Monday, June 27, 2011

Cosmeceutique Circle- Skin care products by Mahnoor Baloch

I happened to order online for Mahnoor Baloch's skin care products when June hit this year. A very eye-catchy package (bundle offer) had been given by Cosmeceutique Circle till 11th of June as the much-awaited "summer Deal". According to Cosmeceutique, this bundle offer saved Rs 220/- for you.

Company offered one tube of Natural face wash, Natural sunscreen and Under Eye Gel, with free shipping anywhere in Pakistan. However, surprisingly, company even replaced one product with the another on your request with a slight up and down of the fixed rates.(depending on the rates of the replaced product)

Since I have no dark circles problem, I got under eye gel replaced by Pimple and acne cream whose retail price is Rs 600, face wash is available for Rs 280, whereas sunscreen costs Rs 390/- this makes PKR 1270/- and i had to pay only 1000,- which saved Rs 270 for me. The best part is though all the products are a bit pricey, they are all natural and contain ingredients like neem bark, tea tree oil, glycerin, sunflower oil, daisy flower, karanj oil, shea butter, orange, cinnamon, lavender essential oil, xanthum gum, cucumber, aloevera, olive oil etc

I would have reviewed it a bit earlier, so that you could have also availed this attractive deal, but unlike all, i wanted to try it and see the difference myself first. The bundle offer is no more available, but you can still order these or buy from any of their outlet. Let me tell you, each and every product of this bundle offer is AMAZING.  

Face wash is so light with a light sweet smell. I must recommend it to oil oily skin bearers. It doesn't have any oily texture and rinses off completely just in two or three water splashes. It regulates sebum production, thus controlling acne and other skim ailments. It leaves your skin soft and smooth, seriously.

Natural sun screen is yet another awesome product. It is a light milky and creamy formula. It is not greasy and will not cause oil secretion, once you step out in sunlight, like other common sunblocks. All the girls who go out regularly, i would recommend them keeping it in their bags and reapply after two to three hours. If you have it, you are in the magic world of cosmeceutique to keep your skin protected!

Acne & Pimple cream is the BEST cream ever invented for the treatment of acne and white heads, which are often found on your beautiful face as the bad marks. I have been using it for some 25 days or more now and i really have noticed the BIG change on my skin. Since it controls sebum, the acne formation is reduced.You just need to cover the affected area with thin film of the cream and rub it in circular motion until complete absorption. Repeat this process twice daily and you will see your facial skin blemish and acne free in as low as four to six weeks.

Pros and Cons:
  • Sunscreen and face wash are available in 100 ml whereas acne and pimple cream comes in 50g tube. I personally feel that prices are a bit too high, and once again like everyone they have played the "brand-game" here.
  • The fragrance of sunscreen is something which you would really not desire to smell again and again. It smells like a medicated cream, rather than any cosmetic product.
  • Fastest delivery is provided in all Pakistan, specially in the cities, which are having their outlets
All products are safe and tested for being hypo allergic, according to the company.
"Complete range is researched and formulated in USA, with thousands of satisfied Pakistani users", website says.


    Shang J. said...

    Cosmeceutique is economical than most of the high-end skin care brands and I like their products. Though I can't really stand the smell of the sunscreen. I use their facewash and under eye gel a lot. Now after reading your review, when needed I can even go for the Acne cream. =)

    ReeBz said...

    shang J:
    thanks for sharing your views:) i also have the same issues with their sun screen as i mentioned :) but acne cream is really something magical for me. I will be placing my second order for it soon :)

    hina said...

    Planning to buy the facewash! will you want any commission Reebz :D? Contact cosmeceutique since you are forwarding so many customers to them you deserve something :D

    Desi Firangi Flick Goddess said...

    can someone please tell me where i can find thier products in karachi, apart from online shopping!

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