Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fusion of two top stars-Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik.

Finally Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik got married on 12 of April 2010,where as Reception is due on 15 of April 2010.Whatever impact it will have on Pakistan and India is no doubt a very important issue, but media which played an important role in this wedding now seem to lose hope,because no "mirch-masala" is left for media.Whether it be the Pakistani media or Indian Media,its a fact that both were competing each other in spicing-up the news and they tried their best to cash this wedding of both the stars to earn credibility.

It remained a hit issue in media during the previous few days.Different people have different opinion about the fusion of  top stars belonging to two countries,who are rivals to each other.

In Pakistan an extreme wave of happiness can be observed where as Indians have mix opinions and thoughts.As we are living in the global village,one must not be so shocked on such incidents,I agree that both the groom and bride are the public figures,but still it is their personal issue,totally private to them,therefore their desire to get "ONE" should be respected by all.But,unfortunately everyone tried encashing the situation,everyone wanted to get fame and benefit.

If Pakistani media is analyzed, it will be obvious that all the private channels were just telecasting flash files,clump of the photos with some Film's songs being played in the background which lacked proper information.Seems their main focus was to fill the stomach of their bulletins somehow.This habit is unethical media practice,As "news" is always to inform,not to "please or entertain"
Whereas Indian media tried its best to somehow stop this wedding.Some Hindu extremist parties like "SHEV SINA"  threatened Sania mirza and her family in case of getting married with shoaib,however U-turn was taken by them later-on.A survey of forums over internet reveals that a common Hindu/Indian is not very happy with SANIA SHOAIB.According to them it would have been better if she would have married some "low standard Indian" instead of Pakistan's top cricket star.

Anyhow,Both are happily married now despite the fact that many elements tried to create a bad-taste but they both were destined for each other. Click for Sania mirza & Shoaib Malik wedding photos.

I wish the couple lots of blessings,health,prosperity and love.May this wedding be fruitful for both India and Pakistan. Amin

P.S  I welcome all the Indian readers to please share their views.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful,inspiring and sentimental choice of words..
Please do tell me how did u increase ur vocabulary so nicely....?
A wonderful blog written in a most wonderful stately fashion...!
Keep it up.!

urooj malik said...

nicely written post, Reebz.

Komal Khan said...

Hey ReeBz! Really nice to see you back :) Waiting for your post for so long...

You covered the event very precisely. This is commendable.

ReeBz said...

Urooj thanks for leaving comment:)

Hamza,Thank you so much.As far as vocabulary is concerned, its a very long and a bit complex process.You need to read,read and read but observe and memorize the new words you come across while reading process.I've been working on improving language skills for more than 5 -6 years.At first i was extremely poor, but in my opinion if you want to improve English join some international forums where English is the only language to be used,then take part in debates specially the hot and sensitive ones like "religion".I did same and believe me it make you confident when you feel that you manage to convey your sentiments,anger,extreme love,hatred and even taunts (when needed) to those whose mother tongue is English!

But i see that you have full command on your language skills, you are running the group at face book quite effectively and have managed to gain foreign fans too =)

Hie Komal, i missed all of your posts and others too, as its my final year I'm extremely busy in studies, specially my major research driving me nuts :(
I managed to do it precisely, as now it is our current assignment to cover "running and detailed issues" precisely for TV and radio reporting =)
Thanks for the appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Well dOne, Allah bLess 'em, yOu nd evEryone ;)
kEEp it Up!
--Rabeeta Warsi

smarty said...

G nice one.
I was sick of media n ds news. they broadcast and it many many times.Even tried to interfere in their personal lives by fixing cameras into her home.. how cheap!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Immaculate job Reebz, this line I particularly liked : As "news" is always to inform,not to "please or entertain".

Good luck and best wishes for your final year exams and we expect that our scholar will beat her intermediate results.

ReeBz said...

Thank you Sir for comment and wishes.
umm I'm in Masters' final year of Media sciences =)

hina said...

Let them marry please!
Media always play negative roles now.Nicely and well written short but complete.

filpaki said...

Welcome back!
I predicted it that your next post will be about the same issue :D
why didnot you mention Ayesha the villain in your post btw?

ReeBz said...

Rabeeta,Smarty and Hina thanks for the comments.

LoLz you know about my ideas cause you live in my home :D
About ayesha, umm if i had written about this issue sometime back then i would have mentioned her, but now as she has no more involvement i thought of dropping her completely from the scene.

amit_the_englitned said...

well, you see i know that you cant understand the contradictions in ur blog.
1)what do you mean by low standard indian.
sohaib suddenly become a super human ,just before his marriage plan was announced you guys banned his from playing cricket for his own country.
some of you guys even called him a traitor. just b coz suddenly he has married an indian sport star he has become a hero.if he is a high standard pakistani , i would be happy with a low standard indian.
2) sania mirza has said that she would keep her pasport and play for india, and they would live in know it is a women duty that she goes to her husband land after marriage but insted she convince your high standard cricketer to leave his country and live in dubai. let me imagine how she would have convinced sohaib,
sania: dear sohaib, u know i like you , u r smart and you look like an indian too, but you know what i dont like your country its sick, and i will also keep my passport i will never accept your nationality.
sohaib: sure darling , even i dont like pakistan lets go live at dubai.
ok ok..come on..why r all u guys so happy and so many India so upset..i dont know the reason, i mean sania is going to keep playing for india and sohaib is going to playing or atleast watching for pakistan..what changes.
i\but you know what i really worry about their childrens. i hope they become true peacnik and work for peace between the two countries.
theyt could proudly say my dad was a paki and my mom an indian , both countries are my home so shut the fuk up, we love you both.

ReeBz said...


First of all correct yourself,pity on your knowledge that you don't know the name of your SUPER star Tennis player's husband name.Its Shoaib not sohaib.

Secondly, we donot consider Shoaib a super human nor anyother thing,Didnt you read the post properly or you just don't want to know the facts?It was infact "SHEV SINA" who considered him a super human and a super star-well whether you agree or not, but Shoaib is a super star!ok you can make me quiet but how will you stop INDIAN and other global media to stop calling shoaib a star?If you manage it, i will consider you a star as well :D
anyway come to the point, it was SHEV SINA who threatened SANIA Mirza( now Sania SHOAIB) to marry some low standard Indian instead of a Pakistani star.
Moreover, even if we ban Shoaib still it is not making him equal to a low standard Indian,agreed?? If no, then there is problem in Sania' Mirza's choice who is a TOP INDIAN star,tch tch tch....
Couldn't Sania mirza find any better guy than Shoaib in WHOLE big InDiaaa? Awww !what a pity..!

3.We really have no problem if she continues to play for India, we are not those who are inferiority complex patients.We give full freedom to our women and yes, Sania is now our women not yours,again tch tch..

If you say that Shoaib is agreed to live ion dubai because he doesnt like Pakistan, then it means this too k Sania is also rejecting INDIA and choosing a totally different place to pass her life with her Pakistani husband.
In my opinion, they both want a BEST country for themselves,and it is DUBAI, neither INDIA nor Pakistan can match Dubai.A fact which you should second too!

So come on,see the things with a sense of realization of reality and facts and also try to put your racism at side while thinking about such hot issues.

Rohit Sharma said...

Well, although there were little problems with your article, there real nature or persons comes out in a debate. If you give a careful look into your comments made, you will find that it has many mistakes. Sania is not rejecting India, it is her duty to go to her husband after her marriage and as her husband lives in a doomed country, she convinces him to leave her country.
You can find may more of such blunders. Anyway, you can see the difference in Indian and Pakistani standards when you look at the interviews of Shoaib and Sania. Shoaib looks a village boy and Sania is a superstar. Although the marriage has taken place somehow, there is little chance that it will survive for long.
Lastly a word of advice... you say you are in final year.. believe me, with such a little IQ, you cannot do much even with a degree. Better vacate your country and go to a foreign nation to learn how the world works.

ReeBz said...

Opinion differences are everywhere but you call it low IQ level infact you are the one who really have lowest levels of IQ.

Secondly i cant understand that why all you Indians make personal attacks to the authors when you don't agree with what is written.If you disagree you must disagree with the content and should defend yourself with solid points and logic.Moreover,as an educated person (if you are) you should avoid personal attacks.

What do you think of your own Dear India?Its a failed State read the last blog post of the one who commented before you.In India every year several pppl die with filthy AIDS,many are passing lives on footpaths and ppl are divided into many castes tch tch.. Infact Shoaib has made sania lucky enough that she will not see such tragic scenes in a doomed country India.

All of India is angry and feeling jealous that they were rejected and Sania chose a Pakistani!

anyhow i tried my best to not to touch any angle in the post which can create anger among Indian or Pakistanis, but both the comments i have got from Indians show that you people have lots of Racism.You don't have any reason to hate the couple but just because of traditional rivalry towards Pakistan you cant see Sania happy with Shoaib!

Anonymous said...

@My Indian counterparts,Respected Indian intellectuals,I really feel the pain you guys feel after losing your Tennis Queen,to our banned cricket player.But please don't leave ground realities behind...Why can't u see who creates the hatred between us,is it Government of Pakistan..?Or the Indian Government..?Or the Taliban..?
No,Hatred is always started at our end by hard cored dangerous extremists called Shiv Senics.

Talking about Sania not rejecting India..!
Wow..Don't u know she rejected two Indian's including your Super star,Yugraj Singh too.!

Thirdly,calling Pakistan a doomed nation,
Ha ha ha..!
Man u people could make wonderful comedians..:p
The nation which has better and more nuclear assets than your nation is doomed..?
(If u say this is bluff then ask ur own atomic scientists..!)
And if u talk about terrorism in our beloved Nation...u could notice we are operating against it successfully unlike losing 70 soldiers in one attack by Mao rebells in your so called Great Bharat..!
Our missile experiments don't fail everyday unlike ur agni's.:P

Abd lastly you said that they(Shoaib & Sania) are moving to Dubia..So what..
Remember what Inzimam-ul-haq said back in 2003,"Dubia is our second home.!".
So don't worry she's in a second Pakistan.
We Pakistani's don't have any boundaries..where ever we live becomes Pakistan.!

And a piece of Advice,Stop wasting your energies on abusing our nation and go and prepare your self to face the 50,000 Pakistani's showing their might within a few kilometers of your nation..!

Muhammad Hamza Khan
Bradford,United Kingdom.
student of Advanced level's at Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pakis,
Sad u guys hardly have anything to be proud of...Remember 1971!!!...90,0000 of ur mighty troops meekly surrendered BEGGING on their knees fr their lives before Indian Army...Mukhti Bahini wanted those surrendered troops just fr a day to take revenge of atrocities committed on their nation...
Ha,ha,ha,...we shd hv handed them,,,,do u know thats the biggest surender of an army after world war-II.....Thank us that we kept uR COWARDS safe frm their wrath or else u know what wd hv happened to those 90,0000...give it a break man,Sania is a proud Indian muslim & as an Indian we all respect her choice of love....aur tum logon k liye advice hai,,,jab jarurat ho toh maang liya karo,we know a failed nation has no heroes only frustrated lot...common kid,rejoice TILL it lasts.

ReeBz said...

The above comment shows the "Mentality" of such poor,low standards Indians.You trolls don't see what sort of discussion is going on but instead you try to flame others with no logic but abusive language and by being sarcastic. Those who have nothing to say for defending themselves,taunt on others to cast an impressive look.

You only remember 1971?
why don't you remember 1965?embarrassed to discuss it?pity you!
India is the most hostile country which you people keep proving.You are the people who dont know how to respect any agreement.You are the one's who are stopping Pakistan's river waters and want to cause great damage to Pakistan.

We are not cowards but "makkari,ayyari & chalaki" of "HINDU BANYA" is famous since ages and now trolls like you prove it that it is right.
If you respect her choice of love then why your fellow Indians are so angry?What made your extremist shev sinic so wilD?Do u have any answer for it?
Dear what are you doing now, i can define it in only one sentence "KHISYANI BILLI KHAMBA NOCHEY"!

Anonymous said...


oh look who's talking!!
Hey people, listen!! i would advice you to get a grip over yourselves and stop demonstrating the extreme level of your sick, filthy, frustrated desperate mentality:)
i assure you that we are fully aware of your gruesomeness and really dont have much time to play with your dirt:)

now heres an idea:)
why dont you FOR ONCE in your lifetime TRY to hold your patheticness back and STOP demonstrating your low moral values? we know, being aware of solid historical facts that its a real tough job to carry out for your species but whats the harm in giving it a shot?:)
that would be a HUGE favour towards the world people!:)

And yes, yes, i know thats saying something being aware of the fact that the survival of your kind is based on Sickness but still we like to give people a SECOND CHANCE.
pity, idiots like you dont see it:)

ReeBz said...

Indians must be satisfied with the answers here.To show them mirror became necessary, although at the time of this happiness i really didn't want any such element which could create bad taste, but as bad taste was created by Indian media at every step, Indians showed their mentality here too.They are helpless,"adat se majboor"jo hen :D

Hamza, thanks for the "super-hit" reply i agree with every word of yours.
Thanks for the comments =)
Anonymous,thanks for leaving comment which is not only voice of your heart but every Pakistani :)

amit_the_englitned said...

i some times really feel petty about pakis. deep down inside they know that they are on the wrong side of history.see you guys are obsessed with india. man you want every thing that India has. come on guys grow up, cant you guys have your own dreams and peruse them.
India has kashmir, yeah ..we also want kashmir
India has nukes , yeah we also want nukes
India has river water, yeah we also want river water
India has nuclear power plants, yeah we also want nuclear power plant
india has drones , yeah we also want drones

advice guys
why dont you have your own dreams and try to bring them to reality, if you compete with india (, we r not the best, ), you r not going to be close grow up

ReeBz said...


i dint know that you are a kid of age 4, if i knew it i wouldnt have wasted my time in replying you.
Comeon only a child of age 4 can talk like this and try "Making a reality to appear as he wants"

INdia has river waters,
But we want OUR WATER! we don't want your filthy "ganga" water my dear. But you people keep breaking rules and agreements. You have broken all water agreements!

And our nuclear assets are more than you, its India who tries to follow Pakistan to show superiority but everytime it fails, recently you sent a satellite in space but ASUSUALL it failed and you people had to bear the trauma of 3 carores..Tchhhhhh

Hasaan Rafique said...

Nice post!

But i guess if I comment on the content of the POST, it will break the tempo of the COMMENTS on this post.

Well, to be precise, I do not know WHY the Indians are reacting in such a cheap, low and inferior manner. They have nothing logical to say, all they do is to say shameless things and make personal attacks on the author (which gives a great insight into the mentality of their people, their family backgrounds and way they are brought up)

Personally, i do not blame them for it. I guess the urea and uric acid components taken from external sources (e.g. their favourite national drink :P ) accumulates in their mind and retards the logical working of their minds.

Sorry if i offended anyone, but it's the 10000th time I've seen them arguing without logic. I hate this trait!

Hasaan Rafique said...

Anyway, it's really good that Sania Mirza married Shoaib Malik, despite the negative role by extremist Indian media and the threats of the Extremist Hindu group Shev Sina.

it's the right of every person to marry according to his/her will, and India or the Indians (both infamous for violating and depriving people of human rights) had no right to try to change her mind! This shows how much hatred they have for Pakistan, they have it in their hearts. On the surface, they try to appear humble and friendly, but INSIDE they have a different approach towards Pakistan). This is called hypocrisy, and it forms a major part of the Indian nation.

Patriotic Hamza said...

@Amit The enlightened..
(Who told u are enlightened..,huh.?)

Firstly I feel some comedian troupe will soon offer u a job as the chief comedian ,Cause man u are a natural at cracking jokes...:p

Secondly,Talking about WE ,Pakistani's admiring your Nukes........;P
This joke'll make me laugh for ages..!
Man...Grow up and talk on ground realities...
WE Pakistani's have 98 Nukes in usable condition on a very short notice..
We have 5 kinds of ballistic missiles ,Hatf 5 is the one with the longest range of 5000 kilometers and the ability to carry atomic warheads.This missile has been successfully tested 3 times by A.Q research center.

In contrast to our defense capabilities,Your own Nuclear scientists still doubt the ratio of success in the nuclear warheads teated by India back in 1998...
So first U people aren't sure about your own nukes...:p
About your missile system,U have got any competition for our ballistic missile Hatf 5,although u tried to test a missile of +5000
range but u were unsuccessful.

So thanks for your colossal joke about we,Pakistani's admiring ur Nukes.:p

Talking about the water theft issue...
Your mentioning of the water issue makes me think that u are getting Ideas that your nation,India,is a super power and is stopping our water...No no need to be happy.
It's not u,the Indians that are stopping our water supply,it's your Israeli's lords which are the real lords over your banana state...!
So don't get so over's not your own intelligence u are boasting upon...U are boasting on the arms purchased from Israel..!

Lastly I would like to advice your nation to spend it's money on feeding it's people instead of buying arms..don't be afraid of us..
We know we are more powerful but we wont crush u.But don't make your 100 million people die out of hunger each year..!

About u calling me a kid...!
Thank u..
But can u find any 17 year old with such wit and information as mine..?
Do let me know ....I'm willing to see one if there's any..:p

@All Indian' all the comments above and notice that which side used abusive and personal attacks to hurt us..
and It'll show the caliber of u people.

Anonymous said...

Let me sumup a VERY important thing 4 you:D

When you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your brains where the screaming is unbearable, Remember there's always an Emergency Exit...

Happy Journey towards it!!:P

thats again saying something when 85% of your nation is PROVED mad and morally corrupt:P
what a pity..:D

Anonymous said...

Oh and another thing.
i would advise those fools who are comming up with the most SENSELESS, REJECTED arguments to shut their mouths of because people how ever hard you try to put the reality aside you cannot escape from it:)

you know it very well that Pakistan is MUCH MUCH better than your state so stop depicting your gruesome, sick, inherited traits and try to move on with the global values of mankind.
Change might help you, you know:)
but honestly, whom am i directing? ofcourse you cant escape from your stinking, clutching roots.
too bad!:)

Anonymous said...

and lastly, stop making a fool of yourselves, i assure you on behalf of my entire nation that u've already done a very good job of it:)

Go, consult some good psychologists (if you are fortunate enough to have a few at ur place anyways) Trust me it helps ALOT!!:D

Pak Pride!!:)

ReeBz said...

Thanks all for the comments:)
Had a nice conversation which i REALLY enjoyed =D
yes, exactly we need to be ONE against our enemies like we became NOW :D
we donot provoke anyone, we are humble and loving, we even forget our enemies, but WHEN some one tries to insult our motherland and tries to test our love we have for her, then we are ONE,STRONG & POWERFUL!


smarty said...

heheh Njoyed :D

Indians r "itra-ing" on dere nukes, i read in newspaper dt its the second time in 2 days dt Cobolt 60 pieces r found in Delhi which r 10 times more harmful dn uranium.
Dere atomic reactors r not in safe hands N they r leaking radiation.
Whereas no one has ever heard such news abt Pakistan nukes.

Ammara said...

there r communities on fb
bhabhi of nation sania malik
nd shoib bhaiya saniya bhabhi ku ley aao jaldi
which had me rofl

Connie L. Nash said...

“Racial identity is related to the body and love to the soul,” says Abu Bakr. “Therefore, love is more permanent. If you love the Prophet, then do not take pride in race, color, tribe and territory.”

And there is none like Him

(many of you probably saw this quote in the next to last entry for Shafique Sahib's the revised Republic of Rumi and perhaps this is most fitting for the PERFECTLY lovely and well-spoken blogpost?)

Anonymous said...

Iam from Hyderabad,home town of Sania Mirza.We have Loved and admired her right from start of her career.Yes there was some disappointment initially when we learned that she would be leaving India.Matter of truth is there was some disappointment among us but when we saw that she was in true love,majority of us have accepted.Please make note that there was no demonstrations,disruptions or any kind of hindrance in their marriage except for Ayesha Siddique episode.

Outlook has conducted survey which established that 62% of Indians had no objection to their alliance.

Media picks negativity and magnifies it many times thus creating wrong impression.

India is nation of extreme diversities.What some authors have commented abt poverty of india is true..but thats not the entire truth.If one were to think that entire India consists of people who dont get proper meal or live in extreme poverty then we can only say that is BLINKERED vision.Inspite of incompetent politicians,religion and language barriers..India is doing all it can to make lives of its citizen better...Problems are too many but we will solve it.

Every society,state,country has its shares of problems,shortcomings.We admit we too have many issues.But we are happy coz most of us are hopeful that WITH EVERY PASSING DAY India is becoming better and better

{I was prompted to write all this due to love for my country...i by no mean trying to offend any other country}

Vinod vyas

ReeBz said...

thanks for commenting and sharing your views.
I am happy to see that at least some realistic Indian finally came to post here.That was also my point of view and i emphasized on the negative role of media but few people took it somewhere else.
Like India there are many problems in Pakistan too, for which we are working.Instead of poking our noses into others' matters we should better put all our attention on our matters only.

amit_the_englitned said...

the high class pakistani really showed how high class pakistanis are ,,,i mean come on charging 15000 for giving cheap,,,man is this pakistani high class hero all about...
in india even poor people welcome guest with folded hand, treating them as the poor high class hero of pakistan is charging money... ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hi Amit,

I understand u were offended by this comment"low standard Indian instead of a Pakistani star".Well u know what u and ur people are,y should u expect certificate of that from other people.One should not indulge in tit for tat tactics...u will gain nothing in end.

All the authors who choose to comment in this blog are well learned,intelligent persons.They have anger against India.Anger creeps in when reasoning fails.Hatred is strong emotion,it saps up energy which otherwise could have been used for some useful and creative work.

Anger first creeps in when a person feels how they have been cheated,insulted or wronged.As time passes by,We become slaves of our anger.Our way of thinking gets handicapped and we always find some or other reasons to justify that anger.

Amit,please dont do this.Life is beautiful on both sides of Wagah Border.Please do always remember what Vivekananda told,"Be Master of yourselves,not slaves of ur greed,hatred,desire".Simple words but very hard to implement in our life,if we can do it we get to know the real meaning of life and its bliss.


Patriotic Hamza said...

@Vinodvyas,Hyderabad.....really man U spoke out the real thing.!
The main thing is to realize it too.
I apologize to any one whom I may have hurt by my comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hamza,

Thanks for saying so...i visited Ur blog..u have beautiful way of thinking.


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