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Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer & Explanation of Blasphemy Laws in light of Quraan.

Two days ago I made a post "Blasphemy laws-Amendment required?" which inturned created a long debate.The quotation from Scholar Ebtisam Elahi Zaheer couldnot be varified from contemporary Tafseers and translation in Quran. However it as now been proved from ancient tafseers and Jalalian.
Ebtisam Elahi Zaheer  is a leader and speaker belonging to Pakistan and is Secretary General Of Jamiat Ahle Hadith Pakistan.After graduating from Engineering university he did masters in 11 subjects which is a record in genius book of world record of Pakistan.Here it is detail of his education. °BSC...ENGINEERING(U.E.T) °M.A...ENGLISH (P.U. LAHORE) °M.Sc..COMPUTER SCIENCE (U.E.T) °M.Phil.. MEDIA STUDIES(P.U) °M.A...ISLAMIYAT (P.U) °M.A...POLITICAL SCIENCE °M.A...MASS COMMUNICATION (P.U) °M.B.A...A.I.O.U °M.A...ARABIC (P.U) °M.A...HISTORY (P.U) °M.A...PSYCHOLOGY (P.U)

His work Experience:
- Selected as lecturer of Journalism by Public Service Commission in 1997.
- Delivered Lectures in Allama Iqbal Open University in Department of Journalism for one year at Post Graduate Level.
- Wrote a Booklet on Role of “Mosque Imam as Opinion Leader”
- Wrote a book on Solution to problems in light of Quran and sunnah
- Completed summary of Quran which is under compilation
- Working on more than a dozen topics which will be printed step by step
- Answered more than 5000 questions online at
- Delivered more than 300 Islamic lectures which are available on Urdu Islamic website

Quotation mentioned in the last post was: "In quran para 19, first rakoo a whole incident has been mentioned where Holy Prophet himself killed a person who would make fun of his face.Naouzubillah." It was also published in a local newspaper Ummat on 23/Nov/2010.Since, it was a hard time for me to make people believe that a scholar knows more than a common man,we with our limited knowledge can never be in a position to challenge his qualification.I,therefore decided to contact the scholar and the newspaper. I earlier tried to explainto my respected readers that Quran is a complex book and we often need the help from scholars to get the better understanding of it.Thatshwy we have tafseers after all.But few irritating people just like crticising instead of appreciation of the good work.I was even tagged as a "Blasphemer" astaghfirullah.May my Allah forgives them amin (as its a big sin to call a Muslim blasphemer,you are no one to attribute someone so until he/she is proved guilty by court,Strange on the other hand,they consider Asiya the cursed lady an innocent one who was proved guilty by court as she repeartedly passed derogatory comments about Holy Prophet in public and in court"

Here in this post I'll prove that the mentioned incidence from Quran was not mis represented and you can find it in tafseers.Below is the verse from 19th para first rakoo.
                                   [25:27]{وَيَوْمَ يَعَضُّ ٱلظَّالِمُ عَلَىٰ يَدَيْهِ يَقُولُ يٰلَيْتَنِي ٱتَّخَذْتُ مَعَ ٱلرَّسُولِ سَبِيلاً  
And (remember) the Day when the Zâlim (wrong-doer, oppressor, polytheist, etc.) will bite at his hands, he will say: "Oh! Would that I had taken a path with the Messenger ( Muhammad SAW). (Al-Furqan 25:27)
"Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had never taken so-and-so as a friend! (Al-Furqan 25:28)
"He indeed led me astray from the Reminder (this Qur'ân) after it had come to me. And Shaitân (Satan) is ever a deserter to man in the hour of need." (Al-Furqan 25:29).

Here do keep in mind the bold translated verse i.e friend.
I'm going to quote respected scholar below:

1.(On the day when the wrong-doer gnaweth his hands…) [25:27]. ‘Ata’ al-Khurasani reported that Ibn ‘Abbas said: “Ubayy ibn Khalaf used to go to the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, keep his company and listen to his speech without believing in him. ‘Uqbah ibn Abi Mu‘ayt, then, rebuked him for doing so, and so this verse was revealed about it”. Said al-Sha‘bi: “ ‘Uqbah [ibn Abi Mu‘ayt] was a friend of Umayyah ibn Khalaf. When ‘Uqbah embraced Islam, Umayyah said to him: ‘I do not want to ever see you if you follow Muhammad’. ‘Uqbah disbelieved again and renounced Islam to please his friend, and so Allah, exalted is He, revealed this verse”. Other commentators of the Qur’an said: “Ubayy ibn Khalaf and ‘Uqbah ibn Abi Mu‘ayt were allies. It was the habit of ‘Uqbah, upon returning from a travel, to invite the nobles of his people to eat with him. ‘Uqbah also used to keep the company of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace. He returned one day from one of his travels, made some food and invited people and the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, to eat. When the food was placed before the invitees, the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, said to him: ‘I will not eat your food until you bear witness that there is no deity except Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah’. ‘Uqbah said: ‘I bear witness that there is no deity except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’, upon which the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, ate from his food. Ubayy was absent on that occasion. But when he was informed of what had happened, he said to ‘Uqbah: ‘You have renounced the religion of your forefathers?’ ‘Uqbah said: ‘By Allah, I did not. I had a man in my house who refused to eat my food unless I bore witness to him and I was ashamed to let him leave my house without him eating, and so I bore witness to him and he ate my food’. Ubayy said to him: ‘I will never be happy with you until you go to him, spit on his face and step on his neck’. ‘Uqbah did just that, and the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, said to him: ‘If I ever meet out of Mecca, I will behead you’. ‘Uqbah was later killed while in captivity at Badr. As for Ubayy ibn Khalaf, the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, killed him in a duel at Uhud. And so Allah, exalted is He, revealed about ‘Uqbah and Ubayy this verse”. Said al-Dahhak: “When ‘Uqbah spat on the face of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, his spit split into two and flew back on ‘Uqbah’s face. This caused both his cheeks to burn and the scars resulting from this burning remained visible until he died”.

2. And [it will be] a day when the wrongdoer, the idolater, ‘Uqba b. Abī Mu‘ayt — who had uttered the two-part profession [‘there is no god but God, Muhammad (s) is His Messenger’] but retracted it in order to please Ubayy b. Khalaf — will bite his hands, in regret and anguish on the Day of Resurrection, saying, ‘O (yā is for drawing attention) would that I had followed a way with the Messenger!, Muhammad (s), a route to guidance.

The above Quote is from Waheedi.'Alī ibn Ahmad al-Wahidi, Asbab al-Nuzul 'Alī ibn Ahmad al-Wāhidī (d. 468/1075), the earliest scholar of the branch of the Qur'anic sciences known as Asbāb al-Nuzūl (i.e. the contexts and occasions of the Revelation of the Qur'an). Al-Wāhidī and subsequent scholars aimed to collect and systemize information concerning all the known reasons and contexts for the Revelation of particular Qur'anic verses. This translation by Mokrane Guezzou represents the first accurate and reliable English translation of this seminal work.

About the translator 

Mr. Mokrane Guezzou is a British-Algerian translator of major Islamic works. His translation of Tanwīr al-Miqbās min Tafsīr Ibn 'Abbās also appears in the Great Tafsirs of the Qur'an series. He is also the translator of Ibn 'Atā Allāh al-Iskandarī's Al-Qasd al-Mujarrad fī Ma'rifat al-Ism al-Mufrad (forthcoming with Fons Vitae).  

3.Quotation from tafseer of abdullah ibne abbar radi allahu anhu* تفسير Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs
                                    { وَيَوْمَ يَعَضُّ ٱلظَّالِمُ عَلَىٰ يَدَيْهِ يَقُولُ يٰلَيْتَنِي ٱتَّخَذْتُ مَعَ ٱلرَّسُولِ سَبِيلاً }
(On the day when the wrong-doer) the disbeliever, i.e. 'Uqbah Ibn Ma'it (gnaweth his hands) his fingers, (he will say: Ah, would that I had chosen a way together with the messenger (of Allah)) would that I had chosen, and were upright in following the religion of the Prophet!

4.There are many other incidents in which it is mentioned that Rasool salal laho aliehi wasalam has announced death penalty to those who insulted him.According to hadith of Bukharee Kaab bin ashraf was killed by Muhammad bin maslama and Abu rafay yahoode was killed by abdullah bin ateeq.As far as the mentioned incidence from para 19 is concerned,it has also been explained here and is quoted in books of tafseers.
The whole incident quoted in Ummat newspaper is also mentioned in the book "Asbabe Nazool"by Waheedi.

5.Abu Dawood (4361) narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas that a blind man had a freed concubine (umm walad) who used to insult the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and say bad things about him. He told her not to do that but she did not stop, and he rebuked her but she did not heed him. One night, when she started to say bad things about the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and insult him, he took a short sword or dagger, put it on her belly and pressed it and killed her. The following morning that was mentioned to the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). He called the people together and said, “I adjure by Allah the man who has done this action and I adjure him by my right over him that he should stand up.” The blind man stood up and said, “O Messenger of Allaah, I am the one who did it; she used to insult you and say bad things about you. I forbade her, but she did not stop, and I rebuked her, but she did not give up her habit. I have two sons like pearls from her, and she was kind to me. Last night she began to insult you and say bad things about you. So I took a dagger, put it on her belly and pressed it till I killed her.” Thereupon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Bear witness, there is no blood money due for her.”

6.The Sunnah, Abu Dawood (2683) narrated that Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqaas said: “On the Day of the Conquest of Makkah, the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) granted safety to the people except for four men and two women, and he named them, and Ibn Abi Sarh… As for Ibn Abi Sarh, he hid with ‘Uthmaan ibn ‘Affaan, and when the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called the people to give their allegiance to him, he brought him to stand before the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). He said, “O Prophet of Allaah, accept the allegiance of ‘Abd-Allaah.” He raised his head and looked at him three times, refusing him, then he accepted his allegiance after the third time. Then he turned to his companions and said: “Was there not among you any smart man who could have got up and killed this person when he saw me refusing to give him my hand and accept his allegiance?” They said, “We do not know what is in your heart, O Messenger of Allaah. Why did you not gesture to us with your eyes?” He said, “It is not befitting for a Prophet to betray a person with a gesture of his eyes.”
I hope that all the confusions may have been removed by now.If still anyone has any confusions then contact me in personal.I will provide you his contact number once i get permission from him to distribute it.

The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute

Special Thanks to Respected Scholar Ebtisam Elahi Zaheer.

NOTE:In the end i would like to say thanks to all my readers who have always appreciated my writings.Who always have trusted me,that I at this blog serve the people of my country towards all positive and right.Thanks for having your trust on ME.I received an email from "write-up" cafe to share my writings with them.Also i received an invitation from famous PR agency of PAksitan for blogger meetup.This proves my success Alhamdullilah and that that my writings havebeen read and appreciated widely.Now cause of your suuport and love i will be writing at PAksitan Desk,PAk-Us online Community,PAkiology and write-up cafe"


filpaki said...

SubhanAllah!Allh has helped you.Doodh ka doodh or pani ka pani!MAY ALLAH rewards you for it.AnD may Allah forgives that lady..I'm sure she still must have objections.I just checked her blog!May AllaH shoWs everyoNE the right PAth!!!.........

Muhammad Hamza said...

@ReeBz,first of all,I might say,this is very Islamic affair and please don't indulge yourself into it deeply as you are NOT a mastering this case.Consult a Aalim first before conceding a result yourself.

Now,firstly,about this scholar.Maybe he was really a good one but if and apparently you are impressed by his educational merits than lemma aware you that Mirza the false nabi was also a learned man with several merits.
So,in Islam,the number of subjects a person is master in,doesn't count much.
I don't know about this scholar and won't comment on that.

Secondly,what thing which I disliked about this piece were maybe the wordings.
We Muslims,have a very unique kind of attachment with the holy prophet (pbuh) and do not see him a person killing someone on behalf of himself/personal scores.
He had fought and killed but for Allah.
He even forgived the killers of Hazrat Hamza ,Wahshi when he came to accept Islam in-spite of the fact the prophet couldn't bear to see the face of the person who murdered his Favorite brother like uncle,Hazrat Hamza.

Lastly,to me,a blind lover of the prophet,this post,which you just did to prove your point,is sadly nothing but a piece of writing that undermines the image of our beloved.
Please don't be so stuck up..!
Sometimes you could be wrong too..!!

hina said...

WoWW!!I have been following your blogm and to be honest i was really also in mental tension after reading your last post.I still believed that a scholar might not be wrong which kept me away from commenting.But now all my doubts have been wiped out after reading this detailed post."Be shak is kitab me khuli nishanian hen EEman walon k lie"

Please next time you should also be careful to countercheck everything you include as a reference.

But mashaAllah this is beautiful.this is how Allah discriminates between wrong-doers and the true believers.May Allah bless you!

Dear, please donot get into any quarrels for this post.for those who still donot believe let them go as-tray.Allah said to Holy prophet :"Can you take the responsibility of making these people follow the right path"? Its upto Allah that to whom He blesses with Siarte Mustaqeem!

Muhammad Hamza said...

BTY,one thing more,I couldn't find the quotation of this scholar any where about 19 para's first rakoo.
And why any other scholar pointed this out as well..?
Of course there are still alot of better learned ppl than him too.

PS;If any of my words,in my previous comment be offensive or attacking,I take them back.
Cuz,I think I'm not learned enough to speak on such high grounds.

ReeBz said...

I have nothing to say in this regard.Firstly as you can see i didnot conclude the result.I contacted an Alim.He is secretary general of Jamat Ahle Hadis as i have told earlier.Do you think at such a big designation it can be someone wrong?He is a son of renowned scholar Mohtaram elahi Zaheer.If you donot know about the religious scholars then it might be your lack of knowledge and your fault,not mine.

I was not trying to prove myself right offcourse.I wanted to know the right thing.Sad you couldnot notice references from Authentic book of hadis sunan abi daood which is one of the six ahadis books.Sad enough that you trying to prove that a tafseer may be wrong.

Why shouldnot i get into this stuff?So what if it is extremely religious issue?Allah asked everyone to understand Quraan.Its not only for Aalims but also for us.I wanted a clarification as i myself was disturbed.Alhamdullilah Allah has answered my prayers!

ReeBz said...

Thank you for your comment and for your have made my work easy by replying all such people on my behalf:)

ReeBz said...

Dear Hamza:
Did you even bother to read this post carefully?I guess not :)
Cause this post includes nothing except the explanation of that verse of 19 para first rakoo!:)

ReeBz said...

Hamza:Other scholars must have pointed out ofcourse, but i donot think I m myself qualified to get the opinion from all scholars. I m just a student with my limites sources.I could reach him only.

Anonymous said...

Good plenty of read.But thanks for this service.Allah will bless you. I think there is now no need to doubt as we can see references from authentic books of Ahadis and tafseer.
Tafseer can never be WRONG.

A big LOOLLLLLLLLLL at hamzA:yar atleast peh to lo phir comment karo.Her koi Patras bukhari or maybal ki trha nai hota;) kia samjhey :D?

Muhammad Hamza said...

@ Anonymous ,surely I read this post before commenting.
Or har koi patras ki tarha nai hota..????

@ReeBz,Well,I must point out to u that I'm a Hafiz of the holy Quran too and have read the Quran's tasfeer and tried to understand about it through a teacher at a reputed Islamic center.
And maybe that's the reason I said that reading the Quran's Tafseer/translation without a teacher isn't recommended.

As your academic qualification as a media student must ask,"WHY?"
Lemme give you an example.
There's an ayaat of the holy quran.
"ila RABWA tin ala zati makio wa makeen".
It's translation says that."we have landed the prohpet in a high place".

You might be aware Rabwa is the place where the false prophet mirza had his headquarters.
He USED this ayaat to prove his prophet hood.
So apparently an ayaat may have some meaning but it's meaning is quite different in really understand it one has to read the whole text.

So,I don't feel myself,a carefree and sinful teenager to talk and discuss such sensitive things.

You said Allah has asked us to understand Quran.Of course but how?
Through experience and teachers.
You can't just read it like any book.
You need a teacher just like you need a doctor.

And yes,maybe my knowledge about scholars is scarce.So is yours.

I have no objection upon the translation and the
incident stated below,but I disagree with the perceptive that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH killed a man cuz he insulted him.
This ayaat surely doesn't tell that.

How on earth would one believe that Uncle/Prophet of Ali (A.S) killed a person,on personal reasons.
Do you know of that incident when in a battle with the kufaars,once Hazrat Ali had cornered a kaafir,he spat on Hazrat Ali's face.
Because of this Hazrat Ali,withdrew his sword and left him.
The man was surprised.He asked Hazrat Ali why had he left him,when he was about to kill him?
Hazrat Ali replied,Before you spat at my face I was gonna kill you for Allah but when you did,my heart was filled with vengeance and I couldn't kill you now.

So how ,how does a man accept that this man's prophet PBUH will kill a man for such a reason,when his follower didn't?

Lastly,you said a scholar knows more than a common man.So right you are.
But there are certain levels in scholars as well.
I don't who's right or wrong,but I believe in Mufti--e-azam Pakistan.Moulana Rafi usmani and his brother moulana Mufti Taqi usmani.
They are the sons of Mufti Shafi sahib,the first mufti-e-azam of Pakistan.

I hope you'll soften your perspective.

ReeBz said...

Mirza Qadyani might have used that ayat in his favor,but how apparently it can pcove him right?We know that No prophet will come now.Doesnt matter how many ayats he uses for himself.Plus both the things has totally a different context.Anyone with common sense can get it :)

Secondly i DONOT care whther you believe or not.Its obvious that Sunan ABI dawood reflects the punishment of a blasphemer.The verse from quran has openly explained the whole issue.
DoNOT comapre Hazrat Ali with holy Prophet.Hazrat Ali has his own respect but the hadis "You cant be a true muslim until I become most loved to you more than your parents,siblings,relatives,etc" is about Holy Prophet S.A.W.It sinply means that for the respect of Holy prophet we should be ready to sacrfice our lives and also to take others lives.We must respect Holy prophet more than any one else in this world-more than Hazrat Ali and all other caliphs infact.
Can you prove me how these riwayats from sunan abi Dawood apparently meant so,and in real they mean something else?-Allah forbid!

Dear, its my request go and consult any Alim from where you studied tafseer.Memorising Quran-just the wordins is MashaAllah a very good thing but it doesnot make you eligible to comment on such things without a clear understanding.
I'm sure your teacher will not say anythign different than me.As the second Riwayat from Sunan Abi dawood is realted to Fatahe Makkah.When he refused alligeance to prophet three times-it was insult of a prophet and so he Asked his companions that why hadnot any of you killed this man?

If your teacher say something else then reveal his name and the name of your Islamic centre.I shall arrange a meeting of your teacher and this scholar who i think has more knowledge than your teacher.

I know molana taqi usmani and molana mufti sahab.I believe on their teachings.But i donot prefer them over the authentic ahadis books!
If you do then:
"lakum deenikum waliyadeen"

Muhammad Hamza said...

"lakum deenikum waliyadeen" to you too.

But lemme make it clear I didn't compare Hazrat Ali,but told an incident of his.
He was the person who grew up under the education of the prophet.

And I would never believe my prophet to be a killer.
I roam about the world telling strangers/non Muslims I meet that my religion is of peace and no aggression took place in the life of the prophet and here you are a Muslim sister whom I respect,intent on proving that he was (NzB)a killer.

MOST,importantly,this is not an issue of me been right you been wrong.It's very well above that.

And you said,
"Memorising Quran-just the wordins is MashaAllah a very good thing but it doesnot make you eligible to comment on such things without a clear understanding."

I said it myself that I'm not able and eligible to comment but but,I just said that cuz to say YOU are much more less eligible..!!
You asked that how these hadis mean something else than stated.

well,I'll talk about hadis,as I may belong to a different sect,which has different hadis books.
But you remain on your posting about quran,para 19,"wakalalladin",ruko 1.
You haven't been able to show were it says or indicates that..?

Ending with yet another question,
I know molana taqi usmani and molana mufti sahab.I believe on their teachings.But i donot prefer them over the authentic ahadis books!


You believe you understand these books better than these people..?Yes or no.


"lakum deenikum waliyadeen"

ReeBz said...

What do you mean you belong to a different sect and different ahadis books?
Are you Ahle tashi?Still strange those 6 box are for everyone.All my ahle tashi friends have faith on them too.

I m tried of repeating now i will copy from facebook
"hh? tumahre samj nai aarha to alag baat hey. that friend wali ayat k peechey all story i posted. saaf smj a rha hey k Holy prophet killed him at uhud and even said to one of them when he spat that "i shall behead you if meet out of mecca" how can you say no indication?"

If you donot wanna believe donot.I donot want to talk any one who donot believe on 6 books of ahadis.Or who may doubt Tafseer of Quraan.

Anonymous said...

O my allah o mY alla!!
hamza zara batao to sahii kis molve sahab se perha hey tume ne?I m sure no molvi Can say that the quoted ahadis from sunan abu dawooD are wrong.just tell me the name of that islamic centre yaaR!! me ja ker pooch ker aoon ga khud un SE!

hina said...

donot you worry ReeBZ.Jahil people are everywhere.

Hajra doesnot believe on 6 ahadis books neither on the tafseer,,,,
tabi she is refraining to come here.

CanT dare so! better you jUst leaVE heRR!

I vl evEn say donot post at her blog.
jis ka eeman hi na ho na quraan per na ahadis per na kisi scholar per,wo kia khaak muslman ho ga :S??

ReeBz said...

Well said hina :)
I have ame pov.Its useless to talk to such a person.bhens k aagey been bajana!

ReeBz said...

I know Hajra will not dare to come here.she just donot have the courage to face the truth.

I still have one question from her:

"do you prefer a blasphemer on Prophet P.B.U.H?"
On what basis you called her innocent when she repeatedly passed derogatory comments even in court?

Do you believe on anyone other than yourself?To you tafseer has no value-Allah forbid,To you 6 ahadis books have no value-Allah Forbid, to you any scholar has no value!!

Wondering, neither you have any remarkable worldy education( just intermediate,pity) nor you have achieved any milestone in religious knowledge,then why your neck is so stiff?

Muhammad Hamza said...

@ReeBz,yar when did I say I don't believe in ahadis..!!
I just said there are two ways of seeing a thing.
I just disagreed with ur percepective.
Bus khatam yar.
I'm tired.
I lose ,u win happy?

@Anonmyous,I studied at Edmonton Islamic center,by several teachers,including a entire session by moulana taqi usmani and Mulana Abdur rasheed.Feel free to visit there.I'll be ur guest.
And I didn't say that any hadis IS wrong.
I said there are several ways perspectives about one hadis.

ReeBz said...

Hamza its not about winning or losing.I m not Hajra Rehan to start or cont a discussion on YOU VS ME.If you think that it was you vs me or if you were quarelling just to win or defart me,then bro you were wrong.

I had no personal grudges with any of you.I just posted this post with authentic references as Hajra wanted it.She found me at waeker situation so caught me.But now Hajra has hid her face cause of the emberrsament!

Dear Hamza brother, can you just explain me other perspectives of these two ahadis?They are so much open and clear to understand!

Peerless said...

Dear All
I am very sad after reading the whole episode of the conversation, I think all of you should go through your comments to find out how biased are you all and this is the problem with our beloved Islam. We do not respect other's point of view instead try to impose our's, young scholars please be aware that no one can impose his/her own point of view as the interpretation of Quran or Hadis. I do appreciate the research done by reebz on the issue but as a young learner she should have not started the discussion on such a sensitive issue. Do you believe in the basic ideology of Islam after reading and consulting the high class scholar? And had you some doubts in your beliefs before consulting the scholars? I think your answer should be no, we believe in some religious thoughts blindly as a Muslim. And I think I do not need any research to belief that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was rahmat ul llil alameen, He was innocent and free of all sins. I believe that He (PBUH) never hurt any living thing (Quran-e-pak declared him (PBUH) as rehmatul lil alameen. So do not be panic to listen to other’s point of view and try to impose yours. I appreciate your abilities but please be calm and unbiased on the issue of religion.
May God bless our misinterpretations or false wording.

ReeBz said...

Peerless: I respect your views and thanks for coming.

First of all its to clarify you that atleast I didnot try to impose my point of view.As All that i posted was not my point of view.I had a hypothsis which was proved after my research relating to other religions and after knowing the point of view of a scholar who is more than me, you or anyone else out there.

All the interpretation of Quraan and hadis wasnot by me but by a scholar and if you read sunan abi dawood,and the mentioned hadis then you will find out that its too evident and clear to need any interpretation infact :)Yet,different perspectives of One hadis as Hamza said seems totally impossible.Still if he can provide me any different perspective with logic then he is most welcome :)

You believe that holy prophet P.B.U.H was Rehmatullilalimeen.So do I.I have firm faith that he was love,peace and harmony for all.At the same time, my dear friend Atleast I cannot disregard any of the 6 ahadis books Alhamdullilah.May Allah always keep me at right path and show others sirate mustaqeem too.amin.

Prophet S.A.W and Islam taught peace and love to all humanity, but at the same time it teaches tit for tat too.Had there been only love taught by Islam, then Allah wouldnot order for Jihad.As a Muslim all of us must have firm faith on 6th pillar of Islam.Jihad is to fight against Enemeies of Islam and Prophet.

I just wonder if someone abuse our mom, most of us will be extremely offended and will reply even more intensly,some of them will use hands and others will atleast use same bad language.Than hoW we can bear disgrace of Our Loving Prophet Muhammad S.A.W?No atleast my level of love for him is extremely strong and i will not bear if any one pass bad comments about him, or if anyone supports a blasphemer infront me.

In the end, do tell me logically where did i go bias?Do you think giving the reference of Authentic ahadis books is being biased?
Strange world,I admitted my mistake that first i couldnot verify the quote.All including HR were at my neck that how i can post something without checking it myself?She was at my neck cause she thought I will FAIL in finding any authentic reference.But now, when i have proved it, no one has to say any solid thing against me,So calling me bias to satisfy your inner selves.Justify yourself who is being bias me or you?

Yes loved your last line may Allah forgive all those and show them the right path who are trying to twist the open ahadis or who are paying a deaf year to.

Peerless said...

I do not want to open another frontier but please see my comments on your previous post, I have a clear stance regarding blasphemy, the person who insults (Naooz Billah) should be punished and the law in Pakistan is quite good, but the implementation procedure needs to be reveiewed as most of the religious scholar suggest. Secondly Islam has never given a right to any one (even if he is loyal Muslim) to kill a person by himself on pretext of blasphemy.Our reigious ideology is incomplete without having faith and love for the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), but at the same time we can not decide ourselves to kill a person as it can give rise to anarchy and create a bad name for Islam.I never supported Aasia, she should not pardoned on pressure from outside.

Peerless said...

Moreover we can not persuade others to follow our thoughts and ideas on some issues so better discuss and let others decide, this was what i was saying do not impose as you would never be able to persuade me to accept the hypothesis that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) would have killed anyone, as I am strong believer that he (PBUH) can not kill anyone (No matter how much explanations or citation you make).
The word Jihad has always been misinterpreted in Pakistan so better not to discuss. I do not know what is your sect but some people are killing shia's on the pretext that they defame and insult sahaba (naoozbillah), would you support them killing the people they think are blasphemers? I think no, we can not support them then how could we ourselves do that?
I am sorry if I made biased comments regarding you but as a Muslim we should try to create harmony, peace and love among us instead of quarrelling and insulting others, I found some of the comments insulting and biased therefore I commented.
In the last I would suggest you to not believe any Mullah or so called scholar blindly, they have divided us in Sunni, Deobandi, Barelvi etc. Except some of them most of them have done no good to Islam, If they had then we would have not suffering in the way we are, Islam has become symbol of terrorism and bearded people are stereotyped as terrorists. This all peeped into our country after the Mullah conspiracy who called the US war of Hegemony in Afghanistan as Jihad (can you point out a single religious sect who opposed this Jihad), they are playing politics on the issue of blasphemy as they did on the issue of Lal Masjid. I do not claim that there are no righteous Muslim scholars but they are few and in minority (it is only thought).

Hasaan said...

I posted the following comments at that "Thinking" blog but she is constantly deleting my posts iot seems.

Here it is:

@ Thinking and Hamza:

"hmmm...before I comment...I want you to answer me with only YES or NO....

Do you believe that Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was a killer?

I just want you write YES or NO. "


Firstly, the answer is NO. Nobody called him a killer, for your kind information. There's a big difference in killing someone and inflicting punishment on someone. Allah also will punish those in hereafter who have not followed his commands, but of course it does not mean that we call Allah "evil" (God forgive me)

Emotional black-mailing and tactics of disinformation like this will not work. You got to be brave enough to open your mind, and broaden your CONCEPTS and KNOWLEDGE of religion, rather than to limit yourself to what you learnt in childhood.

The Prophet PBUH was the GREATEST man who ever lived. All of us have utmost regard for him. And of course, if anyone insults him, we will definitely be unhappy with the person. I don't understand why you call Miss Asiya innocent if you so much love the prophet. The rules of blasphemy are found through many authentic sources, and they all knew much more about Islam and it's rules, and they were certainly not based on the mere knowledge those people got in "childhood"

Better grow up, show some mature behaviour. You have the chance to gain some more CONCEPTS and knowledge, only if you attain a calm, broad mind, and show some willingness into believing authentic sources, rather than merely arguing needlessly.


Hasaan said...

The most important thing you should realize is: " A little knowledge is a dangerous thing "

As you seem to have practically NO INFORMATION about the topic (which is evident by the lack of any authentic references), so you are multiplying your confusion, lack of understanding of the concepts and unresearched information by publically showing it on your blog.

Please, if you have such concepts which do not coincide with those present in Quranic tafasir and in Hadith, then don't try to spread your concepts like this.

You should realize that with great power comes a great responsibility. It is a sin to spread wrong or irrelevant information unless you have fully ensured it from Quran, Hadith and/or those who have remarkable knowledge of Islam. In your case, there is nothing. The scholars know much more than you do (they don't rely only on childhood knowledge BTW). You can not just sit in your home without any research and start posting things like this.

Al-Quran: "...Say, "Are those who know equal to those who do not know?"..." (Az-zuma:9)

And lastly, what is the intent of your post? Telling your "story" or to actually understand religion?

If you have any eargerness to understand religion and to correct your mistakes, then take a look at the explanation of the post that ReebZ offered. If you find it convincing, you ought to remove your post. If you do not find it convincing, then you should have STRONGER REFRENCES to prove your point, nothing has to be rejected just for the heck of it!

Hasaan said...

I posted this on Thinking blog but she deleted my comments i suppose.

@ Thinking and Hamza:

"hmmm...before I comment...I want you to answer me with only YES or NO....

Do you believe that Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was a killer?

I just want you write YES or NO. "


Firstly, the answer is NO. Nobody called him a killer, for your kind information. There's a big difference in killing someone and inflicting punishment on someone. Allah also will punish those in hereafter who have not followed his commands, but of course it does not mean that we call Allah "evil" (God forgive me)

Emotional black-mailing and tactics of disinformation like this will not work. You got to be brave enough to open your mind, and broaden your CONCEPTS and KNOWLEDGE of religion, rather than to limit yourself to what you learnt in childhood.

The Prophet PBUH was the GREATEST man who ever lived. All of us have utmost regard for him. And of course, if anyone insults him, we will definitely be unhappy with the person. I don't understand why you call Miss Asiya innocent if you so much love the prophet. The rules of blasphemy are found through many authentic sources, and they all knew much more about Islam and it's rules, and they were certainly not based on the mere knowledge those people got in "childhood"

Better grow up, show some mature behaviour. You have the chance to gain some more CONCEPTS and knowledge, only if you attain a calm, broad mind, and show some willingness into believing authentic sources, rather than merely arguing needlessly.

ReeBz said...

I agree with you that in paksitan laws are misused and the procedure of processing should be amended.But This cursed lasy Asiya was proved guilty in court.She even repeated same in the court.

Secondly,In Islam there are concepts of punishement and Reward given by rasoll Allah.there were sharia courts and all calips worked on that.

so, many times we have to seek courts,Its not like that we are declaring ourselves someone a blasphemer.

Hasaan Rafique said...

Strange very strange.I had posted several comments at Thinking blog but seems she will keep deleting them.It proves how baseless she is.

ReeBz said...

Hasaan thanks alot for your detailed comments.
Thatswhat i have been wondering for so many days that if all of these people have so much lovef or prophet than howon earth they can call a blasphemer innocent?Hamza though accepted that Asya is a blasphemer, but still his arrogance on this blasphemy issue is beyond understanding.
Hajra should though consult someone readily and SADQA as she is just trying to prove herself right without any references AT ALL! people have so many double standards!
As far as your comment at her blog, hmm i think she misght have added your profile in spam or blocked follwers thatswhy your comments are not appearing there.
FishY!! anyone can make decision on such an attitude from her!I was just wondering that high qualification makes a person a MAN!it teaches us not just to be heared but also to hear others!anyone with FA or matric cant make right decisions.

ReeBz said...

Umm you must have mentioned it in alot beginning dear that i donot need to mention references from authentic book of hadees as you donot believe on them.If i knew it i would never waste my time in explaining to you :)

Just as Hamza told me he is from a different sect so he has his own know its adifferent case and I accept all such differences openly with an open heart.I have no issues with him now.As he doesnot have faith on our ahadees books.But good still he doesnot say that they are wrong.anyway..

I just mentioned jihad as an example.To me jihad is only to fight for Allah and prophet and inturn for ISLAM. nothing else.If jihad is being misunderstood in Paksitan it doesnot mean, that it is HARAM to talk about jihad!

If you found comments inculting then you must look up at Hajras blog too, thatswhat she has been doing there..totally badgeringme.she doesnot have even the courage to come here and atleast comment.When i was proved wrong i accepted my mistake openly and i commented many times at her blog that i admit my mistake.Now when i have authentic proofs then why is she afraid to death to face the truth?

If she or anyone else dsnt believe on 6 ahadees books then please just say it!

I agree with your mullah thingy 100 percent.but you need to think by using some sense that i m not following any mullah blindly.I donot beleive hin BUT on the references he has provided from the authentic book sunan abi daood and tafseer.
alhamdullilah i have full faith on all 6 ahadees books! for me it is enough to believe anythgin if it is refererd from any of the 6 books with hadis no and the refernce from narrator.

If any of you can prove those ahadees wrong then give it a try.As you all and Hajra did at the time of my last post.If you cant,then refrain from commenting anymore.

Muhammad Hamza said...

Yar ReeBz,you are such a ----..!!!
I had the post about blasphemy laws (in support) at my blog an year ago so how could I disagree.
I thought our disagreement was about Hazat Muhammad pbuh god forbid been a killer...!

And arrogant is a hard word,but could be used for everyone.I hope you'll take it back.

Muhammad Hamza said...

@ReeBz,whoz Hajra rehan bty?

And yar,I said it hundred times up till now,I'm not a very religious person to comment.
But I can tell you although both shia suni believe in the same six books,but their authors are different.
The reason is the same,many hadis have different meanings to different people.
Buy a sahi-Muslim book from Imam Ali raza bookstore and another from some suni Islamic bookstore.
If you find them both identical,then u can come and kick me in the face!
Having shia friends is something else and having a shia parent is another!

And I think,because of having so many discussion with various people,you have forgotten my perceptive.
I have no second thought about Asia maluna.
she is sinner and should be hanged.
And I'm a strong supporter of the blasphemy laws.
The only disagreement between me and you was that quotation which apparently said that the prophet was a killer.
First you said it was in quran 19 para 1 rukoo,then you came on hadis.
I just wanted to say it's not in Quran but could be in the hadis.
So,I hope you are clear with me now,that I was been "arrogant" just on the matter that this is not in Quran.
Could be or is in hadis,that doesn't concern me at all.


Muhammad Hamza said...

@Hassan,dude,seriously,when did "I" say Aasia is innocent..?
I don't even write her name with a bibi..!
I write her maluna.!

Read before you umm write...:)

ReeBz said...

I accepted your comment but i think there is a problem i blogger since yesterday and comments are disappearing may be.However i believe that it will appear fater sometime as when i open comments in by dashboard it shows your comment as :"PUBLISHED"

Brother I cant tell you, howmuch your presence has helped me in feeling better.I agree with every word you say, but to be very honest i cant sit in peace if a person tries to insult our prophet S.A.W by calling blasphemers innocent.No matter if Asiya has 5 childrens or 12.she doesnt desreve forgiveness.Punishement for blasphemers is only DEATH! it is simply to discourage all others.It has been proved by authentic Ahadis.Curse, to those who disregard the authentic ahadees books.

Brother I swaer by the name of Allah, that at reading your last lines tears were gathering into my eyes, more and more, and they rolled down my cheeks.It is so touching that a brother by religion has rememebered me and prayed for me at such a sacred place.May Allah reward you for it.Pray that May Allah makes me his guest someday in life too. since the age of 13 i have been seeing Kaaba everyyear in dream near haj days and month of Zilhaj.I have heard if some one sees kaaba in dream, he does Haj atleast once, as Satan cant show such holt things.Whenever you go next there, please pray it for me.May Allah accepts your prayers and bless you with happiness.

and in last congratulations:) I have been following your blog and i m well aware of your desire of working there!Please to know, that by time all of your prayers are coming true:)

ReeBz said...

I know that you are a strong supporter of blasphemy laws, but your support to Hajra i couldnot understand because my post was in support of blasphemy and hers was in against.We both had a row as we both disagreed.So we both decided to post.

I chose to post with authntic references,wheras Hajra chose an absurd and silly way.she just compiled her thoughts and made a post which may have helped her in gaining sympathies of like minded people but she has failed to present any single logic in her defence.If she is true she should have faced the challenges here.

Accepting own mistakes isnot a sin.I accepted my mistake at HER blog.Yes i had to face embarrsment but i was regretting that nauzubillah i have done a great sin by posting and misleading so many people.I admitted it many times at hey blog and she took advatnage and kept taunting me.

Now when here comes the authentic proofs,why hasnot she bothered to come here even once?Instead at her blog she is trying twisting the facts?Such a silly response.Why is she so?I have told you in personal.

ReeBz said...

Secondly Hamza, i donot know how to explain more clearly.I know your issue with me was on Quranic verse.But i did explain here that holy prophet killed a person.Yes,he was killed on blasphemy and cause of several other charges.Read those verses and the story behind the revelation of those verses again.I wasnot wrong when i quoted it.

Thirdly i came on hadees thing cause my purpose was not to prove Prophet S.A.W a killer naouzubillah As Hajra is doing propaganda against me.I just wanted to prove that punishment for blasphemer is DEATH!!So to prove them i not only quoted from tafseer but also quoted ahadees.Which are even more relevant.

Dear, i now have understood what did you mean by other perspectives of A hadees.You are from adifferent sect and so i can undersant it.I take my words back happily.But if Hajra or anyother sunni will talk about different perspective of Hadees then i will definitely doubt his/her level of faith.

Hamza,I m very sorry i didnot know that you are froma dft sect,if i knew it i wouldnot waste your time and mine in giving so long explanations:)I m sorry if i offended you :)

But as a sunni, no sunni can challenge the authenticity of any hadis i have quoted here.Once again its to remind that this post was written to prove DEATH penalty for blasphemer.No other personal purpose.Personal purpose may be noticed at Hajras blog,who just vomited out her personal thoughts without references:)

ReeBz said...

And in last,Hasaan joined us in very end, so he might have messed up your comments with can notice, i corrected him right on time:)

ReeBz said...

[b]Here my Question for HAJRA REHAN!

HAJRA Why donot you have courage to face the truth?Please just come once,read post with authentic references and then tell me do you believe on these authentic Ahadis books or not"?instead of doing propaganda on your blog.I faced you when i was proved wrong and i admitted my mistakes.Thatswhat education teaches us.Accepting mistakes isnot a sin.Thats the difference between me and you.
I wanted to seek truth,so Allah has helped me.You on the other hand have nothing to say in your defence instead of defaming,disgracing someone because of your own personal grudges.

your answer should be in YES or NO.

your absence here simply links back to a verse in quran:

"And when verses from Quraan are read out loud to them,they close their ears by inserting their fingers into them"

if you are indecent enough and find no courage in you then you can tell this to me in personal if you are afraid of being publically embarasssed.

I shall leave this argument, with you instantly.

i PROMISE.........[/b]

ReeBz said...

Eye witness: i tried publishing your comment again and it said the comment has been published. i dunno why its not appearing here:(

I even tried copyinh them, but blogger doesnot allow to copy a comment from authors dashboard:SIf you saved it somewhere else then plx try posting again

R. Ramesh said...

hi friend thanks for passing by ya:) best wishes always:)

Connie L. Nash said...

I'm posting something on Syeda's site.

Connie L. Nash said...

I still would love your slow postal address sent private email

And I would lov to see comments on my last two posts on oneheartforpeace and under Syeda's & my comment on thejourneyofhope post for Aasia's case.

ReeBz said...

Thanks fro passing by ya too :)
keep visiting friend!

ReeBz said...

Connie I have left a comment at your blog under Aafias post.

ReeBz said...

I'm also going to contact you through your Gmail iD inshaAllaA today

Anonymous said...

Dearest Madam Areeba

Congratulations on your superb victory against enemies of Islam.

I could not tell you how i am happy to knew that you are basic cause in promoting the true ISLAM.

this is all non-muslims thingy they wanted to takke us out of Islam but till death we will upto ISlam and we will see these enemies end Inshallah. Dont you worry your and my God is with us.

I knew you work so hard to prof your true nature and i am so happy that alla helps you.

thisis the biggest miracle of today when you gather by our enemies allah take you out like a bee out of milk.

i am sendin the link of your post to all my friends in uk and usa and canada as i am in cursed america now so i can not tell you my name.

but i hate america and i cursed it everyday when i go to sleep and when i wokeup.

and now i will cursed that THINKINgy woman everyday for you and prayed for you so dont worry. you have your brother with you.

tell me her name and give me her adress i will sure some sending friend to give her a lesson. these kind of people would learn when we hit them hard on their face. only then they will learn the true ISLAM. you knew thnot people always do same thingy with our holy prophet-rahmatullilalameen, they told him that they are muslim but when he turn from them they became non-muslim only way out is to give them hard hit.

or if you want anythingy from me i am at you service. told my if that cursed woman again right you with bad remarks i will give her a good lesson.

i just vist her bloggr, it i wrote their in below:

""you shoud be shmeful of your words.

Madam Areeba is right. you knew she is ok and god will give her reward.

but God will burn you in hell for your stupid word and war against islam.

Areeba is a true muslim and shame on you for your aquisin her for her post.

God will see you dont worry he will catch you for your words on islam and your taking side with enemy of Islam.

This is my Promise, MInd it. ""

so this is my wrning to evryone who are islam enemy be ware of me now.

Madam Areeba I am your humble servent.

Imam said...

Dear Miss Areeba

I must say that you are a good and true muslim. May Allah keep your muslima spirits high.

The way you have choose the right path in between these filthy people who are trying to take your true spirit away please be ware of them.

They are the brain washer in our country and they want us to make us away from our true DEEN.

I am with you as one of my friend told me to go through your blog and other cursed person, I can't even think that she is woman, I think she is a man and disguised as a woman so that people think of lovely about him.

You are doing a good job for Islam and I am quite relieved to see that someone is still in Pakistan who have true faith.

YOu know these thing keeps our spirit high too while we are so so far away from our country we want them to be like good muslim and I always try to preach my friends that what ever you do here just dont sit with any non muslim they will take you aways from your DEEN.

FOr that woman i went to her blogger and found few things notable, she seems to be very clever and tried to harm your rapu as she knew that you are a respectable girl of mashallah respectable family ansd i am sure that she must be from some low grade family thats why she is taking revenge.

I have read about them. They are cursed people who always are in search for good muslima girls.

so please dont bother to go to her blogger anymore and be free to talk to me.

I am very astonished for your hard work and true spirit.

Please dont be feeling bad now.

May Allah gives you strength and gives you special gifts for your beautiful work for him.

YOre Brother. Imam.

Syeda Zehra said...

@ReeBz,Connie asked you to see the Aasia one post not Aafia;P

Peerless said...

Sorry, i am so late to react but I considered many times before commenting back, please never declare anyone as non-believer in Hadis books or blasphemer or anything like this. This is actually the extremism which has crept into our religion of peace. You and I are no one to declare anyone as non-believer. So do not go to the extrems in religion matters as it has already defamed it a lot. I do not want to reopen the discussion but I have done some work on the statements of various ulema and religious scholars on blasphemy law, I can send you the whole transcripts if you need. The scholar you have mentioned is an Ahle Hadis, My family is Deobandi'd, My friends are Barelvi, they regard myself as a wahabi (God knows who they are?). My whole colleagues are Ahle Tasheeh. I have faced so much trouble due to this complex divide around me. They all believe in one Quran and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) as last prophet, but their interpretations of Quran and Hadis are much different even sometimes opposite to each other. So first tell me whom tafseer and explanation of Hadis I should prefer. I am saying all this just because you have passed fatwa on three or four different people in two days at different level. It is not good it will not only undermine your personal abilities but your professional growth as well. So please consider my humble words and do not behave emotionally.

ReeBz said...

Dear Anonymous:
First of All thank you so much for your comments and appreciation.I m not very religious.I though wish to get more careful about following Islam,I love Prophet with all my heart and i cannot bear if anyone calss his enemy innocent.

I however donot like to form any personal clashes with anyone.I donot want to harm them in any way and you should also control your emotions dear brother.We cannot punish or threaten anyone.It just make environment spooky.I respect your viwes,and your sentiments though brother.She chooses that way for herself.We are no one to punish or give anyone a good hit.Only court of the day can decide such important issues.Please avoid threatening anyone like this,i hope you understand :)

and pleaseeee.. donot be MY servant.If you are here cause of your true love for Allah and prophet than you are only Prophets ghulam.My value is just like a particle of sand.

Thanks for sharing this post with your friends.keep sharing if you think its worth it.:)

Thanks once again for supporting me and for raising my morale even more high!

I wonder how do you know my name :S

ReeBz said...

Dear Imam:
Thanks for passing by and for leaving your comments.Thanks for your support brother.I'm glad that after i made this post I have received several comments who have prayed for me.One of my brother by religion even prayed for me in Mecca.what else can i wish for?Its a biggest honour for me.Allah says :"take one step towards me and I will take 100 towards you"I believed it earlier too but now i have personally experienced it.Thanks

I had always appreciated THINKINGs writing.I always appreciate creativity.I was a big fan of hers. but since after that day i have stopped following her blog.I simply donot feel like it.

Its confirmed that she is a lady.I persoanlly met her some 6 months back.

Whatever she did at her blog is open to all.This is 21st century and vomiting out only your personal thoughts full of anger and hate cant win the hearts of people.This is the era of science and if you want anything you need to give proofs,which definitely she couldnot do.Allah here discriminates by helping me.I think its only Allahs kindness that HE helped me in finding relevant facts.Otherwise my own personal knowledge about such issues isnot very enough.Thansk to Allah he answered my prayers.I know when i have so many prayers from even those who havenot even met me then nothing can harm me.I donot need to feel bad :)

Thanks once again.I m honoured :)

ReeBz said...

Oh pardon me girl! where is that Asia post? well i think i have made my points clear enough here.I seriously donot want to invove myself in any other debate so quickly;)

ReeBz said...

My dear dear peerless:
I didnot call you a yourself gave me similar concept about said yourself"no matter how many citations you make"and you know my citations were from only authentic ahadees books.

about division of sects, well this shouldnot happen in our are free to interpret according to your sect.You are free to consult any scholar.

I even donot know what my sect is.I thought we are ahle hadees, but just now my mum corrected me that we are deo bandi.Well i donot get into such stuffs.I follow one whose words touch my heart! Allah knows that when i quoted him i didnot know about his sect!

ReeBz said...

its to clarify that I have not passed fatwa on any one nor on you.May Allah keeps me save from doing such things ever.

I told you if i had thought so i would never refereed you to check the authentic sources.Onlyour words"No matter how many citations you make" gave me such an imparct of yours.If you still felt so I'm sorry extremely.

I didnot want bias comments etc,or hate speech but actually this was the response only what HAJRA REHAN hadbeen doing at her blog.Only thing which made me angry was that she had no authentic proofs to make her points strong.If you still feel that she is innocent then its cause of your personal association with her views.Logic aint support it.
From whatever sect she belong, she should have made some research before defaming anyone by being personal:)

I also want to close this debate now.

Peerless said...

Thanks for your clarification; I do not know who you are? Or Miss Hajira Rehan ? I just pointed out what I thought as wrong for your and mine good and it was not to undermine anyone. Please keep this post saved with you and check it after 5 or more years, you would yourself find reasons for these comments. Maturity and knowledge comes with age and study not with passing MA or BA. You have said exactly what I have said earlier.
“Well i don’t get into such stuffs. I follow one whose words touch my heart!"
I do the same when I confront with the contradictory interpretations of religious issues, so I do not want to explain my point of view on the quote from me, you have just mentioned.
As I have mentioned, I can provide you the transcripts of the statements of almost all religious leaders (Sunni, Shia, Barelvi and Deobandi) and ulema on blasphemy law. After reading them, decide what to perceive and what not to. Moreover words are very important in conversation, as Mr Hassan Rafiq has rightly said earlier that the word kill and punish has different meaning and impact. I would also suggest you to find out the difference between Murtid and Blasphemer as some of the people take them in the same meaning. And again, blasphemy (word) is not only used in terms of Toheen e rasool or rasalat in other countries but in Pakistan it is strictly used in the same context. In vast meaning the blasphemy is taken in the meaning of insulting or passing derogatory words against any of the respectable personality of religious acclaim (it includes Anbia, Sahaba) places of worship and religious thoughts.
I appreciate you and other members for opening debate as no one is ready to debate in Pakistan on the issues which need debate. You should also appreciate me for commenting and not running away after seeing your behavior. Dear we need to find similarities among us being Pakistanis instead of fostering difference, as our religion and country need love and unity.

ReeBz said...

I said same thing dear that it may be your personal association with her VIEWS not with her in person.

Sure this post is saved,not going anywhere, my views shall remain same after ages as well.I have a firm belief that a blasphemer desrves DEATH! you talk about uniting our country men at this blue time when we are divided in several sects.VERY RIGHT! my views are also you may have noticed I have always tried to portray positive image of Pakistan via this blog except few posts like of issues related to media.Thats my future profession and its the duty of media to serve as the watch dog of socitey.But,love and respect of prophet is more than everything!!i cant consider that a blasphemer may be innocent.I know you too have similar perspectives.

Secondly i know murtid and blasphemer are different.and i think many of us are well aware of the difference between blasphemer and apostasy.I cannot understand what you are trying to tell about the meanings of blasphemy?I in im last post defined very openly what blasphemy means and it was no different from the definition you have mentioned in your comment :S In Paksitan too it means same, and it is very clear that i also wrote this post by keeping the same meanings in mind!

You are yes, most welsomed and appreciated highly for keep coming in.I could have also rejected your comments simply by seeing your behaviour.My job here is even more intense.I can choose to portray that all agree with me and publish only comments which are in my favour,but i chose the other way round.

If maturity had to come with age and experience,and education had to pay no rle in it-then miss,there is no need of education at all.Wether its religious or worldly education its the only thing which transforms a person into a MAN! you can see,if i had to insult anyone i would have opt for the same which Hajra had done.
I would simply make an emotional speech full of hate speech for her.Only personal thoughts with no logic,no reference at all.But i chose different again.

this is the difference between our maturity levels which i thinik is only cause of education :) otherwise she would have shown higher maturity cause she is double in age and experience both than me!

I m sorry if few comments were insulting, but when i found her doing same for me, I had to go for TIT for TAT policy.If my readers are passing some derogatory commets then not my fault.

here in the end goes a thought provoking question:This is for all:
"When bad and insulting comments passed by someone else about you make you feel bad and disgraced,then how can you have a soft corner for the one who passses derogatory comment for Prophet P.B.U.H? or for anyone who is a supporter of blasphemers?"

Think about it in your hearts!


Anonymous said...

dear Madam Areeba.

I find your name on her cursed woman blogger.

i am teling you she is not good for islam and you should not even talk about her or take her name by your moth or write her name by your pen, or keyborad as using her name is a cursed.

I believ you as you Told me that you met her long ago so it means thst she kept you in her eyes and wanting to hurt you till that time?

ok, not to wory I am, your brother is your ide and you can tell me her details i wil just give Her a good look of my friend and she wil know what we can do to blasphemer and supoorted of blas[hemer.

you not wOrry as i am with you and alla is wit you all time.

please te me her details just to give her a leson and we should be stick with them otherwise if they are on our upper side will not they did the same to us?

and i am the servant of good people of allah and i am your brother and servent 2.


ReeBz said...

I have closed accepting comments on this topic but i had to publish your comment as i donot know who you are and i donot know your personal ID(i wish i had) where i could reach you.

Brother,at whatever level of eman she is,we are simply not the right people to judge it.Let Allah decides it Himself.I want all to stay safe.Your comments may flare up anyone.Kindly ignore her.

If you call me your sister,then consider it a request from a sister,and ignore her completely.

I understand your sentiments and respect your views.

Thanks for your support,and appreciation.

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