Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don't Look at These, If You are Hungry!

These days I have been doing photography for my sister's blog Tantalizing Treats. I want to share all of them here. Do tell me how do you find these :)

Tikka Biryani. For recipe click here

Part of Tikka biryani
Sweet Fried  Puffs. Find recipe here
Tikka Boti- Get your hands on recipe here
Camera Used: Q55 She Phone
Courtesy: Tantalising Treats


John said...

wwwooww man. No doubt all are amazingly tempting. I always wish to try Pakistani food.

Fakiha said...

Clever girl!!!
Nice way of promotion ;) by the way, I love biryanis and I will try this someday out!

Ibn Hanif said...

BarakAllah !

These must be very tasty.

Your photography has certainly added a lot in the natural taste of this traditional food.

Really amazing photos made me to google the brand of this phone surprised to see that these amazing photos were captured using just a 2.0 Mega Pixel camera, Masha-Allah.

Thanks for introducing a wonderful food blog and also your hidden for photography.

Sisters, May Allah bless you more, ameen.

Kenneth said...

I must say it is extra ordinary. You must be practicing more. These are the best shots of your blog i have ever noticed.

ReeBz said...

Thank you so much for your appreciation. It really means a world to me :)

ReeBz said...

Thanks for coming :)Do try it out, you know azmaish shert hey ;)

ReeBz said...

Ibn Hanif

Thankyou so much dearest brother for finally showing up yourself here after a very long time :)

I have a real desire od capturing some of the best shots of food photography. People have tastes in photography. Like you like to preserve natural beauty by your camera. I will inshaAllah, one day buy a good digital camera if Allah enables me to afford it.

Thanks for your appreciation again.

ReeBz said...

Thank you.

The response i have received on my photography has boost me up to share more of my photos in future :)

Kimberly said...

b-ar-yan-iey is this the way you pronounce it ? It always attracts. I keep searching for baryanieys photos at Google. Thanks that today you have made me catch a recipe .

Jenny said...

Love the second photo

Doll said...


Pandora`s Box said...

Gosh! Your sis is a great cook. Will def check her blog out.Thanks for sharing.

ReeBz said...

Pandoras box:

Tnakyou :)It will reallu do good to her, if you check her blog since she is new to blogospehere :)

Ibn Hanif said...

Sister, main ab bhi kahan aata; mujhe tau Biryani khainch layee hai!
That's just kidding, though I don't always share my views but I all most read all the updates of your blog.

Best Wishes

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