Saturday, July 30, 2011

And here is much more to come... :)

I am sorry for my long absence, i though have no topic to write on, i was missing my blog and missing my friends here. so a big hello to all!

I have got anew job and its excellent! MashaAllah! friendly and co-operative staff :) and guess what I am so incredibly happy that in this office i have got soooooooooooo many girl friends ;) Seriously i was so fed up from MORE, due to several issues including copyrights and the lack of sufficient colleagues:P 

Anyways thanks for all who prayed for me, stayed with meh and comforted meh when i RESIGNED from MORE, due to their unethical and unprofessional practices! 

will be back soon !


Asma Khan said...

Congrats for new job.... :)

Ph_ said...

Hello, I am really happy to know you are having a great time. Do continue blogging please! Stay blessed =D

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Be back soon!

Eyewitness said...

"5. Then, surely with hardship comes ease:

6. Surely, with hardship comes ease,"

[The Holy Quran: Sura Inshirah (The expansion)]

Muhammad said...

Enjoy !

Kiran Ashraf said...

congrats on the new job n best of luck :)

I have passed on my award to you. Go check it out on my blog:)

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