Saturday, November 27, 2010

Producing a documentary-Chatpata Karachi.

It was a fine cool evening.Dark sky embedded with stars was definitely going to make our time memorable. Though it was natural of us to feel nervous and tensed,excitement was still at peak.
We four with our cameraperson "LALA RUKH"(The only female cameraperson of Pakistan,who formerly worked at Geo TV network) eneterd in car to move ahead. Our destination was Boat Basin's Food Street.

A month back we were assigned to produce a 10 minutes documentary on any interesting topic.We all know that Paksitani population donot welcome documentaries very well.Therefore the most tough job for us was the selection of a topic.We wanted a topic which could attarct anyone's attention and would make them glued with the screen until it ends.After few disputes, we all selected a topic "Chatpata Karachi". Yes, now its your turn to imagine about all those sizzling spicy foods,sweet aromas, and mouth watering foods of Karachi.

Yummy spicy Chicken karahi,tasty glistening Nehari, Simply a piece of art-showarma etc were the tempting sights and treat to our taste buds.Decent desi style set-up with wooden takhats and pillows in an open air food street were quite welcoming for us.However, today we were out not for thrusting up our tummies with these uncountable "mon u salwa" but to shoot a documentary. Lala Rukh fetched me back from my fantasy world where i was a queen and my royal servants were serving me B.B.Q in gold plates and silver crockery.

Lala Rukh placed her tripod stand and fixed camera to take some best shots,covering the food street.We learnt how to take angles, close shots and long shots.We then got busy in taking interviews from the people who were enjoying the delicious food.It was our first experience of immediate interaction with so many different people but it was simply awesome. We also met a couple of French and it was fun talking with them. I loved when one of them,so full of energy, said. "I love Pakistan, and Pakistani food".
After the food street we covered Lal qila restaurant and few others.It was a fun filled experience under the leadership of experienced and a polite camera person Lala Rukh!

I love Karachi!


Namrah Mahmood said...

oh wow, lovely experience... :)
though I personally feel it must have been difficult to focus on the documentary with such delicious things around ;) Hope the documentary went well and u all enjoyed to ur maximum!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

A delicious post :)

Komal Ali said...

Wow...lovely post. :)

PS:- Karachi has no replacement.

filpaki said...

must be very interesting! best ov luck !

Peerless said...

A documentary on chatpatty foods with the camera of Lala must be worth-watching, Good effort.

connie nash said...

This is a "tasty" post with your usual combine of zest and savvy sort of professional ability. I look forward to sharing with husband and best girl friend since we three love to eat at a restaurant entitled "CHAT Patty" our favorite in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

By the way, I'm late getting my autumn photos to you so send me your address by personal email and I will add some winter scenes from here you will love.

Good going on your chosen career!

ReeBz said...

Thanks Connie.Glad to hear tjat you people love to eat at chat patey restaurant hehe :) They must be serving food of India- Pakistan, right?

I m excited about your photos and will definitely share with my mother and family.Gonna contact you through email!

Ibn Hanif said...

Thank you for this delicious intro of Karachi food street but since your blog's commenting policy allows us to disagree with author (You may disagree with author's point of view) therefore I want to tell you that Karachi food can not be more "Chatpata" than what is served in Lahore food streets.

Best Wishes

smarty said...

Mashallah may u touch da peak of glory amin.

ReeBz said...

Sir Akhter, filpaki,Komal and peerless:
Thanks to all of you :)

ReeBz said...

Ibn Hanif:
I respect your views. Its about food, so its about choices.Comparing isnot a good thing always,I guess :)

Ibn Hanif said...


I was just inviting your team to make a similar documentry on Lahore foods.

The word "disagree" was used for fun only.

Best Wishes

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