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An interview from a hellish NDEr.

Most of the NDErs told they felt themselves rising up in the heavens and they find themselves in reluctance to come back.
According to "Evergreen researchers" there was only "one" Hellish NDE,which they define as an NDE that contains extreme fear,panic,or anger and may also contain visions of demonic creatures.In that a man reported that he was ushered into hell by mistake during the second of three NDEs.His is an enlightening and entertaining interview:

Respondent: The second experience was different,i went downstairs!Downstairs was dark,people were howling,there was fire,they wanted a drink of water...then somebody came to me,i dont know who it was,he pushed me aside and said,"you are not coming down,you are going back upstairs"
Interviewer:Did he actually use those words?
Respondent:Yeah "you are going back upstairs.we dont want you here because you are not mean enough"
Interviewer:did you first experience the black and then...
Respondent:Pitch black!frist we went was pitch black.
Interviewer: did you go down a tunnel?
Respondent: it was not a tunnel,more than a tunnel,a great big one.I was floating down..there was a man there waiting,he says,"he is not the one"
Interviewer: Could you see the ppl that were yelling?
Respondent: i seen alot of people down there,screaming,howling...
Interviewer:Were they also in clothes?
Respondent:No,No,no.No clothes at all!!!
Interviewer: They were nude?
Interviewer:and they were how many,could you guess?
Respondent:Oh Christ,you cant count them!they were all so miserable and hateful,they were asking me for water..
Interviewer:And there was a presence watching over them?
Respondent:Yes he was there.he had his little horns on...
Interviewer:He had horns on!Do... who do you think... Do you recognize this person?
Respondent:Oh yes i know him anywhere.
Interviewer:Who was it?
Respondent:The devil himself!!

Experiences like these are rare ones.The evergreen researchers combined their research with Moody's and Ring's and found that only 0.3% described their NDEs as being "hellish"

NeXt:Encounter of Zulfiqar Ali bhutto's soul with Justice(Rtd).Javed Iqbal


Connie L. Nash said...

In my various readings of people with these "near death experiences" I also was struck by how rare these hellish versions were. That was quite reassuring for me when I prayed INTENSELY for my dear friends who were so close to death - some who had not claimed a clear belief in God the way I had been taught.

Even Mother Teresa understood that God understood the whole of a person's life and that God would be fair - even when she ministered love to each one - no matter their beliefs.

Thank You for one more on this topic, ReeBz as I want to tell you more about my silent totally unexpected encounter with a man dressed in biblical "headress" as if from an Arabic land..

But I will wait to hear what others have to say about this one.

Marzieh said... I said before this is one ‘spooky’ subject, but all the same I’m reading the posts with great interest...

I’ve not done any reading on this topic but something that has come to my mind is how people live after their NDE’s. I mean can these experiences be taken as a warning for the people who go through them, especially the hellish ones? Or is there really no reason or motive behind them?

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Regarding Connie's comment that even Mother Teresa understood that God understood the whole of a person's life and that God would be fair: "Agnosticism is a state of mind. It comes and goes." (Iqbal)

Connie L. Nash said...
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Connie L. Nash said...

I was trying to say how Iqbal's wisdom continually amazes me with it's currency and timely personal application - even the little bit I now see and for this I'm so grateful to Khurram Sahib!

Also to Marzieh's significant question: you bring up an important discussion topic - Marzieh. Maybe it's become my own question to myself? What is it which warns us? And how can we also be warned without fear where possible? More on this later...

The Reflection (from the Qur'an and a prayer) I just posted - particularly the supplication is in this same spirit of warning - yet with such a sense of Allah's love included:

ReeBz said...

Thanks for the comment sir.

Marzieh your question is most important,and i was going to discuss it in my future posts.YES,It affect a person's life greatly and many times it completely changes the life pattern.
Most of the NDEs find LOVE and KNOWLEDGE to be the most important things during that specific time period,so when they come back ,they start reading many books and appear thirsty for knowledge.As according to them,they have now idea that only the Love and Knowledge will accompany them in their life after death!
here it is important to be noticed,this thirst for knowledge and the feeling of love for others is something spontaneous.We can say that their NDE develop interest in reading and loving others in them.

unconsciously you have developed a very strong climax about that "arabic man" encounter.i'm waiting that you will manage some time to post here :)

I'm sorry i cant post the next post as i had a very busy and tiresome day today at uni.We have workshops these days from 10am to 4pm,thatswhy i cant gather points regarding the next post.
Tomorrow,will be a fun day most probably as it is my dad's off :) hopefully we'll go for some picnic.then the day after tomorrow i will be back :)

ReeBz said...

Have posted the new post. No off for dad :(

Connie L. Nash said...

Hi ReeBz

Although the experience you mention of mine seemed like it would tell quickly - I'm having trouble making it short. So I will try soon!

I'm enjoying your blogsite!

ReeBz said...

Connie :)
Thanks :) It makes me happy and encouraged that you are enjoying and liking my blog :)

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