Saturday, December 25, 2010

Magical Hair Oil?

Have you heard of any magical hair oil which is capable of growing your hairs atleast a meter long? You don't need to wait long,only three bottles of oil will show a magic on you.Do you believe on such myths?If not, then cool you have something in similar with the author.

I never believe blindly and pay no attention to such advertisements.To my surprise, yesterday i noticed a BIG difference in the hairs of a baby girl and her mother who lives in our street.When asked,I was informed that they both have been using the same oil for a month.I was quite impressed of course.Seems its a time to believe on myths.Sometimes they strangely turn into reality.My intriguing nature took me to the lady who provides and prepares that oil. She is a beautician from America and claims to have an experience of several years.She checked my hairs(which are a bit longer than shoulder length) and passed a smile.She told me that she can grow my hairs till half of my waist just in four months.In six months they will grow till my knees.She strictly warned me that i should not use this oil for more than six months.According to her, this oil is alot energetic,it doesn't only grow hairs but also make them thick,shiny and healthy.Moreover it also strengthens brain.

She is also treating my skin.I have few pimples of which i always remain extra conscious.Believe me,I just have used her medicines twice and i can notice a REAL difference.All the pimples are now drying off.(which were quite fresh before using her cream).I noticed a girl who had lots and lots of pimples,and a land of moon like face.She treated her also,leaving all of us bewildered!I m really impressed and  gonna order some oil bottles too :D

Surprises and shocks which I have given you haven't finished yet.She also have a very awesome treatment for weight loss.All herbal so no worries.People told me that her daughter has lost some extra pounds in just three months.when i got to know about it, i expressed my desire for weight loss hurriedly.But she rejected my desire and declared that you don't need to lose any.However,on my requests she will give me medicine for weight loss which I will use only for a month.She thinks a month use of medicine is ok for me.

She doesn't like being advertised.She sells her products to only near-by people or to some famous beauty Saloons.So dear readers, wish me luck.In my fantasy I'm a princess now,perfect in everything by these magical herbal products;)

P.S All images are random 

UPDATE: I have tried her treatments, and i really coulnot find any difference. Oil increased the hair fall problem. Whereas pimples dried off, but it also dried my skin terribly!


Muhammad Hamza said...

I need the address of this Doc women.
I want long hair too...:)

ReeBz said...

Hey Hamza?really :D? why do you want long hairs? i thought only girls are fanatic about long hairs :D!but if something goes wrong, then i'l not be responsible :D I'm experimenting it on me :D

I will tell you about her saloons, you can contact here there.I don't think she would like to disclose her residential address :)

Muhammad Hamza said...

Lol,not long,but my hair are gone a bit funny all dry and curly and stubborn.
So I guess this hair mending/growing godmother would make a Cinderella out of me..:)

And U experimenting..!!!!!!!!!!
oN ur own self.
Well,I hope you hair doesn't comes out just like a wig..:P
Best of luck.

So where does this lady is found?
Not in Lady Beauty par-lours,I hope.

PS:Why in world you have a picture of honey jars on a post related 2 oil and hair...!!!!!

ReeBz said...

ahan! m not experimenting like that :D actually i have seen difference in the health of many peoples hairs due to same oil.Only thatswhy m attracted towards it :D still i hope that your prayer get answered for me and my hairs dun come out of like a wiG:D

She works for beauty saloons which are ofcourse meant for women :)She lives in my area and i never knew about it:D

I will tell you about her parlours,you need to contact parlour via some lady :D come on, dun worry you have such a sweet cousin Zehra mA she will do it for you :)

ReeBz said...

and haan one thing more :D that honey pic was looking so awesome to me so i chose it :D by the way one jar is for honey and in the other jar it is olive oil:D but if its looking funny, do tell me i will change it :D

hair oil said...

What's great about hair oil is that it works fast that you can see the result just right after the application.

ReeBz said...

There is nothing special in the oil, i have tested!

Fatima Sahi said...


PriTh said...

UPDATE: I have tried her treatments, and i really coulnot find any difference. Oil increased the hair fall problem. Whereas pimples dried off, but it also dried my skin terribly!
no-offence.. did u lost all urs hairs now or its still up there !

ReeBz said...

yes alhamdullilah, life is fun when you accept risks and challenges :)

PriTh said...

yup, but it should be for some extent till it wont effect us menatlly or physically :)

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