Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saeed Ghani's Kajal Review

In East eyes are considered the major part of one's beauty. Weather its a poem of a poet, or a novel of an author, every one loves to focus on big deep eyes of their beloveds. In real world too, eyes reflect your inner soul and thoughts. Since eyes play an important role, they need most attention of the beholder! Now a days, much time is spent in putting heavy eye makeups, mascaras etc etc. However, one can still make her eyes look perfect just by the use of "kajal"

I bought this lipstick kajal from Saeed Ghani (Ravi road Makro branch) and is my ultimate love these days. Whenever i go out, I just run it in my eyes. It makes my eyes look big and beautiful. There are many lipstick kajal available these days, but if you are running on a low budget you might like to prefer Saeed Ghani's Kajal. It will cost you only Rs 150/=

Its quite black, and handy. You can easily carry it in your clutch bag or purse. Take it wherever you want, and redo your eyes whenever you feel like. It feels bit creamy and doesn't irritate. It runs very smoothly. Luckily, it possess no smell at all.

No eyemakeup is applied. I wanted to focus on Kajal only
The only thing I disliked in this kajal is that it stays in eyes for just few hours. After that it starts wearing off from its right place and melts downwards. It gets spread below your eyes and eye corners. You will want to wash your face and eyes properly after 3-4 hours.

  1. Affordable
  2. Handy  
  3. Enhances the beauty of dark eyes
  1. Doesnot long last 
  2. Not suitable for coloured eyes like greens and blues!
Do share your experiences with your brands =)


Brower said...

Wooww..!Big one..

Ph_ said...

aaaaaaaaaa <3
Uff I have this Saeed Ghani's kajal and I am in love with it <3
There is no drawback for me it works perfect plus I found the red casing attractive <3

ReeBz said...



ReeBz said...


Nice to know. I too love it soo much. Dunno why it starts melting after few hours in my eyes :P good that you are perfectly happy with it. I also love this deep hot pink colour ;)

hina said...

woww.. superbly cool! it looks beautiful. i would love if i could suit on me :d but i have light brown eyes and kajal never suits :(

Peeno said...

mera favorite. it makes eyes smart ;)

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