Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pityable students of Karachi University

 Once again the most instable university ,"Karachi University " of the most unpredictable city has postponed exams for an unknown time limit due to some unknown reasons.

It is forth time in this semester that the admin of KU has postponed the ongoing exams.Not to mention that students and teachers both are in mental trouble and distress.A private news channel has reported that due to some clashes among student unions, administration of KU has cancelled all the due exams on 21st-dec-2010 and 22-dec-2010.
Moreover it was also reported that some famous student union of KU has threatened that if today university remains open then All Paksitan and all world will see its aftermath.
Therefore, to make sure the security of thousands of students lives and teachers,KU decides to shutt of for two days.
This isnot the first time that exams in KU havebeen postponed due to war inside" MADR-E-ILMI".Specially in this semester situation has turned worse.One thing is a fact that the administration of KU has failed badly in controlling the inside situation of the university.They have failed to control clashes of student unions,yet banning the political activities and students union totally  is a far fetched idea.

I on the behalf of all my unfortunate fellow students of KU appeal to the Governor,Vice chancellor,and Registar to please look into the matter CAREFULLY.There is a STRONG need of measures to be taken by the authorities to prevent any such mishaps in the future.KU is a place where youth of tomorrow is formed.Please build confidence in them instead of damaging their personalities by constant growing fears of instabilities and nepotism.We need your help,please save us!


Sheza said...

This is just sad.

Peerless said...

Rightly pointed out, it is really depressing but the students are also responsible for the situation. The political unions are not from outside, but most of them are from inside. I am sorry to mention that some of the teachers are also involved in politics in the university as they are purely selected on the political grounds. The time has come to take serious action against ant-education elements to halt the falling standards of the university.

Princess said...

This is so bad . The exams should not be postponed . Talk about the stress and tension one might be going through !

fugstar said...


sound like what im used to hearing about dhaka university! didnt know it was a problem in pakistan.

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear Friend,

How I am feeling with you and your deep desire and growth as a student!

When I was your age and attending the university, I was enthralled by literature of ancient times. I was upset terribly by factions within and without - by faculty and students alike who were protesting Vietnam warring.

As time went along, I began to see how important to protest the war yet in the best possible manners. I am still not certain of that manner yet now I do have empathy with all groups who want a decent and peaceful life and my sympathies are STILL with the student who is merely trying to get a decent education in a stable environment.

My prayers and well-wishing.

Let me close to say that NO MATTER WHAT happens, YOU can rise above it all and like many Palestinian students - KEEP STUDYING in your field. Eventually, you will get a chance to show what you've learned, teacher, school or not. And will BE AHEAD as you always manage to be.


Thinking said...

hmm...Students played very important role in the history and polictics of Pakistan.

But keeping a check on these political activities among students require by not only their mentor in the political party but by University administration too.

I believed that if both work together....students can have a better environment in educational organizations.

After all...this is where one learned how to respect and how to learn.

Good Article....hhhmmm..

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