Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sindhi Cultural Day-Love & Peace for all

Pakistan is a country enriched with various cultures and traditions yet very beautiful.Sindhi culture displays beautifully the combination of love and colours.It teaches peace,sanity and equality like all the cultures of Pakistan.The roots of Sindhi culture go back to the Indus Valley Civilzation-A civilization which will always be remembered as an icon of modernism.Sindhi culture is considered one of the world's oldest culture.Sindhi literature is rich in precious prose and poetry.Sufi poets Shah abdul LAtif Bhittai and Sachal Sarmast of sindh have given the lesson of peace and love for all.Sindh is also known as Babul Islam as islam enetered in sub-continet via Sindh.

Today Sindhi cultural day was celebrated across the province with zeal and zest to mark its importnace.The days was marked with rallies, corner meetings and musical evenings.Celebration of cultural days at local/national level are very important for the survival of a nation.It keeps reminding us about our roots.It keeps us motivated and make us feel proud on our identity.Moreover,it also bring other diversities of the country closer.Culture of sindh is rich in colours.People of sindh are welcoming,warm-hearted and peace loving people.They are famous because of high level of respect they give to others.Its a tradition that if you visit a Sindhi he will gift you a Sindhi topi and Ajrak as a token of respect and love.        
Cultural days should be celebrated all across the country and shoulnot be confined to a province or two.It will be much more beautiful if all Pakistan celebrates all of her cultures nationally on one single day.We should tell the whole world that we are the people who love peace and are spreading the colours of happiness.We live and let others livE!


anamika said...

Like reading the post :)

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Princess said...

Every culture has its own unique impact ! The Sindhi culture is indeed glorious , we should not let the cultural norms burn in the hands of politics !
Nicely written ! :)

smarty said...

I would be a bit offended if you had not concluded your post well.I'm thatswhy impressed you keep a balance between all.
Love Pakiitan!

ReeBz said...

Thanks for coming here :) Glad to see someone from neighbouring country.I checked your blog its beautifull seriously :)

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thanks again.

ReeBz said...


Thanks for sharinf your precious comments.I think for the revival of every culture we should keep practising it.

ReeBz said...

Your anger would be just.Hence this blog reflects all colours of Paksitan and doesnt represent any class, culture or cast i couldnot write only in the favour of sindhi culture.Plus I also donot belong to sindhi culture or background in any way. This post was just an update of my lovely province and to let all others know about its beauty.

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