Friday, December 30, 2011

Arfa Kareem Randhawa- Counting Her Last Breaths in CMH

Call it a misfortune of Pakistan, or the nature's treachery, after Afia Siddiqui, we are going to lose one another brilliant daughter of our country.(God Forbid) .Due to some unknown health reasons this bright star became the victim of cruel fits and got hospitalized.

It is a point to be noticed, that even after a week of her severe illness, 18 carore people who love her and value her possession  are being kept unaware of her immediate health conditions. Arfa, who enabled us to make an eye contact with Pakistan's enemies and raised our heads high with proud and confidence, is now lying hopelessly on a hospital bed where doctors have also given up all the hopes of her recovery. It is being said by some sources that parents have not allowed media to enter or to give live coverages about her. However, i really doubt it. I wish situation isn't as worse as many of us are thinking. Its true that land of Pakistan is now too weak to protect/prevent  its rubies and diamond. Agencies around the world come in bright day light and fetch from us, leaving us robbed from our heroes.

According to the news sources, Arfa was under series of fits attacks, and later got caught by epileptic (cardiac) attack, destroying both her brain and heart. It is heart breaking that none of TV channel has reported the event properly, nor the Newspapers have given her illness a two column space. I could find no resutls except in ,  "The Nation". I demand all the news channels to provide us the full first hand details about Arfa. Currently, she is on the ventilator for last five days. Machines can be turned off anytime, as soon as the parents signal doctors.

Copying from my post Incredible Pakistan,

Arfa Karim is a young student from Faisalabad, who at the age of 9, in 2004 became the youngest Microsoft certified professional. In recognition of her smartness, she was invited by Bill gates to visit the Microsoft headquarters in U.S.A which itself is a big honor. Arfa represented Pakistan on many international platforms. She was also invited by the IT professionals of Dubai for a two week stay. After the news was disclosed by foreign media, a competition was at rise in Pakistani TV channels and newspapers. All wanted to give full coverage of Arfa’s accomplishment, which in fact is an achievement for the whole nation, on their channels and newspapers respectively. She is a highly decorated student, one of her age, with many different rewards.
·         In 2005 August, Prime minister of Pakistan of that time presented her “Fatima Jinnah Gold medal” in the field of science and technology.
·         She was also rewarded with “Salaam Pakistan youth award”, in August 2005 by the president of Pakistan.
·         Arfa is the youngest recipient of Pakistan’s highest civil award “Pride of performance”. Let us combine our prayers for the health and faster recovery of our dear beloved Arfa Kareem Randhawa. O Lord! Let us not stray in the darkness of the hopelessness. Bestow good health to her, so that her eyes genius eyes could once again discover the hidden beauty of this Land, so that her genius brain could once again give us the courage of survival.
Hazaron saal nargis apni benoori pe roti hey,
bari muskil se hota hey chaman me deedawar paida! 

Update: I just found this youtube tribute. Its to mention in CLEAR WORDS that the video creator has copied my lines of this article in the beginning and the end of the tribute!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Luscious Ultra Shine Lip Gloss - Popsicle (Melon Shimmer)

I had been planning to share my thoughts on Luscious Ultra shine Lip Gloss. I had heard alot about their products so ordered few,online at their website. The one i got for myself was Luscious ultra shine lip gloss in Popsicle- Melon Shimmer.

The packaging- I don't find, something extra ordinary. Still It feels pretty. We all know that buying things online may sometime proves risky. Therefore, I am going to cover all the points I had expected when i saw its swatches at Luscious website. I expected it to be smooth in application, shiny with out the cheap effect of glitter and of thin consistency. Below is the comparison of the swatch on website and on my hand.

I was hoping it to be a beautiful shade of peach, but after application i felt that it has nothing to do with peach. The color is still a pretty  shade of pink- a treat for all the pinksters having light specks of shimmer.

To add to my disappointment I found it sticky and of a thick consistency. It possess a smell of sweet bubble gum that is quite similar to its sticky nature. It also feels heavy on lips. I really feel as if my lips are coated with a thick layer of oil or something like that :-/ However, its single coat is enough and lasts long. It will easily stay on your lips for a duration of two to three hours. Moreover, unlike other glosses,there is no need of applying lipstick to form a base for it.

It has a silky brush applicator. I like using it by wiping off all the excessive amount to prevent myself from its gooey feeling. Since the shade is light it is good to be used at work place. If you can compromise on its sticky feeling that this is the lip gloss you should have for MUST! "It nourishes your lips with the powerful antioxidant Vitamin A, C and E", says the company.

Price: I bought it some 6 months back for Rs 395/- but now the company has raised the prices to Rs 465/-
Quantity: 4g
May slightly vary from person to person.
Luscious cosmetics are easily available at stores. Or you can simply order online . Have you used it? If yes then do share your views here.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don't Look at These, If You are Hungry!

These days I have been doing photography for my sister's blog Tantalizing Treats. I want to share all of them here. Do tell me how do you find these :)

Tikka Biryani. For recipe click here

Part of Tikka biryani
Sweet Fried  Puffs. Find recipe here
Tikka Boti- Get your hands on recipe here
Camera Used: Q55 She Phone
Courtesy: Tantalising Treats
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Saeed Ghani Skin Polish- A Secret to Glowing Skin?

Skin in our body is most vulnerable to the daily pollution, smoke and harmful sun rays. Therefore,many find it challenging to produce glow in the skin. Markets are bombarded with too many products claiming to give your skin a natural glow. I decided to give Saeed Ghani's Face Polish a try. Whats my experience regarding it? Keep reading to learn more.

I have been using it for two weeks. Honestly speaking i have observed no difference at all. Yet, claiming that it brings an instant glow is highly exaggerated by the company. It comes in 100 ml spray bottle. It is a very runny liquid, more looks like a yellow dyed water. All types of skin can have its safe application. I have a sensitive problem prone skin, but it didn't cause any problem apparently. It has been formulated for a naturally fairer and more even skin tones. Honestly speaking, it doesn't seem to affect my skin, hence neither bringing any positive change nor negative. However one should keep in mind that it is a herbal product, and may require a long period to show any obvious results.

How to Use:
Just moisten your face, and spray the skin polish on all your face. The back of the Bottle reads that apply with finger tips and massage gently. Massaging sounds most silly thing with this skin polish. Its all liquid, so runs down your cheeks- leaving you nothing to massage your face with. I simply like to spray it on my face when i scrub or exfoliate my skin. It gives a soothing effect after excessive massaging. It may also reveal from sunburn in summers, I reckon.

Saeed Ghani's Skin Polish contains all natural ingredients like rose water, zaffran, multi vitamins and husne yousaf extract. I used to wonder that what really is husne yousaf extract. When I made a search about this term i realized that it has been proved for its soothing effects, concerning skin issues historically. It is collected from the delta of the Nile and revitalizes the skin by removing its dullness. Its been well known for the medication of pimples etc.

Price: PKR 150/-

Pros and Cons:

1. Affordable
2. Herbal
3. Free from side effects
4. Easy to use.
  • Um, since it doesnot show any difference on my face i don't think that its any special product. If you really want to have a glowing skin there are many other things which could show you immediate results. However, if you prefer herbal products and bear a problem prone skin then you should give it a try and wait for a period of 3 months to see the results.
Reference Husn-e-Yousaf : FaizeAaam Dawakhana
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrate Christmas Holidays with JoJo- Sour Grumpy Dips,Spaghetti & Trippy Wafers Review

Christmas is here. Like other parts of the world, christian community in Pakistan is observing the day with religious zeal and zest. Around the world,occasions are considered the fun days for young children. They like spending money on things they love and also insist elders to buy them their favorite cookies or candies. I am going to share few of the jojo products below. Since Christmas is all about spreading sweetness, you will crave to make your day special with JoJo products :)Prepare a pack of the following products and make every child happy.

JoJo Spaghetti Bubble Gum

Spaghetti bubble gum is one another way of introducing unique trends in bubble gums. Other than JoJo colour bubble pencils, spaghetti bubble gum is not only one of its kind but also possess marvelous luscious taste. Being pink and mauve in packaging its a piece of attraction for girls. As its name reflects, the bubbles inside the pack are in the form of thin small sized spaghetti. They are a bit hard on first chew, but with constant chewing it will get easy to chew. For some 5 to 7 minutes it gives a fresh taste full of sweetness. The family pack contains 24 pieces in total. Other than artificial flavors it contains sugar gum base, liquid glucose, coconut oil & natural colour E171.

JoJo Sour Grumpy Dips 

WoWW. Thats the best expression i could describe this product with. Here too, keeping its identity retain JoJo has introduced a unique style of Lolly pops. Growing old and don't want to miss your childhood memory of lollypops? Don't worry, now with sour grumpy dips, you will not feel a kid with mere ordinary lolly pop in your hand. It has a flavor green edible powder which has been provided by the company for dipping in your lolly. The powder melts on your tongue as soon as you enter the powder coated lolly in your mouth. Lolly is formed in a beautiful heart shape , bearing red colour. Whereas the powder that comes along with it, is quite sour in taste. Just dip and lick! However, if you enjoy licking your lolly in your own traditional ways, then too you can surely enjoy yourself!

The pack contains 36 pieces.

Trippy Wafers

Here comes the review of my most favorite item i had received from JoJo this month. Its a chocolate coated wafer. Thin chocolate and a light crisp wafer makes the best combination. Having two in one in taste, it has captured my heart. It contains interesting ingredients like sugar, skimmed milk powder, egg powder, wheat flour, rice flour, potato powder, cocoa mass, hydrogenated palm kernel oil,coconut milk powder etc. Try it, I am sure you will keep craving for it.

JoJo GFI is all about making the world so sweet :) Dont you want to try these shades of lusciousness?
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Its Candy Time- JoJo Khatta Saib & Froot Flow Review

Are you a kid, student or an office employee? Do you have tough mental works like writing articles/stories or any other strenuous mental activities? If you answer yes to even one of the question, then I have a solution to your problem presented by jojo foods. By following it, you will love doing your work without any anxieties.

Everyone-No matter in what age group he/she falls in, love chewing toffees. JoJo is most loved by children due to its many different tastes in candies.I was sent packs of Froot Flow black currant Chew & JoJo Khatta Saib Candy. Both the packs contain 70 pieces

The colour of the packaging is in relation to its flavour, puprple & green respectively. Froot Flow is a chew with 80% sour and 20% sweetness in it. It contains Sugar,liquid glucose,vegetable oil,lactic acid,gelatin,dextrose,citric acid E330, gum arabic E4141, vegetable protein, Soya Lecithin E322,artificial flavour black currant and artificial colour E129 & E133. Whereas, Khatta Saib is a green candy, with full sour taste. It tastes like a raw green apple as obvious by its name & packaging. It contains sugar, liquid glucose,citric acid E330, artificial flavour apple& artificial colour E102 (tatrazine ) E133.

If you are an owner of school or store and trying to reach JoJo for registering bulk orders, then you may reach them at their Facebook page Here
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

University of Karachi- A Step Mother to B.S Students

Karachi University is one of the biggest University of Pakistan. According to HEC Ranking University of Karachi stands third with a total rank of 42.01, followed by Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad and University of Punjab bearing total score rank of 58.16 and 45.92 respectively  in the category of "General Universities". Whereas, According to Times Higher Education-Quacquarelli Symonds, the University of Karachi holds 138th position among the top 425 universities of Asia, said Proff. Siddiqui while speaking to the annual convocation,2011

Even with the high ranking scale, UoK puts its students in the dilemma of considering themselves lucky or unlucky.The students of UoK pursue their degrees under the shadow of guns and in an aura of fear. Regular inside strikes, riots and bomb blasts have become routine visitors of KU for every two-three months. These instabilities affect student's mental health negatively and may harm their personalities. Even in such unfavorable circumstances teachers and students together work hard to achieve good results with combined efforts. However, I don't know that whether being a student of KU is a blessing for me or curse. KU lacks proper management and appropriate planning. Imposing new educational policies without foreseeing the future and its effects is not less than a crime.KU abolished its M.A program few years back. Therefore, graduated students of colleges were forcefully given admission to UoK B.S programe. Students had no other option but to follow the newly imposed policies. You should keep in mind that B.S is a semester program whereas Masters program is annual. B.S being the international mode of studying is not only difficult than Masters but also bears high standards. Students having B.S degrees should be welcomed for jobs, but the attitude of Madre Ilmi is like that of a step mother to B.S students.

I got second position in Mass Communication,2011- but no appreciation for me!
It was a sad moment for me when I acknowledged that due to lack of sponsorships no gold medals will be awarded to deserving students. While browsing on net, I realized that even University of Sindh, Jamshoro that has a total ranking score of 29.00 awards not only gold medal but silver medals too to its graduates. Collecting sponsors and funds is something which should be done by the University itself. When smaller universities are meeting such challenges then why not UoK?

The convocation arranged was the most mismanaged event i ever attended. Students were not called one by one, not even the position holders on stage. UoK didnot even bother to award degrees in the convocation.Degrees are still awaiting to be dispatched via registry.

I on the behalf of B.S students plea  to the Vice Chancellor PirZada Qasim and Peer Mazharul Haq-Provincial minister of Education to award B.S students real recognition. They are in no way inferior than Masters students. Look into the matter and provide funds to compensate the emotional suffering of students by conferring them atleast gold and silver medals. My sincere suggestion, that stop corruption and learn something from Punjab government Free Laptop Scheme.Otherwise, we reject this convocation and consider it a mere DRAMA, that was only arranged to fulfil your own hidden agenda!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lux Magical Beauty Body Wash Review- Worth Buying or Not?

Do you want a lush bath enriched with heavenly fragrance? Do you enjoy pampering yourself? If your answer for both the questions is "YES" then you are a fan of luxurious body washes. I am such a die-hard fan of LUX body washes. I have tried strawberry and peach body washes. Both are extra ordinary I must say( will do a review after a while)

For this month i wanted a slight change,therefore, I got myself a new fragrance from LUX range of body washes.While shopping at Makro, my eyes were at LUX Magical Beauty bodywash. LUX declares it a "Magical Spell" and claims that it makes you enchanting without you uttering a single word! It contains juniper oil that doesnot only make your skin soft and smooth to feel but the fragrance of black orchid infused,also makes you feel lost within yourself.

Loofah- Easily available everywhere.
If you want to dive into a very special bath, then just get your hands on a loofah and pour a petal size amount of lux magical spell to do the rest of the work. Rub the loofah a bit in your palms to make creamy lather. Donot forget to pre-wet the loofah. Add some more water drops on your loofah to help it preparing a generous lather for you.

My Experience: The major element that helps deciding you in making a choice is "fragrance" when it comes to the selection of products that are concerned with your body. Other factors do play an important role, but this fact cant be ruled out that fragrance is the top most preference. Unfortunately, its fragrance couldnot catch my heart. Its a bit of pungent and smells like rotten vinegar. Though its creamy softness is something to fall in love with, I will definitely not get it again due to its unwanted smell.

Have you tried LUX range of body washes? I picked LUX Heavenly Milk body wash for cold winters. Expect a review soon.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stripples Chew from JoJo-Review

Today I am going to review Stripple Chew from JoJo foods. Its a thin rainbow colour chew ofcourse sweet with a bit sour taste. In my childhood i would love to eat such chews.Once again packaging has got all my attention. Just look at the colours of the box and the wrapper of the chew stick.

It comes in a box of 24 chew sticks. A box of JoJo stripples should be every home's need ;) I liked these slim sticks, easy to chew , soft and fun to eat.JoJo stripples has got love from all age groups and both the genders.

 Get yours now, its mine :)

P.S It was sent to me by the company as their PR campaign.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mini Tiny Balls Review- A Product of JoJo with Sour Centre

Having sweet tooth, but tired of the same tasted candies all the year round? Try switching to JoJo Foods. It is the brand that understand your changing moods and craves. If you want a different taste that is "zara hat K" then get yourself  JoJo's "Mini Tiny Balls". I was sent packet of these containing 18 packs inside by JoJo. Miny Tiny balls are hard candies with sweet and sour center filling. I love them.

Everything from packaging to taste is superb. These round hard candy balls are a blast of sour center and you will enjoy chewing every  ball. The colours RED and SILVER selected for its packaging are appealing enough to standout in the crowd of several uncountable candies. The front side is glittery red and the back side of the wrapping is bright silver.

Since I like doing experiments and mini researches for my reviews, I made a little research about JoJo's miny tiny balls too. I threw few of the packets towards my little cousin and found out that as expected every child (both girls and boys) was equally interested on this surprise candy throw. However, the eating habits of girls are a bit different than boys. I noticed that little baby cousins are enjoying them more as compared to boys. You might be well aware of the fact that girls taste buds invite more "sour edibles" than those of boys'. The Daily Science published the findings of the largest study conducted jointly by Danish Science Communication, food scientists from The Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) at University of Copenhagen and 8,900 Danish schoolchildren on the ability of young children to taste. The study proves, that boys have a sweeter tooth than girls.

If you are a girl yourself, and a teen-age then i bet you are going to fall in love with these sweet & sour hard candy balls. Give it a try ;)

NOTE: I would suggest that if you have serious throat issues then better avoid them.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zam Zam Plant in Holy Kaaba- A Pictorial View

Since the holy month of Islam has started I was thinking to make a post relevant to the month. Muhharmul Haram has equal importance for both the sects of Muslims whether Shiites or Sunnis. Luckily I have got some very rare pics of Zam Zam plant in holy Kaaba. I would love to share these snaps here.

I requested a fellow blogger Ibn Hanif to collect these pictures before Haj season. We all have seen the pictures of Kaaba, Mosque Nabwi and other religious places. But very less importance is given to the Zam Zam plant. I just wanted to see that how it is controlled. To my surprise, it was totally different than what I had in my mind.

I pray that May Allah gives all of us a chance to visit Holy Kaaba and perform Haj atleast once in our lives. Amen
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JoJo Colour Bubble Pencils-Review

JoJo Colour Bubble Pencils
Trying new tastes from JoJo daily is real fun. JoJo provides a complete package. With beautiful packaging-delicious taste and creative designing are some of its basic foundations.When I unpacked the carton received from JoJo, colour bubble pencils was the first packet,that caught my attention.

It contains three bubble pencils/1 pack and 24 packs in the picture above. Every pack has bubbles, shaped like a pencil structure in Red, Green and Blue.It is soft and easy to chew. Unlike common brands, these bubbles don't leave coloured marks on teeth or tongue. Since it targets primary school children, JoJo has very efficiently grabbed their attention by introducing these bubble pencils in eye- catchy and attractive colours.

These bubble gums donot only possess an entertainment value but also act as an important tool in enhancing the learning skills of pre-school and nursery children by the use of "Association". Researches have proved, that children learn better when there is a motivation and a suitable environment to establish associations. Associating a mere picture of an Apple with Red colour is an old technique. How about developing new associations? Show your child JoJo colour bubble pencil and you will notice an obvious difference.We need to modify our teaching methods since we have to nurture the child of a 21st Century ;)

Every child love vibrant colours. A primary teacher or a mother can intelligently take help from JoJo colour bubble pencils  while making their child/student distinguish between colours. An edible sweet is a far better stimuli than a simply coloured building block. Aint it :)? Experiment it and you will love the results! Help your child achieving better grades!

Not only children, even elderly people will love these coloured bubble pencils from JoJo. Analysts say, that chewing bubble gum is good for health as it stimulates blood circulation in your jaws, reduce stress and increase alertness. Try these out, sweet taste with luscious fragrance will keep your mouth fresh till long! Big balloon is an additional quality ;)
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saeed Ghani's Kajal Review

In East eyes are considered the major part of one's beauty. Weather its a poem of a poet, or a novel of an author, every one loves to focus on big deep eyes of their beloveds. In real world too, eyes reflect your inner soul and thoughts. Since eyes play an important role, they need most attention of the beholder! Now a days, much time is spent in putting heavy eye makeups, mascaras etc etc. However, one can still make her eyes look perfect just by the use of "kajal"

I bought this lipstick kajal from Saeed Ghani (Ravi road Makro branch) and is my ultimate love these days. Whenever i go out, I just run it in my eyes. It makes my eyes look big and beautiful. There are many lipstick kajal available these days, but if you are running on a low budget you might like to prefer Saeed Ghani's Kajal. It will cost you only Rs 150/=

Its quite black, and handy. You can easily carry it in your clutch bag or purse. Take it wherever you want, and redo your eyes whenever you feel like. It feels bit creamy and doesn't irritate. It runs very smoothly. Luckily, it possess no smell at all.

No eyemakeup is applied. I wanted to focus on Kajal only
The only thing I disliked in this kajal is that it stays in eyes for just few hours. After that it starts wearing off from its right place and melts downwards. It gets spread below your eyes and eye corners. You will want to wash your face and eyes properly after 3-4 hours.

  1. Affordable
  2. Handy  
  3. Enhances the beauty of dark eyes
  1. Doesnot long last 
  2. Not suitable for coloured eyes like greens and blues!
Do share your experiences with your brands =)
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

All skins demand deep cleansing, since its the foundation of a healthy looking and shiny skin. However, trying out new cosmetics every now and then may be risky for many. This doesn't only cause you loss of money, time & energy, but above all it may destroy your skin. At this situation, how about cutting off all the fears and worries by pampering your face with a multinational award winning formula? Get your hands on Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Liz Earle is a beauty British brand. Over the period of 16 years it has won 66 awards and accolades, including awards from "Woman & Home","Essentials" and "SHE" magazines. Moreover, its marvelous long lasting effects on man's skin also won it the first men award from "Lookmantastic" this year.

The story of Liz Earle is very inspirational. It was started by two ladies, both friends who just wanted a rich-working formula for all the skin types. Their hard efforts and research showed fruit and Liz Earle Naturally Active Skin Care was established by Liz Earle and Kim Buckland in 1995.

I was sent Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser by the company few days back. Just with the few uses I have fallen in love with this amazing product. It is light textured and a thin cream with a sweet herbal aroma. 

Since I possess a problem-prone skin with large pores and pimples, whiteheads etc I had been in the search of an excellent cleanser. I tried many, but none could make the difference. However I must assure you that Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser with naturally active ingredients namely rosemary,chamomile,cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil really do wonders!! I literally have a disastrous skin but I noticed the change just in three days. ( I am using it twice a day). It leaves my face soft & smooth with tints of glow on my cheeks. The procedure to use is two phase but is quite simple. 
Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser comes in a 100 ml pretty aqua green pump bottle(starter kit) with two pure high quality muslin fabrics that are in double ply. Both the things are to be kept in a zipper kit, which you will receive with your cleanser :) It is worth buying and as affordable as £13.75

Muslin Cloths, Zipper kit bag & Pump bottle
How to use:
  1. Cleaning: Just take out one to two pumps of cleanser or more if required and gently massage it onto your face and neck. Spread over eyelids at the end to avoid spreading eye makeup on all face. This process will stimulate the circulation 
  2.  Polishing: Phase 2, is polishing. It polishes off all the dead cells and let your skin breathe deep! Just rinse the muslin cloth in hand-hot water and wring out leaving it a bit moist, before polishing off the cream.
Cleanser bottle & Muslin cloths inside kit
You can order yours online here , or find them at facebook here. This is not the end, Liz Earle have much more to surprise you with. Avail the special winter and autumn offer of Liz Earle this season by purchasing your three daily essentials "Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser, Instant boost skin tonic and skin repair moisturizer". With your three daily essentials you will be given a complimentary super skin concentrate 100ml roll-ball (worth £19.00). 

Autumn & Winter Newsletter 2011
Also browse through Liz Earle Christmas gift guide at their home page. To read the latest newsletter click here 

Donot forget to prepare your face before putting heavy makeup with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser. Also it will be your best friend when it comes to remove the every bit of makeup. It removes even the stubborn mascara :)

Thank you Liz Earle <3
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

JoJo- An Introduction & Review to JoJo,GFI.

JoJo Confectioners is a Gujranwala Food Industry which was established in 1984, producing only bubble gums. However with time, GFI not only brought improvement in the quality of its products but also expanded its functional range to light snacks, candies, jellies and instant drinks. The mission of JoJo is to provide quality products at affordable rates- "A world of Treats" in everyone's range. Frequent addition of new tastes and innovative products won it certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP. Moreover, JoJo managed to grab the opportunity of creating a corporate image of itself in countries like UK,USA,South Africa,North America, Australia, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Fiji Island, Ireland and SriLanka.

JoJo is the name of quality confectioners. The determination, passion, and focus on "customer desires and choices" of JoJo brought it international clients which speak loudly for JoJo's scintillating success over the period of years.  In Pakistan too, JoJo has a strong supplying chain and skilled force to monitor all of its functioning. Bearing 240 distributors around the country, JoJo is busy spreading the shades of lusciousness among all age groups.

Sorry for this wrongly placed tag, I had to hide my address ofcourse.
Few days back I was sent a complimentary package from JoJo GFI for which I am very grateful to them. It is a full treat for me, and made me discover the world of treats :) I must say JoJo is a perfect treat for all the gourmands having sweet tooth! I shall be pleased and honored to write an individual review on every product I have received from JoJo as a kind jesture. My package includes:
  1. Pingo ( Cheese Onion & Chicken)
  2. Spaghetti Bubble gum
  3. Miny Tiny Balls
  4. Khatta Saib Candy
  5. Fruit Flow Candy
  6. Trippy Wafers
  7. Colour Bubble Pencils
  8. Sour Bumpy Dips
  9. Striple Chew
No doubt all these products are uniquely delicious with attractive packaging. If you have kids in your home, these colourful, eye-catchy glittering products will have your kids stuck onto them. Have you got any other better idea to keep your naughty kids busy in some activity? I am sure NO! So, what are you waiting for? Stay connected and see how I am going to reveal a land of treasures before you! =)

For a deeper insight about the company, you can join their facebook page here
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