Saturday, July 30, 2011

And here is much more to come... :)

I am sorry for my long absence, i though have no topic to write on, i was missing my blog and missing my friends here. so a big hello to all!

I have got anew job and its excellent! MashaAllah! friendly and co-operative staff :) and guess what I am so incredibly happy that in this office i have got soooooooooooo many girl friends ;) Seriously i was so fed up from MORE, due to several issues including copyrights and the lack of sufficient colleagues:P 

Anyways thanks for all who prayed for me, stayed with meh and comforted meh when i RESIGNED from MORE, due to their unethical and unprofessional practices! 

will be back soon !
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Karachi is not yours "OR" mine- It is yours "AND" mine!

Do you feel the difference between both the phrases?if yes, then did it please you or was it arrogant for you?Yes!it is not the time of creating differences but to limit them, to minimize them and if possible,it is a time to totally nip these racism based differences from their roots.

For all of those, who are proud Mahajirs and must be assuming that I'm a non-mahajir, hence, it has become easy for me to utter these daring words.Let me clarify that my forefathers are also mahajir. They also migrated and sacrificed for Pakistan. I can be proud too, but I think beyond the differences, i go far for the love of my land where the heat of loathe and racism cant reach. When Prophet of Allah ended all the superiority of Arabics over non-Arabics, then how can anyone belonging from Khi become superior over a non-khiiet?

wall chalkings are a result of increasing hatred among people.
If we think that there should be different provinces to fulfill the political representation/needs of all the castes, sects including mahajirs, punjabis, pushtoons etc, then again we are highly mistaken. We are leading towards destruction!! Until and unless we become just one Pakistani by forgetting all the racial and sects' differences between us, we will not see a peaceful Pakistan in our lives. Honestly, i have never seen educated civilizations fighting on such childish issues. I have never seen an American, bluffing and showing off that he belongs to Newyork or Lasvegas. His only identity is "being an American"!Come on, people come out of your nut-shells, look, search for love! though its difficult, you will find it for sure!

We all know that Karachi is the backbone of Pakistan. If there is bad political situation in Karachi then whole country has to suffer, but thats what all the remaining cities are. As Holy Prophet said , "Muslims are like one body, if one part of the body aches, the other part feels its pain as well".
As we cannot prefer our one sibling over the other, or mother over father, then how can we prefer khi on lahore or vise versa?(same for all other cities).

Every Pakistani owns Karachi and so the other cities. Karachi is neither the identity of Urdu speakers nor it is the property of Pashtoons. It is for all. Karachi is the industrial city.Every one is invited to play his/her role in its development.If you work for it, you become a proud khi-iet!! A proud khi-iet is not the one who is a Mahajir but the one who is honest and sincere with it! It can be you, me or even they :)

Feel the love in the air, not the smell of "Barood"! We have to sow the seeds of  love in this land for our future generation, not the seeds of hatred.

Think about it!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Map"S" of Pakistan- which one should be our identity?

Since childhood we all are well aware of our Map. We know that earlier Pakistan had four provinces, and now five. Jammu and Kashmir would be shown as the "disputed area" in the official maps. At the time we got independence, Quaid gave us  Pakistan in the following geographical form:

Is this just me or have you also noticed the change in our map? Now almost all the world is showing the map of Pakistan, excluding the disputed area of "Jammu kashmir". Who has given the rights to world of bringing any amendments in our map by the way? Why do we accept every cruel decision of the world silently? We are the nation of 18 carore people. Why we all are tongue-tied? Whether Kashmir belongs to Pakistan or India- its another dispute.Kashmir is equally "disputed territory" for India as well.

Even if  Kashmiris want freedom and don't want to be the part of either side, it doesn't mean that Kashmir doesn't exist!! Kashmir is still present on the map of this world so it must be present in the map of Pakistan/India as a disputed territory. 

I got a strange shock when i noticed a group/page "Jago-The-Evolutionary-Awakening", who claims to be a visionary group of Mass communication and MBA students is also advocating such a low standard thought of eliminating Kashmir from the map of Pakistan. Have a look on their logo:
Discussing on this issue with their admins, i found out that they believe in the independence of Kashmir and has left the decision of Kashmir on "fate". I was even more shocked that if you are letting things on fate to decide, then why are you yourself being so over smart to endorse your decision even before the fate has? If Indians have not removed Kashmir part from their map then why should us? It will remain a disputed state unless they get freedom from the brutal,soul less,heartless and ruthless army of "Bharat". So what if the world map shows Kashmir as undisputed territory? We still standby with our claim that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan!! we have not yet gifted Kashmir to hindus, then what is this map change for?According to them, my point of view is extremely childish, immature and emotional.Dear readers, i am creating a poll and would like to know your opinion. If you-youth of Pakistan also prefer to seal their lips on this case, then I will be left with only one option- To commit "Moral Suicide".

UPDATE: jago has changed their profile picture after this post. Here is the new one. I am glad and consider it my achievement :)

UPDATE 2: Jago has once again changed their profile picture with the old one.They were quite angry with this post and me calling their DP change my achievement. Child's attitude, immature ;) You can read their comments below this post!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hum zinda qom hen?

Few days back we got a chance to visit Wahga border on VIP passes. It is a place for which i had made long plans on visiting. Since childhood i had always imagined to visit this magical place where our brave soldiers meet the traditional rivals and keep them under pressure by their salutes to national flag full of bravery and commitment.

No doubt it is a must watch for every Pakistani at-least once in life. National Milli songs, parade and Baba e Pakistan increases the blood circulation. Sitting at our own places, every loving Pakistani is supposed to be lost in thoughts that how they can lead the country towards progress. It seems that the environment takes control of our mind and soul just in few minutes. However, unfortunately, there are some bad fishes which spoil the mood of everything, every event. I noticed that almost all of the guys were busy in shouting for Pakistan. They were making loud echoing "Takbeers" and were singing Pakistani national songs.

It is true that we are a nation full of corrupts and hypocrites. Does this suit an educated person to shout and show love for your country, but being so different from inside? Though apparently the guys were busy in showing love for the motherland but in reality they were not missing even a single chance to shout and hoot at the girls standing near by. We were lucky enough to have some VIP seats booked, otherwise i would have left the ceremony without even taking a wide common look. Deeper analysis would then be a far fetched idea.

I was shocked the second time at the end of the parade, when i noticed the same guys who were earlier promising to sacrifice themselves for Pakistan were now busy in singing vulgar Indian songs. I was just wondering does this make us "Zinda qom"? Aren't we leading towards destruction? the child of today doesn't know about Nikah, because its not of his concern, but then why he has full information regarding "hindu Pherey"? In childhood i would hear that English is the common language and we use so many words from it in our daily routines. However now I think that shamefully, Hindi is now replacing it.
It is even more remorseful when some of the people among us start advocating that hindu and Muslims are the same culture, traditions, languages etc. Ashamed!! we forgot so easily what we are!!

Kia sum ab bhi zinda qom hen?
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