Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy & contented people!

Yesterday we had to visit the "Slums" to run a campaign "Awareness about Iron deficiency in women"  for our project "Development support Communication".We were given the task of educating those women who normally earn their livelihood by working in home to home.

When we first entered in the area where they had their camps, to be honest we all were reluctant to go inside. There was no sense of hygiene among people and their kids had some weird diseases which could be a great hindrance for our awareness campaign.Finally we managed to overcome over reluctance and asked few questions which showed that they are deprived of the basic necessities of life, which was also obvious from their lifestyle. I was feeling pity but at the same time those poor,illiterate people who are like an
extra load over Pakistan's economy gave me a lesson. I realized that where the world is being materialistic and a big fight between haves and haves not has started, these people who even lack proper two meals per day , clothing and shelter are happy with what they have. Therefore, you will always find a smile on their lips and a sparkle in their eyes.Not all can recognize these both elements, but those who have a sensitive heart towards the problem of our society.

Though they are contented with what they have, but isn't it the duty of government to care for its people? whats their fault?If one realizes, they contribute most to the workforce of Pakistan.They are also equally the citizens of Pakistan like me &  like you, then why are they deprived of every happiness?
They have no concern if the world has got innumerable achievements in the field of I.T, It doesn't matter to them that the man has landed on to the moon.These simple people just question for a two times meal.

Its a matter of thought,that  by providing them with proper education(at least basic),hygiene & sanitation and the nutrients necessary for the health  we can transform this huge number of Pakistan's population into a meaningful workforce of Pakistan.In western countries, stipends are fixed for such poor families than why not it is possible in Pakistan?Moreover , in west ,you can sue your mother's gynecologist if at your birth your mother's body was deficient in Iron.On the contrary here in Pakistan, we all know what is the situation. This all is the matter of "Awareness" which matters most...

We can change our Pakistan, we can make Pakistan a better place to live, a heaven on Earth infact- we just need to think over it sincerely~


urooj malik said...

A very beautiful, informative and sensational post.

Reebz, actually this is the matter of concern for all of us. If our Government, like many other cases, is neglecting this one too, then this should be a task for people who want to change this situation, with unity, faith and discipline and proper planing our public sector can also improve the living conditions of these ultra poor ones.

The need is for just an initiative.

hina said...

Yes i agree its very sad thing, i think they can be cared for if they are properly given their right,salary and some other help from the bungalows where they work.

Thumbs up/

smarty said...

hmm g good work.

filpaki said...

Karachi, well whole pakistan is full of such people. more than 30% are living below poverty line. No one is responsible but us.

Patriotic Hamza said...

Yeah I agree with u Areeba that these people are poor but they don't have the sense of cleanness..I think cleaning there houses won't cost them much.
And one more thing around 50% of thses slum do have more money than the middle class but there life style is slumms.I have seen their wedding & stuff they tend to spend more than most of the middle classes could even imagine of.I think these people need awareness more than money and support.

Any ways nice way of imaging these slums.Good job ReeBz.

Tatheer said...

yeah .. ryt .. having al problemx they are atleast not hopeless lyk d oder ppl!
but they need a helpful hand .. not only dis ..but they are lil bit own responsible for dis .. lyk sum ppl were not even interested to knw wht v were trying to deliver ..
anyways .. Allah bless dem .. n government shud look into d prb of such slums area!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Awareness is the key, we cannot be termed as aware and conscientious humans if we fail to see misery around us and then do nothing. Bringing up these social issues for awareness and eradication of poverty, lack of education and poor environment must be a common denominator for all who stands for making this world a place to live for us and our coming generations-a responsibility from which we can’t flinch ,as this concerns each one of us directly. We have to change this situation as nobody else will come from elsewhere to put this in order and place.

BL@CK DR@GON said...

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ReeBz said...

Thanks all for the comments.

Black Dragon,
Thanks for the your informative comment but you posted it in the wrong post. =)

jewelry making said...

I can see the contentment, joy and inner peace for this family and I can say that this is a real happy family.

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