Saturday, June 27, 2009

who,How many and Why?

First it was thought there are only few numbers of NDEs but as the researches were made and this mystery came into light,Psychiatrists started playing their role in more effective way and provided awareness to people many NDEs were encouraged to discuss their own experiences.

A research by Pollster George Gallup,Jr,tells that eight million adults in the united states have had an NDE.That equals one person in 20.He was further able to analyze the content of these NDES by polling for their elements.Here is what he found:

1. Out of body 26 %
2.Accurate visual perception 23%
3.Audible sounds or voices 17%
4.Feelings of peace,painlessness 32%
5.Light phenomena 14%
6.Life review 32%
7.Being in another world 32%
8.Encountering other beings 23%
9.Tunnel experience 9%
10.Precognition 6%

Such a poll clearly showed that NDE are much more common in society,but there is a need of bringing them into light.

Now i'm going to quote some true incidents as our minds have now a clear idea that what is meant by the term near-death experience.

a)It happened with Professor Dr.John Marshall.He viewed his apparently dead body from the distance on the hospital bed,while entering into the brilliant light that emanated love,and seeing every event of his life reviewed in a three-dimensional panorama.

b)Another Psychiatrist Dr.George Ritchie had the remarkable experience of passing through a tunnel and seeing beings of light after being declared "dead" because of double pneumonia but later he resuscitated successfully.


Note :In my next post I'll share my own experience dated few years back i.e 2007 September.
I experienced Accurate visual perceptions and audible sounds or voices and bits of light phenomena.What i experienced was something different than all these researches,so it might be pretty confusing to understand.Few people tells me that it was just mental illness,but i don't agree.You can decide what it was and help me solving the mystery as you have clear idea about NDEs.



Connie L. Nash said...

You have me on the edge of my seat!

Marzieh said...


This is a fascinating and a little spooky subject :)

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Yes, waiting :). And, by the way, the technique of announcing the next episode with a teaser was adopted by me from the great Urdu writer IBNE SAFI

Connie L. Nash said...

Khurram Sahib - you are always ready to give others credit, rather than take it for yourself. That is a trait I admire. With what little I understand - perhaps this is in keeping with loving the Collective Ego?

Perhaps not so "spooky" a topic, Marzieh, if our most peaceful and authentic mystics speak of an unplanned, unmanipulated immersion into something out of our time/space "frame" where love is absolute and by which our lives are given courage and direction...But then your writing indicates you understand... :)

ReeBz said...

Marzieh and Khurram sir thanks for joining and for comments:)

Connie,special thanks to you :) as cause of you i was appreciated and encouraged to post all this with my heart:) first i had no intention of posting my own NDE but as you started a nice discussion i was compelled to put my own :)

Connie L. Nash said...

Thanx to you, also, ReeBz - because your choices of discussion/topics are bringing up forgotten memories and subjects I have been ignoring! :)
How glad I am that you are posting with your heart - others will follow and be glad...

Marzieh said...


You are right, perhaps 'spooky' is no the right word, but then for me it is spooky in the sense that this and other similar topics 'disturb' the peace and tranquility of our time/apace "frame" as you mentioned, and show us the higher and truer side of our world and nature. Thanks for pointing that out :)

Hasaan Rafique said...

That's a very nice and interesting post Areeba :)
Going to read your next one now :)

@Sir Khurrum
About the technique you mentioned, it was used much earlier by the queen who is known for her famous tales of "Alif-laila" or "The Arabian Nights" (if the legend about their history is true)

ReeBz said...

Ask me, it is really a spooky topic :)atleast the experience of mine can be perfectly described as the spooky one!

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