Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bhutto's soul and Justice Rtd Jawed Iqbal

I was finding more facts and figures about the NDEs and I wanted one from Pakistan.
I’m sure it’ll interest you all.

Rtd. Justice Dr Jawed Iqbal writes in his book “apna graiban chaak”

“In the Lahore High court case, the bench under the leadership of Molvi Mushtaq Hussain proved Bhutto guilty and sentenced him to death. The other members of the bench were Zaki-ud-din Pal, S.M.H Qureshi, Gulbaz Khan, and Shahid Karam Ilahi Chohan. Molvi Mushtaq Husain was the friend of friends and a foe of foes. It was against his nature to forgive an enemy.
He further writes; that few events in life have made me believe on the “existence of souls”. In this regard, the first incident is related to Bhutto’s sentence. No one among us knew the exact date of his death sentence but one night in the beginning of April I and Nasira were sleeping, almost around 3:00 am I felt as if someone has thrown away the sheet from over me. It made me frightened and I immediately opened the eyes.I saw that Bhutto in a shirt with open collars and open sleeves buttons telling me angrily in English language “Look what they have done to me”
Meanwhile Nasira woke up too. She asked what happened. Did you see any scary dream? I replied just before few moments Bhutto was present here, it seems that he has been put to death..

It shows that souls have some connection with those who are alive, and this connection even sometimes continue with their appearance in one’s dream.
My mother tells that after the death of my paternal grandfather My eldest uncle (son of grandfather) saw in his dream that grand father is asking him to pay the loan he took from a friend living in “Gharib Abad” during his life but he couldn’t pay it.(as he died by an accident)
Amazingly,when the uncle woke up,he took out grandfather’s diary and was shocked to notice that he really took some money from a friend of “Gharib abad” about which he was asking him to pay it back.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

An interview from a hellish NDEr.

Most of the NDErs told they felt themselves rising up in the heavens and they find themselves in reluctance to come back.
According to "Evergreen researchers" there was only "one" Hellish NDE,which they define as an NDE that contains extreme fear,panic,or anger and may also contain visions of demonic creatures.In that a man reported that he was ushered into hell by mistake during the second of three NDEs.His is an enlightening and entertaining interview:

Respondent: The second experience was different,i went downstairs!Downstairs was dark,people were howling,there was fire,they wanted a drink of water...then somebody came to me,i dont know who it was,he pushed me aside and said,"you are not coming down,you are going back upstairs"
Interviewer:Did he actually use those words?
Respondent:Yeah "you are going back upstairs.we dont want you here because you are not mean enough"
Interviewer:did you first experience the black and then...
Respondent:Pitch black!frist we went was pitch black.
Interviewer: did you go down a tunnel?
Respondent: it was not a tunnel,more than a tunnel,a great big one.I was floating down..there was a man there waiting,he says,"he is not the one"
Interviewer: Could you see the ppl that were yelling?
Respondent: i seen alot of people down there,screaming,howling...
Interviewer:Were they also in clothes?
Respondent:No,No,no.No clothes at all!!!
Interviewer: They were nude?
Interviewer:and they were how many,could you guess?
Respondent:Oh Christ,you cant count them!they were all so miserable and hateful,they were asking me for water..
Interviewer:And there was a presence watching over them?
Respondent:Yes he was there.he had his little horns on...
Interviewer:He had horns on!Do... who do you think... Do you recognize this person?
Respondent:Oh yes i know him anywhere.
Interviewer:Who was it?
Respondent:The devil himself!!

Experiences like these are rare ones.The evergreen researchers combined their research with Moody's and Ring's and found that only 0.3% described their NDEs as being "hellish"

NeXt:Encounter of Zulfiqar Ali bhutto's soul with Justice(Rtd).Javed Iqbal
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