Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Strategy or a Union? (GUEST POST)

Before his marriage, his mom said "Keep a distance between yourself and your wife!"

Before his marriage, His dad said "Don't turn an ear when she sheds crocodile tears!"

His brother said "She'll expect you to give all of your salary to her, so never tell her your salary!"

His friend said "Never give her money to spend, she'll develop the bad habit of shopping!"

This is all he learned.

Meanwhile, her dad said: "Be very polite and gentle in early days. First few years of submission are necessary for a life time of domination!"

Her mom said "Learn how to exclude out your in-laws from your husband's life!"

Her sister said "Don't even think of sharing a secret with him, he will use it against you!"

Her friend said "Man is a dangerous creature and you must tame him tactfully!"

That's what was poured into her mind.
Why did they do so? Didn't the realize what would be the end result of such a marriage? How could they expect the marriage to be fruitful? Why did they turn a sacred relationship, a union of two souls, into a quest for rule and domination? Why did they eliminate honesty from such a relationship?

They lack honesty. They behave just as they behave in all circles of their lives. They not only ruin their life but also of others. To most people, marriage is just a joke or an obligation, and that too, a shameless joke and a loveless obligation. What they must all realize is the real meaning of the word Marriage as taught by Islam. Only then can this relation turn into one which involves mutual care and love, but alas, people fail to realize it.

This post is written by Hasaan Rafique


Khurram Ali Shafique said...


ReeBz said...

very true.

i agree training is necessary both for girls and boys, but it should remain positive!

Connie L. Nash said...

You speak so well of what matters most in many kinds of relatings as well as marraige: honesty - mutual care - love

may these be the values you will hold - be given - and have always!

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