Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stripples Chew from JoJo-Review

Today I am going to review Stripple Chew from JoJo foods. Its a thin rainbow colour chew ofcourse sweet with a bit sour taste. In my childhood i would love to eat such chews.Once again packaging has got all my attention. Just look at the colours of the box and the wrapper of the chew stick.

It comes in a box of 24 chew sticks. A box of JoJo stripples should be every home's need ;) I liked these slim sticks, easy to chew , soft and fun to eat.JoJo stripples has got love from all age groups and both the genders.

 Get yours now, its mine :)

P.S It was sent to me by the company as their PR campaign.


Ibn Hanif said...

Where is mine ?

Sometimes I also eat this type of sweets to feel a little relaxed.

Best Wishes

Brower said...

very colourful bar :)

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