Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mini Tiny Balls Review- A Product of JoJo with Sour Centre

Having sweet tooth, but tired of the same tasted candies all the year round? Try switching to JoJo Foods. It is the brand that understand your changing moods and craves. If you want a different taste that is "zara hat K" then get yourself  JoJo's "Mini Tiny Balls". I was sent packet of these containing 18 packs inside by JoJo. Miny Tiny balls are hard candies with sweet and sour center filling. I love them.

Everything from packaging to taste is superb. These round hard candy balls are a blast of sour center and you will enjoy chewing every  ball. The colours RED and SILVER selected for its packaging are appealing enough to standout in the crowd of several uncountable candies. The front side is glittery red and the back side of the wrapping is bright silver.

Since I like doing experiments and mini researches for my reviews, I made a little research about JoJo's miny tiny balls too. I threw few of the packets towards my little cousin and found out that as expected every child (both girls and boys) was equally interested on this surprise candy throw. However, the eating habits of girls are a bit different than boys. I noticed that little baby cousins are enjoying them more as compared to boys. You might be well aware of the fact that girls taste buds invite more "sour edibles" than those of boys'. The Daily Science published the findings of the largest study conducted jointly by Danish Science Communication, food scientists from The Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) at University of Copenhagen and 8,900 Danish schoolchildren on the ability of young children to taste. The study proves, that boys have a sweeter tooth than girls.

If you are a girl yourself, and a teen-age then i bet you are going to fall in love with these sweet & sour hard candy balls. Give it a try ;)

NOTE: I would suggest that if you have serious throat issues then better avoid them.


smarty said...

Oh i see. that why my little bhanji;s jackets pockets are full of these balls :P

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