Saturday, July 16, 2011

Karachi is not yours "OR" mine- It is yours "AND" mine!

Do you feel the difference between both the phrases?if yes, then did it please you or was it arrogant for you?Yes!it is not the time of creating differences but to limit them, to minimize them and if possible,it is a time to totally nip these racism based differences from their roots.

For all of those, who are proud Mahajirs and must be assuming that I'm a non-mahajir, hence, it has become easy for me to utter these daring words.Let me clarify that my forefathers are also mahajir. They also migrated and sacrificed for Pakistan. I can be proud too, but I think beyond the differences, i go far for the love of my land where the heat of loathe and racism cant reach. When Prophet of Allah ended all the superiority of Arabics over non-Arabics, then how can anyone belonging from Khi become superior over a non-khiiet?

wall chalkings are a result of increasing hatred among people.
If we think that there should be different provinces to fulfill the political representation/needs of all the castes, sects including mahajirs, punjabis, pushtoons etc, then again we are highly mistaken. We are leading towards destruction!! Until and unless we become just one Pakistani by forgetting all the racial and sects' differences between us, we will not see a peaceful Pakistan in our lives. Honestly, i have never seen educated civilizations fighting on such childish issues. I have never seen an American, bluffing and showing off that he belongs to Newyork or Lasvegas. His only identity is "being an American"!Come on, people come out of your nut-shells, look, search for love! though its difficult, you will find it for sure!

We all know that Karachi is the backbone of Pakistan. If there is bad political situation in Karachi then whole country has to suffer, but thats what all the remaining cities are. As Holy Prophet said , "Muslims are like one body, if one part of the body aches, the other part feels its pain as well".
As we cannot prefer our one sibling over the other, or mother over father, then how can we prefer khi on lahore or vise versa?(same for all other cities).

Every Pakistani owns Karachi and so the other cities. Karachi is neither the identity of Urdu speakers nor it is the property of Pashtoons. It is for all. Karachi is the industrial city.Every one is invited to play his/her role in its development.If you work for it, you become a proud khi-iet!! A proud khi-iet is not the one who is a Mahajir but the one who is honest and sincere with it! It can be you, me or even they :)

Feel the love in the air, not the smell of "Barood"! We have to sow the seeds of  love in this land for our future generation, not the seeds of hatred.

Think about it!


Asma Khan said...

The need of the hour is establishing the rule of the law. Karachi needs actions not words.

Umme habibah said...

m following u from when u started and its the very first time i am commenting at any of your post...let me say bachey u have done great!! m happy to hear the real voice of our youngsters and yes m re-leafed thinking that our youth is on the right path and will inshllah going to do that we didn't. let me confess that my generation was the most paralyzed generation of Pakistan we did nothing good; consciously or unconsciously we took every step that leads to the destruction of my dear home land..:( may ALLAh bless u always ameeeen!!

ReeBz said...

when there are words, there will be actions too.Action/rules of law also need some words first, in order to be formed.

ReeBz said...

Umme habibah:
I had been unaware of you following my blog. However, its a pleasure for me to know that finally you felt that any of my posts deserves your comment. I am honored, thanks :)

I didn't know that i will receive comments in the favor of my thoughts.But once again, your words have made me happy. I wish instead of creating differences, we all sit together under one flag as one nation.. But no we have divided ourselves in Sindhi,balochi, pujabi amd what worse? We are now one step forward. We are now lahoris,khiiets, faislabadis etc..

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Ummm.. Can't help but agree with your words.!=D

Peerless said...

Good post, I think the problem is not of Muhajir or non-Muhajir, instead it is of Urdu speakers or non-Urdu speakers. The population of Karachi is about 18 -20 millions. Out of which 60% are muhajirs (mostly Urdu speaking, 20% are pashtuns and 20% are Sindhis and others. In Lahore out of total population 30% are Muhajirs, but we never faced the ethnic riots there, as most of them are Punjabi speaking muhajirs. In Karachi there are over a million Afghani Pashtuns living who migrated in 80's after Soviet's invasion. The tension between pathans and Muhajirs started in 80's the major cause was the dissent among the local population due to massive influx of Afghanis in Karachi. So what we are facing is largely due to the theory that all Muslims are brothers and sisters and there are free to live in any Islamic country. Muslims are brothers and sisters in fact but can you go to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey or Kuwait, can you purchase land and settle there independently, not at all, they will not let you enter their countries. It is only Pakistan where criminals from all over the world can enter in the name of Islam and ruin our land.
Moreover a party who claims to be the representative of Pakhtuns in Karachi did not even recognized Pakistan in 1947, recently they named there province on ethnic basis by force. But is ka kya karain kay, after NWFP was named Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa over million Pakhtun attended a jalsa at Karachi sea view under ANP. Land, drug and transport mafia in Karachi is so strong that they are owned by ethnic parties to fulfill their claims over the city. Now its people aman committee, I challenge all of my friend to visit Lyari once in these days, I fear no one will be able to cross Lee-Market area, most of the Lyari is no-go area now.
The problem lies within us, the people, we support the ethnic parties because we feel proud to be Pathans, Muhajirs, Sindhis and Balochis, we never feel proud to be Pakistanis, no one respect other’s mandate. Another thing I want to mention is that even in USA there are some rules and regulations for their own citizens to travel live and settle in other states, same is in the Canada, so first right over the land is of its old inhabitants, whether they are Balochis, Kachhis, Muhajirs or Pathans, we should accept their rights.

ReeBz said...

Once again your comment is full of information. I agree cent percent with each and every word of yours. I never said that Pakistan is a place for all muslims. I also hate it thay why rules of Pakistan are so lenient for the terrorists of all the world. It was one of the biggest mistake of Zia that he opened borders for Afghan muhajirins. Now same are the pepple who are working against Pakistan.
This post was only to unite Pakistanis. and all the inhabitants of Karachi. If khi is something great today, its not only cs of khi iets. Many other people belonging from different provinces have contributed in its development!

ReeBz said...

Hamza thanks :) thats my achievement :)

Eyewitness said...

Have we forgotten the following teachings of Islam?

"O you who believe, obey Allah, and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. If a dispute arises among you in any matter, then return it back to Allah and His Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. This is a better interpretation".(The Holy Quran)

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 196:
Narrated Abu Musa:

The Prophet said, "If anyone of you passed through our mosque or through our market while carrying arrows, he should hold the iron heads," or said, "..... he should hold (their heads) firmly with his hand lest he should injure one of the Muslims with it."

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 197:

Narrated 'Abdullah:

The Prophet, said, "Abusing a Muslim is Fusuq (evil doing) and killing him is Kufr (disbelief)."

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 198:
Narrated Ibn 'Umar:

I heard the Prophet saying, "Do not revert to disbelief after me by striking (cutting) the necks of one another."

[Ahadith from Sahih Bukhari]

Umme Habibah said...

bachey, its not about that your posts are not deserving, u can say m a bit lazy and generally avoid to show my existence on such places...m not a born khi-wali...but i lived there for more then 15 years back in 80's i still use to visit khi once a year just because i love Karachi.The situation is getting on the nerve of every peace loving Pakistani. I can do nothing but to wish and to pray Allah that may HE guide our kidz to the right path and may HE strengthen them to save and to establish Pakistan! last i want to pay tribute to your parents who gave birth to such talented children and to your teachers who have honor to educate those who r gonna lead the way who r gonna be trend setter..this may be the last of my words but from the day i started following u, you are close to my heart and are always in my prayers..LOVE YOU! :))

BehX@d said...

i wud like to add that if u get into division on such basis in the end wat you r left with are individuals. u divide on basis of mohajir n non-muhajir...then u divide on da basis of mohajir of a particular area...then u divide further on basis of particular family in a particular area and in da end are individuals.
blind followers of our stupid politicians, who have nothing else toi achieve but individual benifits, act like a herd of sheep jin ko jahan morh do murh jatay hein. need to educate such people in order to get good sincere leadership

ReeBz said...

Eyewitness:Thanks for enriching my post with the translation of Ahadiths and Quranic verses. you have MashaAllah vast knowledge.

ReeBz said...

Umme habibah:
I can understand what you mean :) How glad I am to know that you remember me in your prayers. Its the light of prayers of people like you, that has enabled me to keep on going.. :)

Thats the biggest gift, to remember someone in prayers. and thats a biggest pleasure to know that its YOU in someones prayers:)

I donot know what should i call you, but since you call me "bachey" i think calling you "auntie" will be appropriate. I like giving "relations-names" to some special people in my life, around me. It make me feel that i own them. Love you too auntie!:)
May ALLAH bless you with good health and everything:)

ReeBz said...

Well said dude!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

You have been awarded at my Blog!!!!
Go check it out.
Your number is (35)

hina said...

Beautifully written! no doubt! I can understand each word of this post since i was also a khiiet like you and have moved few months back to isn!

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