Monday, January 10, 2011

Rehman Malik & Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

According to Islamic Provisions of 1973 constitution only Muslims (male/female)should be elected as a Prime Minister/President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.It clearly emphasizes that being a Muslim is a necessary condition to occupy any position in government unless it is specially designed for non-Muslims and he/she is a minority representative.
Moreover,these provisions also order to take all necessary steps for ensuring Islamic teachings,understanding of Quran and Arabic easy for every Muslim citizen of Pakistan.The federal and Provincial Ministers,the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National and Provincial Assemblies,the chairman of the Senate and the Governors and Chief Ministers of the Provinces also take oath to preserve and protect the Islamic Ideology.
Even with these Islamic provisions in the constitution of Pakistan we have some ministers like Rehman Malik  who fails to recite "Sura Ikhlas"- a compulsory part of Muslim's faith about oneness of Allah.Not only he fails to recite it,but also he is unable to deliver "
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم" see here:Rehman Malik fails to deliver Bismillah  and here
Its important to note that when someone even doesn't  know the basics of Islam then talking about heaven doesn't suit at him.Rehman Malik in his first press conference after the assassination of Salman Taseer failed to deliver "bismillah" properly but is wishing for a high place for Salman Taseer in heaven.Contradictory,isn't it?Do they even know what are the concepts regarding heaven and hell?  

It is very sad that in Pakistan we do investigate about fake degrees and make a fuss out of it.I agree, its the right of every Pakistani to know the truth about their elected members but no attention is paid towards this issue.Though free media has managed to play its role quite successfully.

One should remember that Salman Taseer has reaped what he sowed.We all know what type of life he was passing.Everyone can google conflicted pictures of Salman Taseer and his family.He was a shame for every Muslim.A person who claims Blasphemy Law  a black  law has now been sent to his destination.I don't support that citizens of state shall take Law and order in their hands but when the courts and law imposing institutes are sleeping then it gets out of control to bear the insult of our Dear prophet S.A.W.To avoid such tragedies in future government and courts should be serious.

A successful Namoose Risalat yesterday in Karachi has proved that we the citizens of Pakistan shall not bear any amendment in the blasphemy law.

Author doesn't support Salman Taseer,and assassination of Salman Taseer,neither does she support Mumtaz Qadri.

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suggested reading:Pakistan isnot meant for seculars like Salman Taseer.


Talha said...

I wish I could express my views but due to some compulsions I can not.

Peerless said...

“Rehman Malik and any such misters who lack Islam's basis should start Learning "Bissmlillah",as we want Pakistan to see on true Islamic lines.”
Was it a threat or a friendly fire? As I have just received an SMS of Breaking News on Rehman Malik reading
“ Salman Taseer ne Bismisslh aur Sura Ikhlas ghalat parhne par apne guard se muafi Maang li hai” so better pardon him.

Connie L. Nash said...

Your devotion to your faith and nation is certainly commendable.

Just a few considerations, dear friend and admired blogger/writer...

Like many of our US/British and European leaders, heroes, artists, musicians, writers and even sometimes some of the people we quote on RR have imperfections/gaps in their pasts. All of our religious leaders - yours and ours - are far from perfect.

Yet we still learn from them many lessons even when all of our lives are far from ideal. If nothing else, we learn how not to make similar mistakes.

Nevertheless, can we all celebrate that this leader's last living moments may have actually helped him find more comfort among the "decorated" in heaven. His conscience may have led him to his statements although there may possibly have been a better time and way. Who are we to judge?

What I believe deeply is that Allah wants us all among the blessed by God - is Merciful - not a Vengeful Creator and Father.

Who among us is without sin? If sinlessness were the requirement, who among us would reach heaven?

Perhaps instead of seeking for others a perfection few of us will ever attain -- we all might seek to be a little more perfect in love.
This is often what I learn from each of your at RR. Surely such a destination will help us all to experience more peace among each other and within our own hearts.

ReeBz said...

I wish you had share your views, but if you don't want i wont force you
thanks for coming :)

ReeBz said...

It was neither a threat nor a friendly fire.It was just an innocent demand which is the right of citizens of Pakistan.

about that SMS,it must be a forwarded message and a joke,so don't take it serious.We are no one to pardon him, but its our right to judge the personalities of our elected members.
Its our right to know that who is getting benefit from our votes.WE or THEY?

ReeBz said...

First of all thanks that you are here once again.

Secondly,dear try to get the point.Did i demand perfections from him?Nay,not at all.when anyone is lacking even in the basic,most basic things indeed,than expecting perfections from such a man is humorous.People will mock not only at him,but on me too.

Its the RIGHT of each and EVERY citizen that he/she can judge that whom he has brought on the basis of his/her votes in country.Will you disagree with me?I don't think so.I of-course didn't invent anything on my own.I just pointed out a thing which is in a contradiction with the constitution of Pakistan.Every citizen has rights but for me its a duty as well as i belong to media.Who else can understand it better than you Connie:)?

May be the citizens of U.S don't find Obama wrong even on his dangerous Drone policy but we the harmless people of Pakistan want to correct the mistakes,to run everything smoothly!

Sibghat said...

bjaa irshaad frmaya aap nay
even if he learns all the Islamic stuff, he should be fired as he isnt a very good Interior Minister

floydian said...

So sorry to read this post. The political leaders of our so called religious parties are known to be champions of Islamic knowledge and teachings but what good have they done to this unfortunate country and its illiterate people? They only preach hate and violence and anybody who disagree with their viewpoint is considered as heretic. They justify murder of fellow Muslims in the name of religion. But the Monster of religious fanaticism and bigotry has now invaded the minds of our educated and enlightened people. Im appalled at your justification of Salman Taseer's brutal assassination.

Rest in Hell Zia ul Haq. Secularism is the only answer to his ideology of militant and violent Islam which is now shared by the Western educated minds.

For God sake, let Allah mian decide who is going to hell n who is not as He own Islam not we the. We need to mind our own business.

Rehan Qayoom said...

This is what would inevitably happen in a state such as Pakistan, an epitome of Dante's Inferno where greed, corruption and every vice are the order of the day and where the voice of good is banished under allegations of being called a Mirzai. If this were any other country, I would have been very surprised to hear it.

connie nash said...


Let me just admit to perplexity concerning the entire turbulence of events. So I probably had/have not right or reason to respond. Yes, like you expressed, many many of us U. S. Citizens are like many of you quite concerned about such policies the US administration is applying. My deepest ongoing prayer for you and all our youth is a future set within a framework of understanding leading to love, forgiveness, generosity and mutual respect. (Even within all the many differences). Somehow I have the conviction you and many more will discover this gentle way worldwide.

ReeBz said...

This is Pakistan floydian.
Everyone here needs a good thrashing including religious and political leaders.
At such times I alwyas remember a song of Shahad Roy "laga rah to laga rah"..

ReeBz said...

Rehan Qayom:
According to the constitution of 1973 Lahori group or Ahmedis are considered non-Muslims.Its something which is not invented by any individual.I however, respect your views!

Peerless said...

Yes I know that it was a joke (sorry for misquoting the name it was Rehman malik) but the message attached to this joke is impressive I hope you would have got it. I do not want to challenge your very personal thoughts but being a media person and true patriot (as you say) you and other media officials need to be more aware of the responsibility attached to them. A blog may be considered as a mirror for a personal thought but this is read throughout the world because of the powerful medium, so it becomes public when we talk about matters of public interest. A written document is much more powerful than a spoken word to me, so please be soft at time when you describe personalities and beliefs of public nature, as some of your comments and statements can easily be put into the category of hate speech taking into account the repercussions afterwards. I am not blaming you for doing so as you may be doing this unintentionally but this is hurting your intellectual writings. And again do not think that I am saying this to undermine your abilities but instead want to inform you the shortcomings which are undermining you as a young writer and a media aspirant.

Eyewitness said...

I fully agree with the author. Certainly, Salman Taseer has reaped what he sowed. He spoke against a law which ensures that only the offender gets punishment and there is no danger of the fire being spread in the whole country and the world. It is all because of this law that we have not seen much clashes amongst the followers of different religions living in our country. But Taseer called it a black law so its good that his case was not heard in the court but the decision was made on the road. Laws can be removed from the constitution but Love of the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) can not be removed from our hearts. The enemies of Islam should be aware that they don't have too many Taseers but we have enough Mumtaz Qadrees, InshaAllah.

As for the lack of the existence of Islamic knowledge in our ministers and other leaders , I would also say that we have right to question. How will they preserve and protect the ideology of Islam while they lack the basic Islamic knowledge.
For example, Although a salesman at a stationary shop on the corner of the street I am living in needs to know a little about health and emergency medical aid. But if he does not I have not much problems for my ownself. But if this is the case with a doctor sitting in a clinic then its going to cause problems. For we can not let him play with precious human lives.
That's why we have right to demand qualification from our leaders for we can not let them play with Islamic laws which are a light for every aspect of our whole life.

Sister Reebz, thanks for this reminder!!!

Assalamu alaikum.

ReeBz said...

Thanks for your suggestions and advises.You must not forget that it is a blog only and blog simply means-"a person's own thoughts and feelings".A blog is an online personal diary infact!Search engines will google my blog enlisted in personal blog categories,not in political or news blog. So it doesn't have the same value as of all the "written documents".I know you have learned your notes of media studies properly :)

Another thing, everyone has biases and perception difference.I do have, and my readers have too. People are inclined to get biased when they read any thing.No one can sue me that i abused anyone and so-and-so. They are my feelings and I try to make my blog different by giving proper references which no one can challenge.In this post i referenced Islamic provisions and talked about R.M in the light of constitution.This is what you call hate speech?
Second thing about Salman taseer, you may call it so, but once again don't forget that its not a news blog.its a personal blog.As you are also belonging to same field,you might know that analysts,columnists do the same.Share their own thoughts,analyze on their own perceptions.

Libel/Slander becomes more serious if you do it cause of personal enmity or without proofs!

Peerless said...

Thanks for such a blunt reply but you again did not respect the intention of the comments, I do not want to indulge in any comments on your very personal thoughts, so carry on whatever you think is right.
Hmmm regarding the notes, be informed that I never needed them. Thanks for your informations on libel/salander and difference between News and personal blogs. Keep learning and sharing

Peerless said...

Can you please do a favour to me by giving me any link to a video or audio clip of Salman taseer in which he has called blasphemy law as a black law. I badly need it, but couold not find it anywhere.

ReeBz said...

At blogs you will see only personal opinions peerless.
but my opinion is different from notion.I talk with logic and proofs.I agree my logic may not be a proper logic for you.It is common as everyone has different angles of perceiving even the very same things.
You can disagree, can indulge with my very "personal" thoughts,no harm in it,as far as you have strong points to make your self clear enough to be understood :)

If you don't want to indulge in personal thoughts of people,then blogging is something which isn't for you.Again its my very "own personal thought"
and yes, thanks for suggestion once again.Learning process never ends, so i will keep learning and keep sharing :)!

ReeBz said...

As far as your link about salman taseer is concerned.I will inshaAllah try to find it.But it is something which is present everywhere in newspaper and media.Therefore, no one can doubt it.
Everything isn't always present in the form of videos :)

ReeBz said...

Eye witness:
Thanks for your detailed comment.I m honored to have you here!

Muhammad Hamza said...

Nice post but don't like the part on Salman taseer.
And I was will even more disagree with 'Floridian'.
I know it's Floydian' but i'll cal him that.

He can know my perceptive at

And let it be clear that I am no mullah and nor a mullah supporter.Just a fundamentalist who lives in a realistic world not a fiction based world.

ReeBz said...

I also donot agree with floydian but i didnt want to get into a row with him.

I have commented at your blog:)

Muhammad Hamza said...

Thanks for sharing my article sister.

I really very very honored..)

Habibies said...

Rehman Malik is Mentally ill :)

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