Wednesday, December 7, 2011

JoJo Colour Bubble Pencils-Review

JoJo Colour Bubble Pencils
Trying new tastes from JoJo daily is real fun. JoJo provides a complete package. With beautiful packaging-delicious taste and creative designing are some of its basic foundations.When I unpacked the carton received from JoJo, colour bubble pencils was the first packet,that caught my attention.

It contains three bubble pencils/1 pack and 24 packs in the picture above. Every pack has bubbles, shaped like a pencil structure in Red, Green and Blue.It is soft and easy to chew. Unlike common brands, these bubbles don't leave coloured marks on teeth or tongue. Since it targets primary school children, JoJo has very efficiently grabbed their attention by introducing these bubble pencils in eye- catchy and attractive colours.

These bubble gums donot only possess an entertainment value but also act as an important tool in enhancing the learning skills of pre-school and nursery children by the use of "Association". Researches have proved, that children learn better when there is a motivation and a suitable environment to establish associations. Associating a mere picture of an Apple with Red colour is an old technique. How about developing new associations? Show your child JoJo colour bubble pencil and you will notice an obvious difference.We need to modify our teaching methods since we have to nurture the child of a 21st Century ;)

Every child love vibrant colours. A primary teacher or a mother can intelligently take help from JoJo colour bubble pencils  while making their child/student distinguish between colours. An edible sweet is a far better stimuli than a simply coloured building block. Aint it :)? Experiment it and you will love the results! Help your child achieving better grades!

Not only children, even elderly people will love these coloured bubble pencils from JoJo. Analysts say, that chewing bubble gum is good for health as it stimulates blood circulation in your jaws, reduce stress and increase alertness. Try these out, sweet taste with luscious fragrance will keep your mouth fresh till long! Big balloon is an additional quality ;)


Malahat Siddiqui said...

JOJO hit hye...:P I tasted all the products they sent u...n m loving not only tastes good and they also know how to compel little children to ask their parents for money to buy such products. Ya their packaging is cool...
NOTE: hie JOJO plzz do send another box full of delicious items real soon ;)

hina said...

woww kia idea hy :P bubble gums in pencil form ;)

ReeBz said...

Malahat siddiqui

Well said :D

ReeBz said...


I truly loved this idea :P

ZatZ said...

this is cute :)

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