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NDEs and NDErs. [Near-death experiences]

There are many ordinary people who have been to the brink of death and reported miraculous glimpses of a world beyond,a world that glows with love and understanding that can be reached only by an exciting trip through a tunnel or passageway.

The persons who return after the death are never the same.No matter,what was their temper earlier,after having this experience,they value most to "love and knowledge"as they think these are the only qualities you'll take back with you.

To understand it better,we can say that these people have had "near-death experiences"[NDEs].Dr.Raymond Moody coined this term in his book "Life after Life".People have many different words/phrases to define this phenomenon.Few are "otherworld journeys,flight of alone to the alone,breaking of the plane,near-death visions etc"

The point to be noticed is that,no matter what they are called by different people of the different areas of the world,they all had similar set of experiences.
NDErs experience some or all of the following traits:
1.A sense of being dead
2.peace and painlessness even during a painful experience
3.bodily separation,
4.Raising rapidly into the heavens.
5.Entering a dark region or a tunnel
6.Meeting deceased friends and relatives,bathed in light.
7.Encountering a Supreme Being
8.Reviewing one's life
9.Feeling reluctance to return the world of the living.

Here,there are few points which i think are most important and attention drawing.

Whether you are a Muslim,Christian,Hindu,Jew or even Antheist encounter a Supreme Being.The one and Only,as the author interviewed people from all religions.Isn't it interesting? The followers of the Holy-Books do believe on One Allah or one God but even those who Count many gods encounter ONE supreme being.I think this confirms that there is one God only.

Second point,which i found interesting is "Reviewing one's life".It is proved by different Quranic verses too but unfortunately i can't give specific reference.I would like if any of the reader shall provide the references.
In very childhood i read in some Islamic book that at the time of your death,you are shown with all your life deeds whether good or bad altogether.It is difficult to understand for us and even difficult for those to explain who actually experienced it. In my future posts i'll quote the experiences of different people which you will find really interesting and mysterious.

I invite you all people to share your knowledge and experiences if you ever had any.
Connie please share your contributions :)

Next: who,how many and why?


Connie L. Nash said...

First of all, ReeBz, you've really captured a sense of mystery and you compel each of us readers to "tune in" to the next "installment" - kind of like Khurram Sahib with his "students" - a fine technique I'd like to learn better and practice more.

OK, all I have time for today is a little about a personal experience with two friends who were experiencing life-threatening cancer at the very serious level. While all the mystery of the hereafter means a lot to me - even more important is what am I to do when a loved one or a dear friend faces death imminently? For some reason, I've been brought into this kind of situation from the time I've been quite young - many many times...well so have perhaps most others who pay attention?

These first recountings are not quite what you may be wanting but I feel that some of your readers may want this encouragement...

One was a "buddy", Don, who had been like a cousin (we communicated completely at ease) I had when I went to UCLA years ago - University of California at Los Angeles USA. His degree was as a PHD in Child Psychology. Anyway, he "showed up" in my life a few years back when he wanted to let me know about a book for adults with special needs children and we communicated a bit - given that I had special needs children through adoption. Not long after that he was extremely sick. Just for that period of time I felt a "call" to pray for him several times every day and to envision warm light around him. I was very positive in my prayers. I also sent him and his family cheery cards, inspiration, etc. Miraculously he survived. After awhile, the time to be so present in his life and his family's seemed over. Someday I'd like to hear how he's doing but feel no need to force this as "my call" was just for a time.

There was another friend, a French teacher, who was also "near death" to the final degree. By this time, I felt the need for a spiritual mentor to show me about prayer. She guided my use of imagery in prayer and more. With this friend, Gene, I believe I prayed maybe four times per day...I also read many accounts like you are speaking about. Each day, there was quite apparent what kind of spiritual message would be best for Gene - or music or quote. He also survived miraculously - although after quite awhile, he left this planet for the afterlife. Again, there was a strong connection just for that time period of his illness. I felt that he had some important reasons to live longer and that when he finally left "out of here" he was peaceful and ready to go.

I have known others to actually "come back" from apparent death and I had at least one experience close to this one. Actually, I understand these are quite common although many are embarrassed to discuss this with most people.

Reading the literature and accounts you speak of and a number of books reminded me that the eternal is so much more real than we usually see. Also, these accountes remind us how fragile this "time-space frame" is here and yet how crucial for lessons to learn and love to give an Allah to know better and not least - the knowing we are being "helped" to do this every moment.

There's more to tell related to the "accounts" eventually.

While there's much that's been interpreted negatively and those interpretations from all the Holy Books may be questioned, I was and am really glad to have seen confirmation of the One God overall - a Creator who lives and wants our best and perhaps is less concerned with "categories" and "labels" then we.

Thank You for starting this conversation!

Bye for now...:)

Connie L. Nash said...

Any others who wish to comment: just ignore the above long may not relate at all to what you have to share and that's A-ok! Your's is probably more relevant anyway? :)

ReeBz said...

Connie first of all special thanks to you for sharing this.

I was totally absorbed and indulged in reading your post,literally i found it so mysterious that i got goose flesh.very interesting indeed!

I have been noticing Sir Khurram's style of writing his blog since after being his follower.
Plus the topic i wanted to share is too long and detailed to be described in a single post,So what i learnt from Sir's blog i experimented on mine :)

Keep in touch,in next post i'll share my own experience. it is really very mysterious. I also experienced two or three traits of NDEs but still it was something totally different.I haven't discussed it with anyone other than my family members and few close friends whom i was sure,they will believe me and wont make my fun.
But now i'll disclose here,as i know people here are wise enough to understand all :)

ReeBz said...

"I have known others to actually "come back" from apparent death and I had at least one experience close to this one."

This would be much more interesting.I wanna hear about your experience of "coming back".

Connie L. Nash said...

Yes, that "coming back" experience has been quite amazing for many...Both of mine have involved driving - Also, do you think there may be some kind of intersection, overlap or similar experience with the "mystical"? which doesn't necessarily involve actually dying? When you say the word later, I can share a few of these... Don't give up on me...I'll try to be back in a few days to read your experience and put my own on this blogsite.

Let me add to the comment above about my prayer "work"- of course there were others praying which contributed I'm sure, and Allah's own "design" for these two friends. It's just that it was the only time in my life that I felt called to make prayer my essential work for that period of time. And there were many personal "rewards" to convince me that I was involved in something holy and needed & surely to increase my faith as well.

ReeBz said...

"Also, do you think there may be some kind of intersection, overlap or similar experience with the "mystical"? which doesn't necessarily involve actually dying?"

I was reading the book further,and i found out the "set of questions" which should be asked from a suspected NDE.Actual death is not necessary in all cases.Sometimes Person feels as if he was in dream or unconscious.But many times NDE actually faces death and then come back.

Hasaan Rafique said...

I heard this from my mom. She's a doctor.

A patient in one of the social security hospitals was being checked by the doctors.
He was in a critical stage and his heart-beat and pulse totally stopped and the doctors feared him dead. Luckily, with proper application of electric shocks to his chest, his heart-beat miraculously became normal and he regained consciousness very quickly. My mom happened to be one of the doctors present there and she asked him what he felt. He told he felt totally comforted during that brief period when he felt his vision blacked out.


Nice post Areeba. You've raised very interesting points. keep up the good work :)

ReeBz said...

i read similar accounts in the book "The light beyond"

Mostly,it happens that when a person feel him out of his body,he sees his own body lying flat and he also notices the activity of the doctors over him.

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