Thursday, June 25, 2009

What happens after death?

What happens when people die?That is probably mankind's most often asked and perplexing question.Do we simply cease to live,with nothing but or mortal remains to mark our time on earth?are we resurrected later by a Supreme Being only if we have good marks in the Book of life?Do we come back as animals,as the Hindus believe,or perhaps as different people generations later?

The above is an excerpt from a book "The light beyond" by "Dr.Raymond Moody"

I have read some very interesting facts in this book which i want to share here.As a Muslim we all know that one day we will be made alive by the order of Allah and it will be the day of judgment.

but one question intrigue us always what happens right after the death?
here I'll share all the research work of Dr moody and his companion Paul Perry.
it can be a very interesting discussion indeed.

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Connie L. Nash said...

This topic is extremely interesting - you do go for some deep ones, ReeBz! I have studied, read and have some interesting experiences along this line...

Got to get to my gardent but meantime, go to oneheartforpeace and let me know if you like seeing your response to the victory there! I can still make any changes you may wish. Be sure that Khurram Sahib knows in case he wants to correct anything - I can easily do so. What is SMS by the way? I left as is which is was as if I put some Pakistani joy into my blogsite and it spilled gladly all over the entire site!

Let folk know on your own because between U & me - I don't want my "busy" blogsite to be on top know - the Pakistani blogsites and others need to be there... (Many Smiles)

Enjoy your weekend coming up!

Zarin said...

A very interesting and intriguing topic. There have been many people who die for a short period of time and come back to talk about their after death experiences. They have a lot to tell.

Then, there are people who try to create a connection with the ghosts.

But I think, the unfairness of this world gives you an assurance that there is a hereafter.

Connie L. Nash said...

Re Zarin's "But I think, the unfairness of this world gives you an assurance that there is a hereafter." I really feel that this is one among many important clues to the hereafter...Thank you for reminding us, Zarin.

ReeBz said...

I'm glad to see the comments here,as it assures me that people are interested in this topic :)

Zarin- My mom also told me many stories of people experiencing death,but they come back as it was not their time.this all seems very interesting and i think the medical researches i'm gonna share will be even more interesting.

Thanks alot for commenting on my blogsite,it makes me happy:)
i'm now going to check ur blog,i am sure i will not want any changes as i wanted to see how a non-Pakistani "friend" will see this event :)

ReeBz said...

SMS is the abbreviation for "short message service" these are the messages you get on your mobile phones by different cellular companies from your friends :)

by SMS prayers i meant,people were sending messages to each other asking them to pray for Pakistan's victory :)

Yes, i keep taking help from Sir Khurram,as i told that these terms i used in this post are typically Urdu and it was not easy for me to translate them,so fortunate i'm that Sir Khurram is always here to help :)

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