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Bhutto's soul and Justice Rtd Jawed Iqbal

I was finding more facts and figures about the NDEs and I wanted one from Pakistan.
I’m sure it’ll interest you all.

Rtd. Justice Dr Jawed Iqbal writes in his book “apna graiban chaak”

“In the Lahore High court case, the bench under the leadership of Molvi Mushtaq Hussain proved Bhutto guilty and sentenced him to death. The other members of the bench were Zaki-ud-din Pal, S.M.H Qureshi, Gulbaz Khan, and Shahid Karam Ilahi Chohan. Molvi Mushtaq Husain was the friend of friends and a foe of foes. It was against his nature to forgive an enemy.
He further writes; that few events in life have made me believe on the “existence of souls”. In this regard, the first incident is related to Bhutto’s sentence. No one among us knew the exact date of his death sentence but one night in the beginning of April I and Nasira were sleeping, almost around 3:00 am I felt as if someone has thrown away the sheet from over me. It made me frightened and I immediately opened the eyes.I saw that Bhutto in a shirt with open collars and open sleeves buttons telling me angrily in English language “Look what they have done to me”
Meanwhile Nasira woke up too. She asked what happened. Did you see any scary dream? I replied just before few moments Bhutto was present here, it seems that he has been put to death..

It shows that souls have some connection with those who are alive, and this connection even sometimes continue with their appearance in one’s dream.
My mother tells that after the death of my paternal grandfather My eldest uncle (son of grandfather) saw in his dream that grand father is asking him to pay the loan he took from a friend living in “Gharib Abad” during his life but he couldn’t pay it.(as he died by an accident)
Amazingly,when the uncle woke up,he took out grandfather’s diary and was shocked to notice that he really took some money from a friend of “Gharib abad” about which he was asking him to pay it back.


Hasaan Rafique said...

Oh that's very interesting. Particulary the last lines... I too believe in the existence of souls etc... Such cases are often heard and there certainly might be truth in most or some of them...
Spooky though...
Sadly i can't remember any of such incidents that i heard from various people :( I'll ask mom or dad and will definitely share some as well :)

Nice, interesting post Areeba, keep up the good work! :)

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Marnay wallay martay hain liekin fana hotay nahin/ Yeh haqeeqat mien kabhi hum say juda hotay nahin (Iqbal)

Translation: "Those who die, die; but they do not cease to be - in reality they are never away from us."

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

ReeBz, in your comment about Liaquat Ali Khan on my blog, you wrote, "We do need such a great, bold, courageous and brave leader these days." In the light of what you are writing here it may become evident that we do HAVE our great leaders like Jinnah and Liaquat still with us. We just need to take the "blue pill".

Connie L. Nash said...

And we may hear not only our beloved ones who've "gone on" speak to us - yet in many different ways we may hear people who speak our heart, our values and our love of the Creator-Sustainer speak as well from all over the world - as I am hearing you speak for your truth-tellers and wise ones.

There was/is someone in prison - the only prisoner with whom I correspond and sometimes visit. The whole experience used to be so difficult that I just said goodbye to him and his family - I thought once for all...until his beloved grandmother died and a somehow became aware of a quiet voice telling me to call her home at that very time. I did and found out about the death and knew how to let the prisoner know his beloved had died - when the sister didn't know how...and once again I have been back in touch with the prisoner ever since. I have these kind of things happen pretty often. Many probably do although some may not know how to listen. I know I miss many many cues.

By the way, ReeBz - I see you are MUCH better than I in telling a story rather quickly without losing out on the important components. Now if only I could learn the same. (I'm trying to do that right now with the story you want me to tell...I may send it to you to condense? smiles :))

ReeBz said...

Hasaan,Sir Khurram and Connie,
Thanks for the comments.

once again thanks for appreciating.I'm sorry i couldnot post anything.I fell so ill and sick and had severe fever.Now,i'm feeling a bit better by Allah's grace,so i'll post soon inshAllah:) [i need to gather points]

ReeBz said...

I may send it to you to condense? smiles :))

Sure :)

Connie L. Nash said...

How glad I am you're feeling better by Allah's grace. Sounds as if the illness took it's toll. Do rest enough. This (my) morning I decided that story was JUST for you - PLEASE. NO need to condense. Smiles :) May the rest of the week go well for you.

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear ReeBz,
I sure hope you'll soon be MUCH better! Enough rest? I'm sure your mother is taking good care of you.

Early next week I'd love to begin the series of posts on Pakistan - beginning with YOUR article - then the national anthems as translated by Ahktar Sahib and Khurram Sahib - and URDU as well if I can post this. Maybe you will advise on how you'd like to see this done? Photos for your article, etc. But ONLY when you are well and have the time. I will also not have much time these days so be patient if I miss something you are telling me through email, Comments, etc.

Connie L. Nash said...

The above plans for posting on Pakistan may need be delayed - depending on what family does and how soon vacation actually begins for us. Again, let's pray and hope for your good health Dear ReeBz!

ReeBz said...

I'm so glad to see that you are so concern about my health :) With your prayers and Allah's grace i'm perfectly fine now,Alhamdullilah.
Thanks once again for your concern :)

I would be so much glad to see "Pakistan series" on your blog,your blogsite is a nice place to let the entire world know the "true and right" image of Pakistan..

Take your time,and start whenever it is most suitable :) i read at Marzieh's blog that first you want to writeup something about Iran,and i think its right time for it as well.

Best of luck :)


About "NDEs" i'm thinking to stop any further posts on the topic temporarily,i'm running up with more accounts and information regarding the topic.However as soon as i find something new and interesting i'll post again.:)

ReeBz said...

Connie, about your story you were going to share here, ermm i'm a bit confused now :( i cant judge or guess what are your plans for that..kindly make it a bit clear.Do you want only ME to read it and will you send it to me by Email? or later will you post here yourself and you are working on making it "short" these days??

i would be glad if i could get a chance to post your story here,or if you could share it yourself.. :)

Zarin said...

Thanks ReeBz for sharing such fascinating stories. I truly believe in everyhting you have written.

I have always believed that even when people are alive, there is a certain spiritual relationship with others that transcends all logic and practical thinking. Its highly intuitive. It like when you come across people and you know it somewhere that you know them.

I believe that there is a deep, spiritual linking that may continue even after when people die.

Connie L. Nash said...


I will send the story again - just for u! I will have other stories to tell everyone in time.


So well put! Yes - you and Zarin are both on to a means of clues, help from others assumed dead and reality.

wajid ali said...

i am so glad for seeing your blog. i am new on your blog.
your blog is informatic

Connie L. Nash said...


Would it be possible to open up sometime a post on "The Varieties of Religious/Spiritual/Profound Experiences"? Then, I could comment with very short "bites" on a number of experiences under those categories I have had --which would be easier for me to give in "public" and easier to write-up quickly.(smiles)-- NO HURRY because I will only "show up" infrequently for awhile...yet I am quite sure others here will "chime in".

If something else is more pressing or alive to you - GO WITH THAT! :)

I echo Zarin, Wajid Ali and the others in enjoying your blog - which is YOU, challenging spiritually and unique!

Thank You for doing this site...

ReeBz said...

Wajid Ali
How nice to see you here and to hear that you liked my blog,you are always welcomed here,and i need your comments :)

I'll need to find facts about it,yes you suggested a nice topic in reference to one i was discussing here :)
sure i'll try my best to do it. Nowadays i'm pretty busy,cause my university is re opening soon,plus my mom is leaving for lahore tomorrow morning,now i'll have to do house hold works :( [:P].Therefore less time for internet!

Thanks again connie,Wajid,Sir,and Zaring for commenting here :)

Connie L. Nash said...

Say hello to your dear mother for me ReeBz! I sure understand about doing "household works" which I have aplenty - especially with more around. So much later is a fine time for me too...after people go back to their usual jobs and I am able to write more...sometimes housework and garden and even being with people provide different sorts of reflection and prayer - and I am able to come back refreshed (or challenged strongly! :) with something different in my approach...Let's see how your home work affects you.

Connie L. Nash said...

Hello Friend ReeBz and Others: I am certainly praying for you with the Monsoon for your wellbeing, safety and peace of mind and heart.

Feeling connected to you!

ReeBz said...

How pleased i'm to see your post full of concern :)Thank you very much.Here at my side Thanks God everything is fine,but rain has done much damage in Khi city. I guess 17 people died including 5 kids cause of electric current in water and due to open gutters etc.
An hour ago too it rained here so fast.But there is also a good point it has turned weather into cold,nice one :) really enjoyable weather.
173 mm of rain has been recorded uptill now in khi.At one place i read its 193mm.
Hope no more loss and damage by monsoon rains.Amin

Connie L. Nash said...

So glad there was a bit of a let-up for you and the "gift" of enjoyable weather, friends in Khi city.

Turns out while we are still on "vacation" the family doesn't leave home for a few more days...busier than usual...may be able to take a laptop with me to the sea...and hope to do just a little small bit over the next week and a half to keep in touch....

How is school, your reading of such interesting matters - your most touching moments these days - ReeBz and any others here?

I too was so stunned and saddened about the airplane crash in Iran and concerned about all the other turbulences in all of your countries...

maybe Marzieh and Ahktar Sahib will know how to write a poem out of some of these "fires" to bring about some helpful perspectives for the rest of us...

Connie L. Nash said...

After a quick view of - I see we Pakistani and US peacemakers sure do have our work cut out for us for a long time to come.

I can imagine no better group of people with which to interact toward peace and goodwill then the people who interact and learn together on this blogsite!

ReeBz said...

every time i read your comments i feel full of pleasure.Thanks for being so nice and caring always :)
I'm sorry i just missed these comments and so i couldn't reply on time.

I'm fine how are you and your family :)?

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