Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bomb Blast in Karachi university

Few days ago I made a post about the poor situations in Karachi University.No worse can happen in KU than what has happened today.A bomb blast in cafeteria.It seems that the target were Imamia students who just started prayers of "Zohrain".
Bomb was planted in the roots of a tree.It is an important point to be noted that the university was off for last three days then how came a terrorist enter in university and planted a cracker bomb?I speculate that the terrorist are from the inside university. Whoever, tried to destroy the peace of "Madre Ilmi" had definitely no heart,and no sentiments for a peaceful environment.True,that administration of KU has failed totally to maintain the law and order conditions.I cant understand that when Respected Vice Chancellor Peer Zada Qasim cant handle the situation then why is he still enjoying the designation?He must save the lives of innocent students by leaving his designation.Its the time for the Governor of Sindh to take the right actions.
Moreover,Registrar and VC both the respected personalities are busy in making non serious statements.It is not less than a crime to mentally torture thousands of statements by passing contradictory statements.KU rejects its own statement by making another brand new statement just after an hour or two.Students are getting psycho, glued with the TV screens all the time waiting for other fresh updates.It should be remembered that due to this much of important time of a student is wasted which he would prefer to spend in studying.KU after the blast announced three days mourning, but after an hour news channels ran the ticker that VC has taken this decision back.After an hour there was another news that again the papers have been canceled.Details come even after wasting some more time that only papers for tomorrow have been postponed.No news for the next two days.
Such an unfriendly,non serious behaviors from the high officials of Pakistan's famous university has now become its identity. Where are we leading to?

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Muhammad Hamza said...

Very sad affair.
I think it is part of the chain of events against the Ahle-tashi.

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

It is so sad that the premier educational institution is marred by law and order situation, and thousands of students and their parents are in a fix. I believe there are Rangers permanently stationed at the university premises and still the situation is out of control…

Talha said...

I will have to agree with you. Officials are partly responsible for the blast and fully responsible for mentel torture of students.

BTW. I did change the theme and my blog is looking better. Thanks for feedback

Eyewitness said...

Very sad to hear about another tragic incident in your surroundings!

Keeping in view the situation of the KU which you have already described in your previous post makes me believe that one of the inner mischievous group is involed in the terrorizing incident.

I can not understand why our higher education institutes have always remained in control of some groups and unions which have nothing to do with education.

Unfortunately, most of the time in the present and the recent past ; leadership of Pakistan have proved its existence by troubling and teasing the citizens.

May Allah make our land, a land of peace. Ameen.

Bilal Lashari said...

Being a KU student i clearly blame the authorities. There are no proper and efficient security measures in KU. Security personnels don't even check the student's I.D Card! This is the condition of one of Country's most reputable University.

R. Ramesh said...

many of my colleagues n friends r fm karachi..praying for peace there..

Connie L. Nash said...

With SAD heart I am holding you students in the LIGHT of prayer during this unusually worrisome time.

When we had Palestinian guests years ago, they told us that DESPITE similar trouble among their students they were all in all the most excelling of all students in Palestine Israel.

Just a few days ago, my best woman friend who works with displaced students and finds them the best schools, scholarships and support told me that those from the most difficult situations got the HIGHEST marks on their exams even in America where English was not their first language. How to figure?

Well for one thing, they take their education much more seriously than the typical American student.

I can see the same tendency among Pakistan students.

Perhaps this one strength alone will bring meaning, guidance and stamina to your current hours and days. (And remember staying glued to the TV set where not needed may only fuel turmoil, panic and exhaustion. Maybe at least you could take turns as kind of "monitors" or sentinels while the rest study and/or sleep/recreate.)

I want to see you get through this with GOOD energy to counter the negative. I KNOW some of you quite well...look what you HAVE survived, what you are ABLE to survive and each one seek your purpose.

Your American Auntie...

ReeBz said...

Muhammad Hamza:Apparently it seems so, but i hope its just a co-incidence..
We are not in a situation to handle shia-sunni riots.

ReeBz said...

Sir Akhtar:
Well honestly,I think all such criminal activities are well planned,and administration has just closed her eyes towards such issue.Rangers are also one of them..

ReeBz said...

thanks for coming, and i m now following your blog :)

ReeBz said...

I agree with you.Its no one else but the inner unions.I always think that banning the student unions and political activities can solve such problems.. KU seems more like a platform for political promotion rather than an educational institute!

ReeBz said...

Bilal Lashari:
This may be one of the reason of KU's worsening situation..
Like of whole Pakistan KU also needs a revolution!

ReeBz said...

thanks for coming and do remember your friends in your prayers always :)

ReeBz said...

I always feel honored whenever you comment at my blogsite.As your comment is just not only a comment but it is always so encouraging,full of love and suggestions.It really helps me in feeling better,and show me the other side of the picture.thanks :)

You are very right connie,there is lots of talent hidden in Pakistan even though Pakistani students are not as facilitated by the government as the students of the other countries are.there is only a need to discover that talent.

Many students are able to explore themselves,but my heart is sad for those,who due to the worsening situation of Pakistan,increasing inflation and poverty cant prove themselves to the world!

Muhammad said...

I think most of us are neglectful of our duties...

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