Sunday, June 28, 2009

MY own NDE.

Its strange and whenever i remember it i get a bit afraid.It was all so clear that i remember even the narrow details.

I had a "nose-surgery" in September 2007 at Liaqat National Hospital khi,As i was suffering from severe "sneezing" cause of dust allergy.DRs told that my nose bone as well as the flesh inside is growing with time so i need surgery.

For doing surgery i was made unconscious fully,it cant be done only by making nose area numb.Surgery went fine (thanks to Allah).My NDE started when i was being shifted to my own room from the operation theater.Anesthesia was losing its effect and i started to come in consciousness,but then i became unconscious again for a long time.

I saw myself lying on bed,with my head moving on either of sides with great speed.i cant describe how much painful it was.Then i saw A total "BLACK-BEING" standing on my left side and few "light-beings" standing at my right side.The black thing was all black dressed in black,eyes black,teeth black but still i could recognize his each body part,whereas the light beings were Tall so tall!i felt comfort to see those beings.As my head was moving at left and right,They both were waiting for my head to chose one side and stay there.The black being was smiling with terrible teeth out and he was sure that i will choose his side.But luckily my head stopped at the right side.Then i heard a laugh from those white beings and they ordered the black being to go away.They said "This person is OURS" and they smiled.

The Black-Being disappeared.Then the dialogues between me and the white-beings started.
Their first question to me.
1.Who is your GoD?
I recited "sura Ikhlas" in reply.(These verses of Quran are about the Oneness of Allah)
Second question was about Prophet and i recited first kalima in reply.

Then they asked me to offer prayers,i literally heard Azan.But i replied that i'm sick and i cant perform wazoo.They still ordered me to offer prayers on bed and so i did but only one Rakat.

Later my mom told me that it was the time of "zohar prayers" during my unconsciousness.

After i answered all questions correctly,they smiled so much and with them i smiled and laughed too.Then they prepared to go,i stopped them and asked 2 questions from them.
my first question was will i die? They replied happily "No",second question i can't tell :)

Then thew flew out from the window of my room,and i opened my eyes immediately.I found my mom reciting Holy Quran besides me,and it comforted me much.

Here my NDE ended.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

who,How many and Why?

First it was thought there are only few numbers of NDEs but as the researches were made and this mystery came into light,Psychiatrists started playing their role in more effective way and provided awareness to people many NDEs were encouraged to discuss their own experiences.

A research by Pollster George Gallup,Jr,tells that eight million adults in the united states have had an NDE.That equals one person in 20.He was further able to analyze the content of these NDES by polling for their elements.Here is what he found:

1. Out of body 26 %
2.Accurate visual perception 23%
3.Audible sounds or voices 17%
4.Feelings of peace,painlessness 32%
5.Light phenomena 14%
6.Life review 32%
7.Being in another world 32%
8.Encountering other beings 23%
9.Tunnel experience 9%
10.Precognition 6%

Such a poll clearly showed that NDE are much more common in society,but there is a need of bringing them into light.

Now i'm going to quote some true incidents as our minds have now a clear idea that what is meant by the term near-death experience.

a)It happened with Professor Dr.John Marshall.He viewed his apparently dead body from the distance on the hospital bed,while entering into the brilliant light that emanated love,and seeing every event of his life reviewed in a three-dimensional panorama.

b)Another Psychiatrist Dr.George Ritchie had the remarkable experience of passing through a tunnel and seeing beings of light after being declared "dead" because of double pneumonia but later he resuscitated successfully.


Note :In my next post I'll share my own experience dated few years back i.e 2007 September.
I experienced Accurate visual perceptions and audible sounds or voices and bits of light phenomena.What i experienced was something different than all these researches,so it might be pretty confusing to understand.Few people tells me that it was just mental illness,but i don't agree.You can decide what it was and help me solving the mystery as you have clear idea about NDEs.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

NDEs and NDErs. [Near-death experiences]

There are many ordinary people who have been to the brink of death and reported miraculous glimpses of a world beyond,a world that glows with love and understanding that can be reached only by an exciting trip through a tunnel or passageway.

The persons who return after the death are never the same.No matter,what was their temper earlier,after having this experience,they value most to "love and knowledge"as they think these are the only qualities you'll take back with you.

To understand it better,we can say that these people have had "near-death experiences"[NDEs].Dr.Raymond Moody coined this term in his book "Life after Life".People have many different words/phrases to define this phenomenon.Few are "otherworld journeys,flight of alone to the alone,breaking of the plane,near-death visions etc"

The point to be noticed is that,no matter what they are called by different people of the different areas of the world,they all had similar set of experiences.
NDErs experience some or all of the following traits:
1.A sense of being dead
2.peace and painlessness even during a painful experience
3.bodily separation,
4.Raising rapidly into the heavens.
5.Entering a dark region or a tunnel
6.Meeting deceased friends and relatives,bathed in light.
7.Encountering a Supreme Being
8.Reviewing one's life
9.Feeling reluctance to return the world of the living.

Here,there are few points which i think are most important and attention drawing.

Whether you are a Muslim,Christian,Hindu,Jew or even Antheist encounter a Supreme Being.The one and Only,as the author interviewed people from all religions.Isn't it interesting? The followers of the Holy-Books do believe on One Allah or one God but even those who Count many gods encounter ONE supreme being.I think this confirms that there is one God only.

Second point,which i found interesting is "Reviewing one's life".It is proved by different Quranic verses too but unfortunately i can't give specific reference.I would like if any of the reader shall provide the references.
In very childhood i read in some Islamic book that at the time of your death,you are shown with all your life deeds whether good or bad altogether.It is difficult to understand for us and even difficult for those to explain who actually experienced it. In my future posts i'll quote the experiences of different people which you will find really interesting and mysterious.

I invite you all people to share your knowledge and experiences if you ever had any.
Connie please share your contributions :)

Next: who,how many and why?
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What happens after death?

What happens when people die?That is probably mankind's most often asked and perplexing question.Do we simply cease to live,with nothing but or mortal remains to mark our time on earth?are we resurrected later by a Supreme Being only if we have good marks in the Book of life?Do we come back as animals,as the Hindus believe,or perhaps as different people generations later?

The above is an excerpt from a book "The light beyond" by "Dr.Raymond Moody"

I have read some very interesting facts in this book which i want to share here.As a Muslim we all know that one day we will be made alive by the order of Allah and it will be the day of judgment.

but one question intrigue us always what happens right after the death?
here I'll share all the research work of Dr moody and his companion Paul Perry.
it can be a very interesting discussion indeed.

NeXt :About NDEers
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are more than we are, WE ARE ONE!!!!

hum hen Pakistani hum to jeetain gay,han jeetain gay..

I'm happily amazed that how we all stayed united during the Twenty20 worldcup,specially in the semi final and the final.
Only few representatives of Pakistan were struggling for Pakistan's victory seven seas far, but here each and every Pakistani's heart was beating for Pakistan's success.
Every loving Pakistani was busy in praying for their victory,thousands of sms prayers made me smile,cheerful,excited and hopeful.

I'm not a die hard fan of cricket,i even don't know the basic rules.I'm totally unaware of the technicalities of this game,i don't know what role did the pitch play in our victory nor i have any information whether it was the batting pitch or bowling.I just know one thing That I'm a Pakistani and i WON!!

We proved our mettle in LORD'S.

We gave a message to those who are wise enough to understand the hints.

Don't try us,we are not easy to be defeated!!when we get united we are more than we are, WE ARE ONE!!!

We are one nation, under one flag,We are Proud Pakistanis, We are Brave MUSLIMS!!

Like all Pakistanis my eyes got dimmed with thankfulness and gratefulness to Allah when our team members offered "sajida-e-shukar" immediately.Thats what we are!

here i want to quote the golden words by Shahid Afridi.When he was asked in Semi final if his team is going to win the final as well or not.He gave a very straight forward reply with a very confident tone and firm belief on Allah.It was short but was all in all.

He replied " INSHAALLAH"

kafir he to shamsheer p karta he bharosa,
Momin he to be- taigh bhi lerta he sipahi..
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Strategy or a Union? (GUEST POST)

Before his marriage, his mom said "Keep a distance between yourself and your wife!"

Before his marriage, His dad said "Don't turn an ear when she sheds crocodile tears!"

His brother said "She'll expect you to give all of your salary to her, so never tell her your salary!"

His friend said "Never give her money to spend, she'll develop the bad habit of shopping!"

This is all he learned.

Meanwhile, her dad said: "Be very polite and gentle in early days. First few years of submission are necessary for a life time of domination!"

Her mom said "Learn how to exclude out your in-laws from your husband's life!"

Her sister said "Don't even think of sharing a secret with him, he will use it against you!"

Her friend said "Man is a dangerous creature and you must tame him tactfully!"

That's what was poured into her mind.
Why did they do so? Didn't the realize what would be the end result of such a marriage? How could they expect the marriage to be fruitful? Why did they turn a sacred relationship, a union of two souls, into a quest for rule and domination? Why did they eliminate honesty from such a relationship?

They lack honesty. They behave just as they behave in all circles of their lives. They not only ruin their life but also of others. To most people, marriage is just a joke or an obligation, and that too, a shameless joke and a loveless obligation. What they must all realize is the real meaning of the word Marriage as taught by Islam. Only then can this relation turn into one which involves mutual care and love, but alas, people fail to realize it.

This post is written by Hasaan Rafique
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Friday, June 12, 2009

The World We Live In (Guest Post)

There he was right beside me...

I was so lost in myself that I didn't even realize his presence. He had been there for quite a long time now. I tried to ignore him but this time he didn't allow that...

He said he knew what I was thinking about... He said he knew each of my worries and claimed to have a perfect cure. I told him he knew nothing and neither did he understand...

I was worried and stressed, he seemed calm, happy and enjoying. like ever before. He asked me to say what i wanted to and ensured that he was listening...

I stormed on what was going on in big and small cities, towns, districts and villages of ours. Many of our youngsters having no respect and affection for parents and teachers and yet calling themselves educated and civilized. Concerts, fashion shows, night outs, parties being their ultimate charms. Dating and flirting being their ultimate aims and all the heck going around... almost everyone doing the same. Every bad becoming good every odd becoming even, parents being so busy in earning more and more to meet "superficial" "material" needs of theirs and their children. Spiritual training becoming non-existent and considered useless. Many of them leaving their weak sapling in the brutal hands of environment and society as a consequence distances between parents and children living under the same roof becoming immense...

All these and many others were hammering my mind , crushing my heart and grinding my soul.I wanted to say more and more... I was feeling like a lonely crystal of salt present in a rushing stream being washed away every moment..

He stopped me and said, " My friend, let them have it, this is what we are earning for what they name "Modernization...."

I fell silent....

this post is written by Hasaan Rafique
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If “Today” is conserved well, then “Yesterday” can be the guideline for “Tomorrow”

It is quite true that as we move further in life, we discover new things, many times our opinions about life changes, some times we are encouraged and some times we are discouraged and disappointed by our fates. It is very important to remember; we are never constant, some times we are going up and sometimes we are coming down. Similarly our “past” can also be “ghost” for us, till only we are afraid of it. But once we have made our mind to learn from the past, it will serve as a guideline.

As children grow, their “aims” changes many times in life, perhaps they are not the aims but mere desires. An aim can’t be marked until and unless you are aware of your abilities and skills i.e. which profession you can serve most efficiently. Childhood is the time of discovering “own self” thatswhy “aim of life” keeps on changing.

At this time of my life, I can mark my aim with confidence and stability that it will not change again until I get it.
My aim is “Discovering the inner-self”- what I’m from the inside? Am I different from what I look like to the public or same? For this purpose three things are most important to know. “What I was, what I’m and what I’ll be”. People spend all of their lives in planning for better future, but I focus only on” present”. I’m saving my”past”, to make it serve as the guidelines for future.

If “Today” is conserved well, tomorrow it will become yesterday not to frighten us but to show us the right paths in the bleak times. The day is not far when we will be touching the highest peak of the glory as ,one day “tomorrow” will become “today”, yet all of the attention should be only on “today” to save “ past” because “The life goes on…”
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Monday, June 1, 2009

A poem by me..

I wrote few poems and wanna share one which was liked by many of my friends

A silent whisper with an unshed tear,
A broken heart with a solitary sphere,
Makes me cry.
The fear of losing you,
and the thought of getting separate,
Has snatched my sleeps,my laughs,my dreams.
Why are you leaving me?
why are you going far?
Cant you notice,
My wet lashes and my tears trickling eyes?
Without hesitation,without trepidation
I just believe you and ran towards you
To grab your hand and to share my views
As you were always there,
To wipe my eyes and to console my fears
But,everyone has now gone
Except my sincere tears
Time is passing on,
but moments seem to be ceased,
My life has gone
But i still breath!
If you are near,
listening to me there,
I just have one request
Dont forget me dear!!!
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