Saturday, December 3, 2011

JoJo- An Introduction & Review to JoJo,GFI.

JoJo Confectioners is a Gujranwala Food Industry which was established in 1984, producing only bubble gums. However with time, GFI not only brought improvement in the quality of its products but also expanded its functional range to light snacks, candies, jellies and instant drinks. The mission of JoJo is to provide quality products at affordable rates- "A world of Treats" in everyone's range. Frequent addition of new tastes and innovative products won it certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP. Moreover, JoJo managed to grab the opportunity of creating a corporate image of itself in countries like UK,USA,South Africa,North America, Australia, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Fiji Island, Ireland and SriLanka.

JoJo is the name of quality confectioners. The determination, passion, and focus on "customer desires and choices" of JoJo brought it international clients which speak loudly for JoJo's scintillating success over the period of years.  In Pakistan too, JoJo has a strong supplying chain and skilled force to monitor all of its functioning. Bearing 240 distributors around the country, JoJo is busy spreading the shades of lusciousness among all age groups.

Sorry for this wrongly placed tag, I had to hide my address ofcourse.
Few days back I was sent a complimentary package from JoJo GFI for which I am very grateful to them. It is a full treat for me, and made me discover the world of treats :) I must say JoJo is a perfect treat for all the gourmands having sweet tooth! I shall be pleased and honored to write an individual review on every product I have received from JoJo as a kind jesture. My package includes:
  1. Pingo ( Cheese Onion & Chicken)
  2. Spaghetti Bubble gum
  3. Miny Tiny Balls
  4. Khatta Saib Candy
  5. Fruit Flow Candy
  6. Trippy Wafers
  7. Colour Bubble Pencils
  8. Sour Bumpy Dips
  9. Striple Chew
No doubt all these products are uniquely delicious with attractive packaging. If you have kids in your home, these colourful, eye-catchy glittering products will have your kids stuck onto them. Have you got any other better idea to keep your naughty kids busy in some activity? I am sure NO! So, what are you waiting for? Stay connected and see how I am going to reveal a land of treasures before you! =)

For a deeper insight about the company, you can join their facebook page here


filpaki said...

Nice one. Jojo confectioners are doing a good job!

hina said...

whoa! yummy treat! whats for me ;)?

Scott said...

A successful story from Pakistan. whoa!

John said...

Your blog is an interesting place. keep up the good work

ReeBz said...


Yes, no doubt:)

ReeBz said...


Hey its all mine. go and get yours from market ;P

ReeBz said...


Thank you so much. Appreciation keeps me going :)

Hasaan Rafique said...

Very nice review :) Some of these sweets seem really delicious & you ate them all alone, how sad! :D

Nice work with the review! Wish you all the best :)

ReeBz said...

Thanks Hasaan. Its nice to see you back here.
Thanks again for nice comments!

Brower said...

Aww. My my Myy Lord! such a lovely candy world. Nice review. Look forward to know more about it. I never noticed if i have enjoyed JoJo or not. I mean i simply do not care about brands. I just buy what I love !

ReeBz said...

I dunno from where do you belong, but since JoJo is a big exporter, I hope you will find out their products in your area :)

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