Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Own Karachi – My city, my responsibility!

The beauty of the metropolitan city Karachi has increased alot in past few years and for which the credit goes to the City Government’s unique ownership program ‘I Own Karachi’. Launched on 14th August 2008, the program aimed to bring positive change in the mindset of the people of Karachi. The  city Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal openly invited all the residents of Karachi to come and register themselves with the City Government, he gave them the opportunity to become the ‘City Owners’.
What the program actually does is that the registered city owners are provided with some training so that they can perform the basic duties whenever needed. The most important feature is that the common man is given attention and steps are being taken in order to deal with his problems. The Karachi City Government and the City Owners have launched a CNG bus service in the city of Karachi, they have also built several bus stops with very beautiful shelters. The problems of sewerage and water shortage have also been given attention and the City Government and the City Owners have managed to bring SOME improvement in the sewerage system of the city, though its still not enough and ALOT needs to be done but its still SOMETHING.
Extreme love and sincerity was observed from the residents of Karachi. They supported the I own Karachi program and almost everyone participated in the program with zeal and zest, be it women, labourers, businessmen, students, sportsmen, government officers, elected representatives, office bearers of Arts Council, rickshaw/taxi drivers and even the Imams.
This unique concept of city ownership has been in the positive direction and it has somewhat changed the picture of the city. The work done by the joint efforts of City Mayor and the people of Karachi is remarkable and is appreciated around the world.
More than 80 overhead bridges, underpasses and fly-overs were constructed just in the time span of just 2 years, which is actually a great achievement. The condition of the existing parks and recreational places has been improved while the city government has also made some new parks and places which add to the city’s beauty. Karachi is the biggest city of the country and it was once known as the city of lights, the City Owners are trying hard to help Karachi regain the status of the city of lights!
The official I own Karachi website can be accessed here. You can also join their facebook group.
What we normally do is that we only criticize the government but with this program instead of criticizing Government, the people can actually step forward and bring positive change in the city. We can only progress and touch the peak of glory when we consider the public property as our prays that may Pakistan and the city of Karachi flourish more and more with every passing day. Pakistan Zindabad!!

P.s I wrote it for "Pakiology" .Original post can be read here
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy & contented people!

Yesterday we had to visit the "Slums" to run a campaign "Awareness about Iron deficiency in women"  for our project "Development support Communication".We were given the task of educating those women who normally earn their livelihood by working in home to home.

When we first entered in the area where they had their camps, to be honest we all were reluctant to go inside. There was no sense of hygiene among people and their kids had some weird diseases which could be a great hindrance for our awareness campaign.Finally we managed to overcome over reluctance and asked few questions which showed that they are deprived of the basic necessities of life, which was also obvious from their lifestyle. I was feeling pity but at the same time those poor,illiterate people who are like an
extra load over Pakistan's economy gave me a lesson. I realized that where the world is being materialistic and a big fight between haves and haves not has started, these people who even lack proper two meals per day , clothing and shelter are happy with what they have. Therefore, you will always find a smile on their lips and a sparkle in their eyes.Not all can recognize these both elements, but those who have a sensitive heart towards the problem of our society.

Though they are contented with what they have, but isn't it the duty of government to care for its people? whats their fault?If one realizes, they contribute most to the workforce of Pakistan.They are also equally the citizens of Pakistan like me &  like you, then why are they deprived of every happiness?
They have no concern if the world has got innumerable achievements in the field of I.T, It doesn't matter to them that the man has landed on to the moon.These simple people just question for a two times meal.

Its a matter of thought,that  by providing them with proper education(at least basic),hygiene & sanitation and the nutrients necessary for the health  we can transform this huge number of Pakistan's population into a meaningful workforce of Pakistan.In western countries, stipends are fixed for such poor families than why not it is possible in Pakistan?Moreover , in west ,you can sue your mother's gynecologist if at your birth your mother's body was deficient in Iron.On the contrary here in Pakistan, we all know what is the situation. This all is the matter of "Awareness" which matters most...

We can change our Pakistan, we can make Pakistan a better place to live, a heaven on Earth infact- we just need to think over it sincerely~
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Instant Virus Killer – The First Ever Pakistani Anti-virus

My first article for "Pakiology".

We know that the Pakistanis are talented and genius in their fields. Be it the armed forces or the scientists, the educationalists or the researchers, the sportsmen or the software developers, we HAVE some of the finest brains in our country. Our people can do anything. what we only need is some motivation and opportunities.

It was in 1986 when the world saw the first computer VIRUS, created by Farooq Alvi brothers from Lahore, Pakistan. They named it Brain and it was a boot sector computer virus that wildly spread across the world. Then started the war between Viruses and their killer anti-viruses. This time two bright-stars of Pakistan, Hafiz Usman and Imran have made the first ever Pakistani Anti-Virus which is registered with the Government of Pakistan. The development of this anti virus is completely done by The Real Soft, a Pakistani Software Solutions providing company. They are calling it “Instant Virus killer”.
The developers claim that this anti virus can kill ANY virus immediately. Moreover, it can also recover the lost data with in seconds. This anti-virus can also fix the reboot issues of Microsoft Windows affected by the virus and is capable of giving 90% protection against web, USBs and pirated CD-viruses.
Instant virus-killer is not free and it has NO trial version available in market. The per license cost of the anti-virus is Rs 2000. The anti-virus can be tested at the developers’ office which is located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. The complete  address is; Showroom No.2, SB-32, Block-13C, Opposite Urdu Science College, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.
Hereis the official website of this anti-virus while  this is the official website of The Real Soft. You can also join the official facebook group of the anti-virus here.One of the developers, Mr Hafiz Usman can be contacted through his email address, It is indeed a powerful anti-virus and should be used in offices, schools, colleges and even for the security of domestic computer systems but we believe that the developers SHOULD launch a 15 day trial version. A trial version always makes it easier for the costumer to test and buy the product.
The developers now plan to make an operating system in near future. wishes them best of luck.

Original post can be seen here
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fusion of two top stars-Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik.

Finally Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik got married on 12 of April 2010,where as Reception is due on 15 of April 2010.Whatever impact it will have on Pakistan and India is no doubt a very important issue, but media which played an important role in this wedding now seem to lose hope,because no "mirch-masala" is left for media.Whether it be the Pakistani media or Indian Media,its a fact that both were competing each other in spicing-up the news and they tried their best to cash this wedding of both the stars to earn credibility.

It remained a hit issue in media during the previous few days.Different people have different opinion about the fusion of  top stars belonging to two countries,who are rivals to each other.

In Pakistan an extreme wave of happiness can be observed where as Indians have mix opinions and thoughts.As we are living in the global village,one must not be so shocked on such incidents,I agree that both the groom and bride are the public figures,but still it is their personal issue,totally private to them,therefore their desire to get "ONE" should be respected by all.But,unfortunately everyone tried encashing the situation,everyone wanted to get fame and benefit.

If Pakistani media is analyzed, it will be obvious that all the private channels were just telecasting flash files,clump of the photos with some Film's songs being played in the background which lacked proper information.Seems their main focus was to fill the stomach of their bulletins somehow.This habit is unethical media practice,As "news" is always to inform,not to "please or entertain"
Whereas Indian media tried its best to somehow stop this wedding.Some Hindu extremist parties like "SHEV SINA"  threatened Sania mirza and her family in case of getting married with shoaib,however U-turn was taken by them later-on.A survey of forums over internet reveals that a common Hindu/Indian is not very happy with SANIA SHOAIB.According to them it would have been better if she would have married some "low standard Indian" instead of Pakistan's top cricket star.

Anyhow,Both are happily married now despite the fact that many elements tried to create a bad-taste but they both were destined for each other. Click for Sania mirza & Shoaib Malik wedding photos.

I wish the couple lots of blessings,health,prosperity and love.May this wedding be fruitful for both India and Pakistan. Amin

P.S  I welcome all the Indian readers to please share their views.
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