You came second in University but not recognised with a medal. It is a shame on those black robed fellows running the University.

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