Sunday, November 7, 2010

War of glamour by Pvt Media sector

 Since after the bombardment of private TV channels over Pakistani media a war of fashion and glamour has been started.Our norms and values which are the speciality of eastern culture,seem to be disappeared somewhere in the debris of nudity and unethical advertisements(mostly inspired from the neighbouring country).

The family friendly network PTV has also lost its value and viewrship in the past few years.All the good writers,directors and producers moved towards the private media sector.Though the technology has improved and the quality of work has been enhanced, we are still coming down instead of going up.Pakistan is unfortunately a third world nation but the drama industry of Pakistan which is no doubt quite flourishing these days gives totally an opposite view of Pakistan.A state with 15.20% (2009 est)of unemployment, and 12.69% (june 2010)inflation,cannot bear the unnecessary load of glamour.A nation where interest rate is 13% and exchange rate is 86.1200 with the promotion of rich and wealthy culture (confined to the limited population of pakistan) can not build mentally healthy children for the future of our society.A World Bank report titled ‘Sparing lives, better reproductive health for poor women in South Asia’ has revealed that Pakistan’s 37.4 per cent children under the age of five are malnourished.With such alarming rate of poverty and unemployment how can we expect that our MODERN drama industry isnot widening the gap between haves and havesnot?

Policies have changed and rules have been modified after the private sector jumped to occupy its space.Westernization is now considered as modernization.Well-fournished glamourous buildings, lavishly designed expensive costumes and dolls like models lay a negative impact on the minds of people belonging to middle-class families.It gives birth to the world of fantasy and imagination in the subconsious of growing children.In old times elederly people would keep an strict eye on the reading habbits and reading material of the children in order to protect them from unethical and bad literature.This effort would be made only to build a mentally and physically a healthy child.Similarly, same should be done in this fastest world of electronic media where thousands of channels are just a pressing of a button away.

Moreover, parents should be very careful about the cartoons their kids watch.Chota bheam and Hanuman,are the cartoons made for indian children as it promotes Hiduism.It must be a good effort of indian media for their children,not for us.It is noticed,that Pakistan has now become a land where everyone has closed his/her eyes from their responsibilities including sacred relations like parents and teachers.As a result our children know more about Hinduism than Islam.When parents dance on a movie song infront children,than what else can we expect from such children except bad attitude,lack of respect for elders and bad language?

These are the growing fears which should be thought upon,if we want a BETTER PAKISTAN!

Rate of unemployment in pakistan
Inflation and echange rates
Poverty rate in pakistan


Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

I hundred percent agree with your concerns ReeBz about glamour, media and children’s education.

Thinking said...

hmm...quite true....

Nowadays only two things can be viewed on television...

A: Galmourous Actors with expensive cloths...
B: Unncessary prolonged political dialogue which in the end turn to noweher....

The stray thoughts and programmes of our media represents the anxiety and confusion our media is going through. to change their behaviour is the question.

ReeBz said...

Sir Akhter:
Thankyou for dropping by.

Yes indeed thats the exact neeed of time that how to control media.In every time media is controlled by the government either fully or partially.I remember in the reign of Nawaz shareef,men with long hairs and pony tails were banned on media.It was a formal control by government.Always there are some formal and informal controls.Informal control is self-control by the channels themselves. I think more than the formal control which is by govt informal controls are more essential.But,as the definition of ETHICS has been changed,so as the content shown on media is below average.

hina said...

you have wonderfully analyze pakistani private media critically.
Infact today's frustration is created by the media itself.

filpaki said...

Media should serve as a watch dog for the society but whether these are the entertainment channels or news, competition with each other has given rise to mayhem in our society.I agree, government should put some restrictions on media.some social restrictions.

Peerless said...

You are right, our media is creating dispair and anxiety in our society, but the recent media boom has also created some goods. The recent struggle of Pakistan sociey for free judiciary and democracy is something we all should be proud of, and our media have played a vital role in it. Supreme court banned Indian Channels through a verdict but who else will enforce it. If our government show some interest in impelementing the verdict then i hope there would be no need to ban our own channels.

Shafaq said...

Assalam O alaikum!
MashaAllah Its a gud effort Reebz,
Looking forward to read more informative plus educative articles from the youth of Pakistan.
Stay Blessed.

rIZ said...

True Reebz! talking about drama industry, currently people who consider themselves as "elite" are working in production, direction etc... their minds are trained in such a way that no matter what happens, they will follow west's culture...

i am wondering now, why some people here like west's culture? :s

does it give freedom to express themselves? freedom to do anything they want in their own way? without considering ethics and morality and values for others? so does this culture have no limits?

so when people know it, why are they following it... :s (of course, any work/art/literature created by anyone will reflect his inspirations, which is the current case)

ReeBz said...

I agree with you cent perecent.if govt shows some serious interest towards the verdict than there will be no need to ban our own channels,but seems, more than the vulgarity being promoted by Indian channels government is more afraid of our own channels and guess what not the ent.ones but NEWS channels.. LolZ!!?The story says itself that govt isnot afraid of vulgarity ang glamour shown by Indian and Pakistani media which are destroying our social values but is afraid of the "watch dog" over them!!
Once again thanks for the intellectual comment.This alone is a wide topic and can be covered in a total new post! =)

ReeBz said...

Mam Shafaqe,
Walekum Assalam.
How pleased I'm to see you here.Its an honour for me that my "Teacher" is here to appreciate.Its all offcourse because of the confidence you gave me in my college life by instant appreciation and encouragement.
I'm honored.Thank you mam!

ReeBz said...

thanks, thats what i talked all about in my post :)

True.Though our news channel as peerless said has struggled alot for free judiciary and democracy,there are still some flaws,infact big flaws.In order to break the news first, most of the channels create fuss!

ReeBz said...

Glad to see your comment.
I think people consider being western is being modern.Though Modernization is something totally different.Being modern is everyones right.My right,your right!! Being modern means that i have all the facilities of passing an elite life.It means that my society has 100% literacy rate,has wonderful and fastest ways of transport and communication,has balanced diet for every citizen etc.But in Paksitan the story is totally opposite.We think being modern is to adopt Western Culture, their dresses and even their accent! We are only the victims of inferiority complex.We are afraid of our ownselves.We donot want to be identified as "Pure-pak people of eastern society".
So yes, agree with you, they di feel that being western they are free- free from worries,free "clothes"!

filpaki said...

lol n u know reebz few days back when there was a very tragic plance crash in khi,one of a very famous news channel dispatched a list of those people who died in the plane crash.As it was the amall plane,it was difficult to get the record,cause records are not kept so properly.
After sometimes they had to apologize cause all those ppl were alive n they had to travel from the same plane in the next shift...
see haste :D

Syeda Zehra said...

You are right.Media is really undermining our cultural and moral values and destroying the society.
But,let's not give up hope.
When young,dedicated people like you join the media,change will surely follow.
Best of lucK.

ReeBz said...

Syeda Zehra:
No doubt there is a burden on the weak shoulders of newbies enetering in the field of media.These students possess good insight.I hope they get opportunities to change the world..!

rashid1891 said...

True.Though our news channel as peerless said has struggled alot for free judiciary and democracy,there are still some flaws,infact big flaws.

rashid1891 said...

i am wondering now, why some people here like west's culture? :s

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