Sunday, June 28, 2009

MY own NDE.

Its strange and whenever i remember it i get a bit afraid.It was all so clear that i remember even the narrow details.

I had a "nose-surgery" in September 2007 at Liaqat National Hospital khi,As i was suffering from severe "sneezing" cause of dust allergy.DRs told that my nose bone as well as the flesh inside is growing with time so i need surgery.

For doing surgery i was made unconscious fully,it cant be done only by making nose area numb.Surgery went fine (thanks to Allah).My NDE started when i was being shifted to my own room from the operation theater.Anesthesia was losing its effect and i started to come in consciousness,but then i became unconscious again for a long time.

I saw myself lying on bed,with my head moving on either of sides with great speed.i cant describe how much painful it was.Then i saw A total "BLACK-BEING" standing on my left side and few "light-beings" standing at my right side.The black thing was all black dressed in black,eyes black,teeth black but still i could recognize his each body part,whereas the light beings were Tall so tall!i felt comfort to see those beings.As my head was moving at left and right,They both were waiting for my head to chose one side and stay there.The black being was smiling with terrible teeth out and he was sure that i will choose his side.But luckily my head stopped at the right side.Then i heard a laugh from those white beings and they ordered the black being to go away.They said "This person is OURS" and they smiled.

The Black-Being disappeared.Then the dialogues between me and the white-beings started.
Their first question to me.
1.Who is your GoD?
I recited "sura Ikhlas" in reply.(These verses of Quran are about the Oneness of Allah)
Second question was about Prophet and i recited first kalima in reply.

Then they asked me to offer prayers,i literally heard Azan.But i replied that i'm sick and i cant perform wazoo.They still ordered me to offer prayers on bed and so i did but only one Rakat.

Later my mom told me that it was the time of "zohar prayers" during my unconsciousness.

After i answered all questions correctly,they smiled so much and with them i smiled and laughed too.Then they prepared to go,i stopped them and asked 2 questions from them.
my first question was will i die? They replied happily "No",second question i can't tell :)

Then thew flew out from the window of my room,and i opened my eyes immediately.I found my mom reciting Holy Quran besides me,and it comforted me much.

Here my NDE ended.


Connie L. Nash said...

Now I can see from the beginning why some might consider this "spooky" you recognize any of the figures in any religious readings?

How glad I am that this ended so well.

Did you find anything in your readings of NDE which seemed like this experience of your's?

When I have more time, I want to come back to tell you about just one experience I had that may be just a bit similar to your's while actually quite different.

Thanx for opening up this topic!

Connie L. Nash said...

Although I read a number of books on NDE quite awhile ago, your review is most useful. At that time I was most focused on my two friends and increasing my faith in their well-being - spiritually as well as physically - how to fit into God's will...

So in a quick review of your blogs on this matter, I realize that I have read and listened to many accounts of the authentic NDE and have not had my own - although I have had some experiences which share a few of the elements - possibly angelic beings, peacefulness when you'd least expect the same and precognition.

Your story sounds closer to the actual experience as relayed by you from the Moody book. Your's has some of the items I mention above as well as seeing above your own body although still different than many.

A classic book comes to mind which you may want to read along with the books like Moody's:
William James: Varieties of Religious Experience.

Gotta run but will tell you more soon. Have a great day and thanx again for sharing from your heart!

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

William James' book was a favorite of Iqbal's too :).

Shouldn't it surprize us that we hear so little about it these days? THAT is part of what's going wrong with the world, and items which need to be rehabilitated as part of getting back on the track (in my opinion).

ReeBz, Moody will place your experience as "hallucination" rather than NDE (revisit the part in the book where he differentiates between the two). Reason being that your experience is filled with religious allusions (e.g. recitations from the Quran, etc). Personally I don't think that religious allusions should necessarily mean hallucination - "there are things in heaven and earth, Horation, which are not dreamt of in your philosophy" (Hamlet).

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Typo: Horatio (not Horation). By the way, Iqbal may not agree with Moody about "hallucination". He says, "modern psychology has not yet touched even the outer fringe of religious life, and is still far from the richness and variety of what is called religious experience." I think that's where your experience belongs - thanks for sharing it, and I hope you will explore it further.

Zarin said...

Wow! What an experience! Definitely something to bring you closer to Allah! I think the best book to refer to for such experiences is our very own personal guide, the Quran! What Allah says is the word and will be done. I believe that your experience can be a life changing one for many people!

And yes as Khurram said, it will be considered as a 'hallucination' by many psychologists.

And Hamlet yet again has been very rightly quoted as there are many things in this life which are beyond our understanding, for example, especially all the unfairness in the world!

I am so glad that you came back to relate this experience to us! May Allah bless you!

ReeBz said...

Connie,yes similar questions are asked after a person's death but only when he is burried in his grave!
as far as my NDE readings,no there was no any case similar to mine,thatswhy i was pretty confused and many of my sincere friends asked me to hide this case from public.
i'm waiting for you to come back when you find enough time to share your experience!
i would love to have this book,hope i get it easily in the book shops here :)


Sir,i don't persoanlly like it to count as hallucination nor does the logic.It might be hallucination cause i was under the effects of heavy dose of medical drugs,but proper recitation of Quranic verses as the right reply of the questions cant be "hallucination".I would rather go for the explanation of Iqbal you posted about this experience of mine.

Zarin, no doubt such experiences bring a man close to Allah and soon after the experience i found change in myself.i made it my habit to recite Quran with translation and explanation daily.. but as the time passed and the memories of this experience faded i again became a normal person.. who loves this world more than"eternal".I think we all are same except some sufis and saints.

Thanks for all to comment and help me understand this mystery :)

Connie L. Nash said...

Can one be amazed yet not surprised or is this contradictory? I am amazed (yet not completely surprised) with all the interconnections - all the parallels which Khurram Sahib knew rather immediately...which Zarin also knew from Shakespeare...

And I'm starting my day filled with joy that here with you each and all - more than with most people I know here in my own town - there are these interests we have together - this shared spiritual "language".

I'm thrilled to see such compatibility of here on the value of ReeBz experience - it's authenticity and the good fruit to come from that - the reminders for all of us about the oft invisible dimensions of reality. I simply loved this quote from Igbal and the recognition apparent among us here of the Divine with us.

I took the Quran with me to church and found beautiful parallels therein to what the preacher had to say about Lamentations...Allah's protection, love and guidance helping us find our way through the darkest trails of life.

As a child of 13 coming out of surgery, ReeBz, like you - my encounter with the Divine has forever thereafter cautioned me to steer clear of a certain aspects of the occult that for me at least would not have been positive.

About seven years ago an encounter with a "being" dressed in middle eastern head attire - all in silence. This brief encounter completely turned me back in the right direction and may be one of the reasons why I eventually found all of you here in this little community. Don't worry, ReeBz, I will not shy from sharing my stories eventually...

For now, I have plenty of work to do in the garden - writing and creating more of a balance on my blogsite once again.

Also, I'd love to stay here a little longer with ReeBz own experience (or others?) and this welcome, fertile and most fruitful discussion.

I am so happy to be included. Thank You All...

Connie L. Nash said...

ReeBz, whatever you decide to do here is A-OK with me...I will add my somewhat related experiences pretty soon. Thanx for the various responses from you in other places. If only I could convey somehow to you how much I am learning from you. Thank you!

Zarin said...

Connie! there is something in your previous comment that immediately took my eye. Your comment about a spiritual link.

I am such a strong believer of this and being a highly intuitive person, I have experienced it many a times. There are people in this world you just come across or meet or just see and you know you are somehow connected spiritually. This could be a person younger to you or older to you, but suddenly somewhere deep inside, you just know them. It is as if you have known them a lifetime and in many instances, the feelings are mutual but the level of understanding of the relationship might be different.

I'll be writing about this very soon on my blog:

Connie L. Nash said...

I'll look up your blog and respond after I see this piece. Interesting...

ReeBz said...

thanks for sharing your sort of summarised experiences.i'm looking forward if you want to tell in detail :)These days i'm doing further research on the same topic.I hope i can come up with more interesting stuff here soon.
Connie would you like to tell What does Bible say about such experiences?It would be alot interesting to see the views of both the religions,may be they both present same information as the both are Holy religions!
off to the topic ,It seems that you are a busy mother ,but i salute to all moms that how they manage their tough daily routines as well as Extra curricular activities and how they provide a lovely,warm,soothing and comfortable environment to their children:)

Zarin i'm waiting for your blogpost about "spirituality"

Hasaan Rafique said...

Really interesting, and a bit spooky too... Gave me a chill when i heard it from you first time, and once again after i read it now...

The fact which makes it so is because it is in accordance with the religious teachings, and it seems very accurate and true... Not many see a vision so accurate or believable...

Glad it was all well...
Wish you all the best.

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