Friday, July 8, 2011

Hum zinda qom hen?

Few days back we got a chance to visit Wahga border on VIP passes. It is a place for which i had made long plans on visiting. Since childhood i had always imagined to visit this magical place where our brave soldiers meet the traditional rivals and keep them under pressure by their salutes to national flag full of bravery and commitment.

No doubt it is a must watch for every Pakistani at-least once in life. National Milli songs, parade and Baba e Pakistan increases the blood circulation. Sitting at our own places, every loving Pakistani is supposed to be lost in thoughts that how they can lead the country towards progress. It seems that the environment takes control of our mind and soul just in few minutes. However, unfortunately, there are some bad fishes which spoil the mood of everything, every event. I noticed that almost all of the guys were busy in shouting for Pakistan. They were making loud echoing "Takbeers" and were singing Pakistani national songs.

It is true that we are a nation full of corrupts and hypocrites. Does this suit an educated person to shout and show love for your country, but being so different from inside? Though apparently the guys were busy in showing love for the motherland but in reality they were not missing even a single chance to shout and hoot at the girls standing near by. We were lucky enough to have some VIP seats booked, otherwise i would have left the ceremony without even taking a wide common look. Deeper analysis would then be a far fetched idea.

I was shocked the second time at the end of the parade, when i noticed the same guys who were earlier promising to sacrifice themselves for Pakistan were now busy in singing vulgar Indian songs. I was just wondering does this make us "Zinda qom"? Aren't we leading towards destruction? the child of today doesn't know about Nikah, because its not of his concern, but then why he has full information regarding "hindu Pherey"? In childhood i would hear that English is the common language and we use so many words from it in our daily routines. However now I think that shamefully, Hindi is now replacing it.
It is even more remorseful when some of the people among us start advocating that hindu and Muslims are the same culture, traditions, languages etc. Ashamed!! we forgot so easily what we are!!

Kia sum ab bhi zinda qom hen?


Eyewitness said...

Iqbal said,

"Wuza main tum ho Nasara, tou tamaddun main Hanud. Ye Musalman hain, jinhain dekh kay sharmain Yahud"

He also said,

"nahin na umeed Iqbal apni kisht-e-veeran se

zara nam ho tou yeh matti baRi zarkhez hae saqi."

Let's pray and hope!

Kiran Ashraf said...

"Zara Nam Ho Tou Yeah Mitti Bari Zarkhaiz Hai Saqii"

its about time that we have to take a stand and sort out the ppl who are really true from the inside,ppl who practice what they preach.great post :)

Asma Khan said...

1st pic indicates our current country situation :/

ReeBz said...

Eye witness and kiran Ashraf:
thanks for commenting. Eye-opening comments indeed :)

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