Sunday, January 16, 2011

B.S or M.A/M.Sc system of education?

Karachi University has restored the MA/M.Sc system of education and has discontinued the B.S system.B.S system of education is a four years program.Anyone with 12 years of education could get admission 
in B.S.

According to B.S degree program:

"University of Karachi initiated four years B.S program in 2007 to replace the 3 year honours programme.  Masters Programmes have been abolished in departments where the B.S programme was initiated two years back. Candidates holding B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com (pass) degree can get admission in B.S  third year in these departments instead of masters programmes and after successful completion of 2 years of study,  B.S degree will be awarded to these candidates.  This B.S degree will be equal to the Masters degree under the previous system.  Admission to M.Sc will be offered only in departments that have no B.S program"

In 2009 when i got admission in KU in B.S (from third year)I felt myself lucky to get education on international standards.I was excited to avail a degree which will be recognized by the whole world.In short I welcomed this change.Soon after the session was started,I realized things are not the way i was expecting.University has extended the duration of graduation but there is scarcity of qualified teachers and class rooms for the new courses introduced.Administration also has failed to pay teachers efficiently.
Moreover,there lies also a threat for future of the students coming from colleges and seeking admission in B.S from third year,as Masters program was earlier abolished.They already are coming after spending two years in colleges and already have B.A/B.Sc degrees in hand.After successfully completing two years of B.S they will get yet another degree of graduation.Confusing isn't it?When such students go out in the field for jobs,due to lack of awareness authorities exclaims a big "WHAT?" as if they doubts their degrees and qualification.Some people say that its injustice to reward 4years B.S degree to the students who join B.S just for two years.Students themselves are not happy with this situation as well.I also have experienced that all that glitters isn't gold.

KU lacks long term planning.Therefore such mishap happens.I personally think there should be a uniform method of education in the whole country.When all universities are running B.S/M.S programs quite successfully then why does KU fail?There can be many reasons but the most important reason is to completely abolish masters program.Students coming from colleges should have the option of joining Masters program while the rest should be welcomed to B.S.Only slowly and gradually M.A/M.Sc program should be stopped.

If you are a KU student,old or are currently getting education from KU then do share your views and concerns.

P.S Author is going at long leave from blogging due to shifting in Lahore from Karachi.


Eyewitness said...

My heartiest welcome to you to Lahore.

Although, I was born in Kashmir a place known Paradise on earth. But I have beem living in Lahore since grade 4.
I really believe Lahorites are rightly known for being "Zinda Dilaan". I think a real Lahoria is co-operative. They are not very deep, they don't have very good memories which helps them to forget if they are hurt.
And these are just my personal observation as a human being. I love all Pakistan but I love Lahore the most (Btw, I also love the quote, I am the fellow citizen of every being that thinks my country is truth.). I hope the light which you were struggling to spread via blogging will not remain off just because you left the city of lights.

May live forever,Pakistan.


R. Ramesh said...

long leave? hey return soon friend..

Muhammad Hamza said...

Like others,I will comment on the last line too.

Goodbye and hope this leave from blogging won't be too long.
May good luck follow you there too.
But may u never ever forget Karachi and miss it every day...:)

ReeBz said...


i'm just coming back from our new home. mashaALLAH its lovely and awesome. i dun have net connection here yet just check randomly via my cell phone. i'l be back soon. but yes hamza i MISS MY KARACHI. its my love, my home town. i love it.. i love da people of khi..
I miss you karachi..

Mad Gir| said...

well related to topic i must say tht initially at time of admission i was ready to do graduation twice and ready to waste more 2 years for another graduation as i thought tht the level of education will become better so its a 1st step but soon i realized tht its nothing xcept the wastage of precious 2 years of study..!
and now listening that this system will no more exist.. so its damn regretful! y we ?? and the last coming batch..? I knw that knowledge matters but in today's world wht matter is *degree*

Connie L. Nash said...

Quick note to wish you much JOY in your well-deserved new home dear lovely student and friend.

Paksitani music said...

I think the whole education system of Pakistan needs to be changed

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi my name is mahreen and i am doing bs(bba) from ku 4 yr prgm. everyone says that there is no worth of bs degree as compare to bba i am planing to change my university and go for hec degree but i am so confuse :( do you have any idea about it?

ReeBz said...

Hello Mehreen,
True that UoK has lost its ranking in the recent HEC ranking, issued few months back. Still KU is one of the most named university of Pakistan. I have completed my B.S in mass com with Second position and believe me i find no obstacles in finding a good job. It only depends, how qualified are you in the field you are struggling for :-)
And remember KU was the first university to launch 4 years program in whole Pakistan. BS is an international degree system, you need not to worry.

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